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The story of Angels and Atlas - Storytime while awaiting the return of Master Atlas

[17:00] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense sits down opposite Anne smiling
[17:01] AnneAnne smiles as she sees Gera enter and practically collapse, "Hello Miss Gera, I take it your evening has been eventful."
[17:01] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense smiles cheekily and bites her lip
[17:01] Gera Heliosense: yep
[17:02] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense points over to Legion"poor Mr. Judge, all spent now
[17:02] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider ones one eye and smiles
[17:02] AnneAnne hangs her head, "Oh..... that kind of Gera again I'm really sorry. I wish I could make up to you what happened."
[17:02] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider snorts
[17:02] Gera Heliosense: what you mean, Anne?
[17:05] AnneAnne hangs her head, "the other day when, well and then..." she paused and bit her lip and now we may have more problems," slowly she took the small object that she had been hiding behind her back and anded it to the small girl. It was one of those simple pregnancy tests and the result showed as positive. "it might be wrong, though," she hastened, "they usually are. Righ?"
[17:05] Anne: handed*
[17:06] Anne: right*
[17:06] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider watches with interest
[17:06] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense stares at the pregnancy test and gasps
[17:06] Gera Heliosense: oh think its accurate? could it be???
[17:07] AnneAnne hangs her head again and waits as if for Gera's wrath, "I don't know. It might be an expired test. So...."
[17:09] Angels BraverAngels Braver smiles, Hello
[17:09] Legion Farslider: hello stranger .. names legion"
[17:09] Gera Heliosense: well i sute bloody damn well hope its not expired...that would be a bummer, we better do another one right away, and...Legion? maybe we can all go and find a doctor to confirm you are the father?...Oh Anne!!" she beams:"just think, it would be so wonderful"
[17:10] Angels BraverAngels Braver smiles at all the excitment.. Someone is a new mommy?
[17:10] Gera Heliosense turns around" Angels? ..Angels? is it really you? oh my...welvcome back home Angels"
[17:10] AnneAnne keeping her head down greets the woman, "Greetings Miss. May I fetch you anything?"
[17:10] Angels BraverAngels Braver laughs, I was afraid no one would know me now.. Hello Gera
[17:10] Angels Braver: /hug gera
[17:11] !M&S Multi-gem ULTRA ring: Angels would like give you a hug. Say [Yes] to accept.
[17:11] Angels Braver: I have missed everyone
[17:11] Gera Heliosense: of course i still know you Angels, and how is Master Atlas? will he come back too?
[17:11] AnneAnne looks at Gera in surprise, "you're, you're not angry about this Miss Gera?"
[17:11] Angels Braver: Oh yes, He is dying to come for a visit
[17:11] AngelsAngels gives Gera a big hug.
[17:12] Angels Braver: mmmm Its good to see you again
[17:12] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider smiles at the tiny gera
[17:12] Angels Braver: Will you introduce me to your friends Gera
[17:12] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense beams, then turns to Anne"Angeks this is Anne, she might be pregnant, isn't that wonderful?
[17:12] Gera Heliosense: and this handsome man there my fiance
[17:13] Gera Heliosense: The honorable Judge Legion
[17:13] Angels BraverAngels Braver grins, In Glint... its not always a good thing.. but I hope yours is the happiest of events
[17:13] AnneAnne smiles a little studying the girl a little more, "I think I know you, Miss, You do seem familiar to me."
[17:13] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider smiles and nods to the tall blond
[17:13] Gera Heliosense: and Anne, I am not angry, I am thrilled
[17:14] Angels BraverAngels Braver smiles down.. As do you little one ... And Congratulations
[17:14] Angels Braver: Legion Sir, I am glad to meet you
[17:14] Angels Braver: A new Sherif in town I guess lol
[17:14] Gera Heliosense: He is the proud father" Gera whispers and giggles
[17:15] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider "my pleasure .. angel is it?"
[17:15] AnneAnne noticing Legion for the first time as Gera points him out greets him hastily, "Greetings Judge Legion, Sorry you were so quiet I didn't notice you."
