Donnerstag, 13. August 2009


There were unusual many people at the gathering spot. Ava was being punshed by her Master. She had pulled off the barbwire from his boot and so Master Riddick made her strip and go on her hands and knees so that we all may get a good view of her lovely behind. Then he made her wrap new barbwire around his boot with her bare hands. My, she was bleeding. I must have looked upset watching her in despair because Sir Bremen came to me and whisked me away.
"You should not see that in your condition", he said. So I stayed safe in Sir Bremen's arms, a bit away in the bar and we talked about how the Den changed lately and how we miss the old days. He said he hardly can get a slave nowadays. HIs trips here are not so worthwhile anymore. We talked for quite some time then he hugged me tightly and was on his way. When I returned to the gathering spot, Master Ridick was busy shoving something long into poor Avas little openening, I don't know which one. She begged for his finger but he wouldn't give it to her. I watched them for a while and thought , how marvelous their relationship is. They are friends, lovers, devoted to each other and yet they also manage to keep up a rather tight and trueful Master/Slave union. He thinks nothing of humiliating her in public. She obeys willingly to him even though she is also his equal in many ways. Isn't that the perfect relationship for a Master and slave in Glint?
I went home pondering about it and about my own life. I had told Sir Bremen that the Den is my home. He replied, your home is where your Master and future child will be. I suppose I will lead a double life once i gave birth. That of a mother and wife to my Sir and that of a houseslave and willing submissive to the PRG and my Master.

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