Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Dare and Truth

The game continues...

Y.T. (yt.recreant) falls onto my back, giggling at Winter.. "it.. it is my turn
Legion Farslider shakes my head slowly returning from wherever i've been
winterthyme grins "Don't let me stop you....I want to see you cum"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I did.. cum! She grinses
winterthyme smiles "Damn...I missed had better cum again."
Legion Farslider feels gera start breathing again
Gera Heliosense cranes her neck to see Ma'am
Gera Heliosense: Oh Winter,
Y.T. (yt.recreant): on my next dare. She laughs
Legion Farslider smiles
winterthyme laughs too and steps back a little, tucking my swollen dripping cock away
Legion Farslider swallows .. "that... that was quite a dare Ma'am"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) just stays on the fur where I am and stretches, all mellow in the afterglow "gera?
Gera Heliosense: yes?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins still dazed "yah... truth? or dare?
Gera Heliosense: uhm...Dare!
winterthyme smiles
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grisn "are you sure?
Gera Heliosense: yes
Y.T. (yt.recreant): alright, then lick that cum off of me
Gera Heliosense pulls a face
Gera Heliosense: uhm..
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I asked twice.. and so then I can take the bath later
Legion Farslider pats her hand
winterthyme whispers "I have been eating mangos Gera, so it should taste sweet..."
Gera Heliosense: She sighs and nods"yes, you asked twice..."she crawls over to YT and looks down on her

Y.T. (yt.recreant) stretches all relaxed and smiles wider "heaven is right here
winterthyme nods "True that"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles encouragingly at gera "if.. its too.. strange for you.. you can use your clothes and whipe me clean too.. I am not mean, you know?
Gera Heliosense smiles down at YT, lowering her face to her stomach, kissing her skin, her lips touch a drop of cum
winterthyme watches, eyes focussed
Y.T. (yt.recreant) 's eyes close at the kiss and I inhale deeper, feeling a nice tingle
Legion Farslider watches gera .. loving her
Gera Heliosense nods but she tries, licking her lick carefully, smacking her lips, holding it there for a moment and tasting
Gera Heliosense: licking her lip
Y.T. (yt.recreant) 's one hand caresses over gera's hair, tenderly, and very mellow myself, as the glow still massages me from inside
Gera Heliosense: She bends down again, this time she kisses YT's tits, kising them right on the stiff nipples.

winterthyme groans softly as I watch, my hand cupping my crotch
Y.T. (yt.recreant) inhales deeply, my toes curl at the suckling, and I whisper "there.. was some too....?" the question trailing off a bit breathless in the surprise
Gera Heliosense: staying at her right breasts, she tenderly wraps a hand around YT's delicate frame and and licks her nipple, flicking her pink tongue over the little hard cherry pip
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grunts a bit, eyes close, my fingers go a bit firmer in the grip on gera's hair
Legion Farslider looks at winter for a second then back at the women
winterthyme glances at Legion with a smile, my eyes returning to the women as they move closer
Gera Heliosense is not really eating the cum, instead she is smearing the cum over YT's skin with her lips, her hand caresses one of the small tits, holding it gentle
Y.T. (yt.recreant) feels how the goo is staying smeary and spread more, I pull your head a bit closer to my breast, cupping it a little, the other breast that you are holding, also tingles, over my chest, then inwardly down into my womb, which makes me squirm some
winterthyme strokes my cock through my jeans, not wanting to interrupt the pair as they writhe.

Legion Farslider watches gera .. slightly embarrassed for her but also excited
Gera Heliosense breathes in deeply, wrapping both hands around Yt's slim waist pulling her body up a bit, bending down and kissing her flat tummy, downwards, blowing on her skin, then her hands move until her palms touch YT's stiff nipples, brushing over them ever so lightly, enjoying the feeling of the small hard rosy nubs
Y.T. (yt.recreant) sways a bit, dramingly, he arousal rising slowly, as your soft kissses and blows give me goosebumps here and there, I rock softly against you, my eyes again closed as I trail off in my midn more to primal grounds again, it feels like I am floatimng to you and your touches and kisses increas this float-feeling
Gera Heliosense trails her fingers along Yt's sides slowly, up and down, long strokes with limp wrists and the touch is ever so light, while her lips brush over the tits then down to the tummy and finally Gera's cum smeared lips reach her Presidentes venus hill.
winterthyme groans, eyes fixed on the tableau - cock hard
Y.T. (yt.recreant) lets out another soft moan, as your figners cause strogner tingles along my sides.. and the lower your head slides, the more m toes curl in anticipation, and finally I can't tame myself there ,and try to wrap one leg over gera, and bring her this way between my legs, head onto my lap.

Gera Heliosense gasps when she is gently pushed , but then she grabs YT's dainty hips quite firm and lets her tongue play on the slit, sunning down the slit and up, kissing the rosy folds,kissing harder until her mouth suck and nibbles YTs pussy
winterthyme watches, beads of sweat popping on my forehead, my cock straining and pulsing in the confines of my jeans
Legion Farslider watches gera's head disappear between Ma'am's legs..... wishing i could do the same for gera
Y.T. (yt.recreant) s hands curl both in gera's hair, I push myself a bit upwards against your face, my thighs twitch at the nibbles and licks, and I whisper "yes...." more a moan than words as your actions fuel my heat swiftly, the arousal from the masturbation scene not really ceased fully, so I am fast on a high level there again
Gera Heliosense releases her grip around her hip and her hand moves between Yt's thighs, her finger runs over the slit, pushing under the folds, finding her clit and circling it, ever so lightly, aware that Yt's is still aroused from the masturbation and that her clit is still throbbing and over sensitive
winterthyme shifts, the air heavy with the smell of semen and sex - my eyes watching closely "So fucking beautiful....both of you..." I murmur
Y.T. (yt.recreant) lets out another primal noise, my wanton causing me to shiver, and I squirm with my thighs against your head, the wetness increasing, your warm brath, your fingers, your tenderness all adding up fast, drawing me closer to the edge
Geras tongue flicks over the clit, while her hands again grip Yt's hips firmly to hold her in place.