[17:15] Angels BraverAngels Braver shakes her head.. . Its Angels.. I guess one was not enough for my mother
[17:15] Angels BraverAngels Braver grins
[17:15] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider smiles fondly at anne "i snuck in anne and was exhausted"
[17:16] Legion Farslider: "nice to meet angels .. any friend of gera's is always nice to meet"
[17:16] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense smiles excited"Angels is one of the first people who lived here in Glint
[17:16] Gera Heliosense: she and her Master Atlas
[17:16] AnneAnne smiles a little at Gera, "Yes Sir, Gera told me."
[17:16] Angels Braver: And congratulatons to you also Sir, New Daddy and all
[17:17] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider smiles "luck of the draw i guess.. and gera and i have a new one also"
[17:17] AnneAnne looks up and grins, "ah that's how I remember you. I remember Mr Atlas."
[17:17] Angels Braver: Wow and a busy little bee he is too
[17:17] Angels BraverAngels Braver laughs
[17:18] Angels BraverAngels Braver laughs Master Atlas is a little hard to forget I guess
[17:18] Gera Heliosense nods, yep 
[17:18] Legion Farslider: "it's a tough job angels .. but someone has to you know"
[17:19] Angels BraverAngels Braver nods, I hope you and Master Atlas have a chance to meet.
[17:19] Gera Heliosense: when will Master Atlas come?
[17:20] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider nods "i'm looking forwards to it angels"
[17:20] Angels Braver: Im not sure, maybe tonight in a couple of hours.. He has been very busy of late
[17:21] Angels Braver: Im sure he would love to see you
[17:21] Legion Farslider: "well , welcome home angels ... i myself and fairly new here"
[17:21] Angels Braver: This place has really changed hasnt it?
[17:21] Gera Heliosense: oh thats so exciting
[17:22] AnneAnne smiles, "it would be nice to see him again, Miss. I wonder if any of the other old residence will be returning to us."
[17:22] Gera Heliosense: it did change a lot over the past 3years but thankfully now its back to its roots
[17:22] Angels BraverAngels Braver nods to the man.. I diid not think I recognized you.. But Im sure you do a great job keeping things in line sir
[17:22] AnneAnne nodded to Gera, "yes thankfully."
[17:22] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense looks at Legion"Master Atlas is a legend, Legion
[17:23] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider smiles "how so gera?"
[17:23] Angels BraverAngels Braver giggles, Well, he was famous for a few things... most not mentionable here
[17:23] Gera Heliosense: oh please Angels
[17:24] Angels BraverAngels Braver laughs, Ok, Im shy and all
[17:24] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider gera enjoys telling me about the old times here angels"
[17:24] AnneAnne tilts her head at Angels, "if you saw what happens in here Miss....."
[17:24] Gera Heliosense: tell the stories again, about Master Atlas...tell the unmentionable ones
[17:24] Angels Braver: I do count myself very lucky to have found him.. He is my rock
[17:25] Angels Braver: Shall I tell how we met Gera?
[17:25] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider reaches out and strokes gera's hair and smiles at anne
[17:25] Gera Heliosense: yes yes
[17:26] Gera Heliosense: please tell
[17:26] Angels BraverAngels Braver frowns, I wont bore you will I? Have you heard the story before?
[17:26] AnneAnne looks down and nervous;y covers her stomach, "Oh please do tell, Miss."
[17:26] Gera Heliosense: please Angels
[17:26] Angels Braver: Do you mind Sir Legion?
[17:27] Angels BraverAngels Braver grins, It is a very romantic little story
[17:27] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider "of course not angels .. you're among friends here"
[17:27] Angels BraverAngels Braver takes a deep breath and thinks back:

[17:27] Angels Braver: Well, Atlas was the guard of Dark Den at the time
[17:28] Angels Braver: He kicked out all the ... ummmm stalkers and no pants walkers
[17:28] Angels BraverAngels Braver laughs... I think he really enjoyed it
[17:28] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider smiles at the description
[17:28] Angels Braver: I was a dancer at the time and worked abover ground in a club right over DD
[17:29] Angels BraverAngels Braver blushes I was the girl of Master Seeker Back at the time
[17:29] Angels Braver: He was very very strict and I was only to dance for the customers , NOTHING else
[17:30] Angels Braver: I was very lonely and kept under tight lock and key
[17:30] Angels Braver: but sometimes... I would sneek out and hide down below in the shadows
[17:30] Angels Braver: I would watch the people of DD come and go
[17:31] Angels Braver: and I wanted to be like one of them.. and have a bit of freedom
[17:31] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense listens excited
[17:31] Angels Braver: but seeker caought me one time and forbid me to come down to DD again
[17:32] Angels Braver: I was punished terribly ,... but still
[17:32] Angels Braver: I was drawn to watch...