Y.T. (yt.recreant) moans pitched as the tongue joins, I shiver a bit more, feeling now like hairtriggered on the brink "more....."
Legion Farslider remembers to breath again .. watching my woman .. torn between the desires to ravage her and to comfort her
Gera Heliosense raises her head, glancing at YT. Geras face is still and concentrated when she suddenly slips three fingers inside YT's cunt and starts to finger fuck her fast and hard, hitting her clit with each fuck, faster and harder.
winterthyme growls low as i watch Gera's fingers drive in and out
Y.T. (yt.recreant) 's eyes bulge, then my brows furrow hard again, mouth gape, and I gasp at the first hits, feeling the sting and then the tingle that comes through it, my figners clnech to fists in your hair.. then trail off and hold you where I can get ahold, losign myself, buckling, I scream briefly, feeling your figners, and the switch from tender to rough like rocketing my arousal up and in the next second I find myself again in my relase, a louder series of very primal noises urges over my lips as I cum hard "Fuck!!
Legion Farslider: getting up .. no longer able to lay .. i squat and watch the women
winterthyme grunts, my cock straining
Gera Heliosense's hand moves still, fingerfucking Yt hard, fast until she feels the muscles closing around her knuckles, the warm gush of YT's juices, she slows down and slowly , gently pulls out , in , out and stroking the labias, the clit only lightly, , then in the end cupping YT's pussy gentle, holding it warm in her hand like a bird, soothingly. Gera kisses Yt's face, small gentle sweet kisses. her lips , her eyelids, her nose.
Legion Farslider watches the gentle kisses on each other's lips .. the most sensual moment i've seen
winterthyme watches and nods "Glint....paradise indeed"
Legion Farslider nods with Winter

Y.T. (yt.recreant) shivers still, several times, the echo of this climax rolling in strong waves through my body. as you pull out, I moan again, my pussy lockign around the void, which makes me squirm harder, and each of your feathered kisses makes me mellow again, I open my eyes, looking at you, very creamingly, as I whisper "this.. makes my heart.. beat faster" I kiss gera lovingly on the lips and grins then as I add whispered "and.. its better than ice cream
winterthyme laughs softly at La Pres's words
Gera Heliosense smiles at that, her eyes lovingly studying YT's face before i gentle sit up, stroking her dark hair from her moist cheeks, slipping off and sitting next to her. Geras cheeks are flushed too and she smiles at Yt dreamily
Legion Farslider smiles at gera
Y.T. (yt.recreant) curls into geras arms and I whisper something into your ear, being careful to not be heard by the others...
Y.T. (yt.recreant) kisses gera then tenderly and leans in again
winterthyme watches as the two beautiful women curl against each other and sighs with pleasure
Legion Farslider stands and discretly moves back a little .. not wanting to interfere in this moment.

Y.T. (yt.recreant) scrunches my nose and I toy with geras clothes "now.. well, I guess I still need to wash winters cum off" giggles
winterthyme smiles
Gera Heliosense nods and sits up
Y.T. (yt.recreant) leans against the pillow again, idly pickign up some cum and lickign it off my figngers
Y.T. (yt.recreant): do we.. continue? She grins
winterthyme smiles "I am happy to...."
Gera Heliosense sighs deeply and looks at the men all around, beaming
winterthyme smiles back at Gera
Gera Heliosense: and don't think this was a show for you
Gera Heliosense giggles
Legion Farslider i didn't look gera"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins "no. it was not a show for the men.. otherwhwise we would charge!"
winterthyme shakes my head "It never occurred to me - there was truth there..."
Y.T. (yt.recreant): tis your turn now, gera
Gera Heliosense: oh let me think
Legion Farslider lays down and pulls gera down with me cradling her head in my lap
Gera Heliosense: actually...this got me on a head is in the clouds and empty
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins
winterthyme smiles "I can only was exquisite to watch...both of"
Gera Heliosense: i think maybe we can have a break here and continue some other time
Legion Farslider brushes her hair from her face
Gera Heliosense smiles at Legion, but also blows a kiss to Winter for his comment
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "if you so wish..or do the two men want to continue? then Legion gets your turn?
Gera Heliosense: ookayyy
Legion Farslider: ok what gera?"
Gera Heliosense stretches out and lays so comfy on Legion, reaching for his hand
Legion Farslider: just us three now?"
Gera Heliosense: yes
Gera Heliosense: I am empty
Gera Heliosense: sleepy
Legion Farslider nods and squeezes her hand
Legion Farslider "winter .. truth or dare?"
winterthyme smiles "In for a for a pound... dare please, my friend"
Legion Farslider thinks ..."i dare you to carry Ma'am to the tub and wash her"

...hardly a big dare for Winter, who had just been waiting for this. And so this afternoon bled into a mellow tranquil warm evening while Legion, Psycho, slut and I watched La Presidente being washed by Winter in an almost religious way.

Oh and may I add, that I have never ever seen Mr. Psycho that quiet. He had been there all through and was as quiet and still as a mouse :)

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