[17:32] Angels Braver: and I watched one man ALOT
[17:32] Angels Braver: dark, tan,, muscles all over
[17:32] Angels BraverAngels Braver shivers
[17:33] Angels BraverAngels Braver giggles
[17:33] Angels Braver: He kept all the house girls in DD in line,,, but he did it with kindness
[17:33] Angels Braver: always kind , careing, and listened to their problems with an over heart
[17:34] Angels Braver: He joked all the time that he could not take two steps without a puddle of slaves falling at his feet
[17:34] Angels Braver: They loved him dearly
[17:34] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider looks at anne's stomach out of the corner of my eye
[17:34] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense nods
[17:35] Angels Braver: I envied them all.. the way he stoked their hair and chased away all the bad guys
[17:36] Angels Braver: So I continued to disobey my true Master and slowly day by day, crept closer to the dark man
[17:36] AnneAnne smiles shy sad little smile as she listens to Angels story.
[17:36] Angels Braver: One day he caught me stareing and ask me if I wanted a job as house girl
[17:37] Angels Braver: Oh my , if Seeker ever found out... I would be really really punished... I knew I had to say no
[17:37] Angels Braver: I told him I worked upstairs at the club and had a Master who was the owner
[17:38] Angels Braver: I told him I really wasnt soppose to be there
[17:38] Angels Braver: Atlas told me that Seeker was right and that I was a tempation to the bad men and would get in trouble
[17:39] Angels Braver: I was crushed
[17:39] Angels Braver: He told me to go back to the club and keep safe
[17:39] Angels BraverAngels Braver sniffs remembering
[17:39] Angels Braver: I went back that night and danced for the customers , but I was so sad
[17:40] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider shifts slightly to hear better
[17:40] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense bites her lips, tottally engulfed in the story
[17:40] Angels Braver: And then... who should walk through the door of the club?
[17:40] AnneAnne gives Angels a kind look of encouragement.
[17:40] Angels Braver: My heart jumped right out of my body... It was Atlas
[17:41] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense shifts and nods.
[17:41] Angels Braver: He came to see me dance and make sure I wasnt tempted to go below
[17:41] Angels Braver: He chatted with me and made me laugh
[17:42] Angels Braver: Seeker wasnt around that night, for Im sure I would have been forbidden to talk to Atlas if he had seen how fond of him I was
[17:43] Angels Braver: Every night, Atlas would come and spend a little time in the club, he met Seeker and they became friendly
[17:43] Angels Braver: One night Atlas asked me if I still wanted to visit the Den
[17:43] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider looks down at gera enthralled by the story and smiles
[17:43] Angels Braver: I said Yes, very much so.. I was still pretty lonely
[17:44] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense nods
[17:44] Angels Braver: Atlas walked right up to Master Seeker and told him that he would like to be my personal body gaurd
[17:45] Angels Braver: He promised that no man would touch me and he personally would keep me out of trouble if Seeker would let me visit the Den once in awhile when I was not dancing
[17:45] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider nods
[17:45] Angels BraverAngels Braver was so nervous...
[17:46] Angels Braver: But Seeker asked me if that was what I wanted and I nodded almost jumping for joy
[17:46] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense smiles happily
[17:46] AnneAnne leans in a little as she listens.
[17:46] Angels Braver: It was agreed and Atlas became my guard from that day on... He made me stand right beside him in the Den
[17:47] Angels Braver: I could talk to people and dance and meet new people, but, no touchie
[17:47] Angels BraverAngels Braver giggles
[17:48] Angels Braver: Then about .. mmmm three months later... I got up the nerve to reach for his hand
[17:48] Gera Heliosense: Hello Mare, come sit and listen
[17:48] Angels Braver: I barely touched it.. and he grasped my hand in his great big one and smiled right into my eyes
[17:49] MareMare smiles and waves
[17:49] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider winks at mare
[17:49] Angels BraverAngels Braver looks up, Hello there
[17:49] AnneAnne smiles and waved to Mare, motioning her over.
[17:49] MareMare nods
[17:49] Gera Heliosense: and then Angels?...and then...?
[17:49] Mare: Ooooo, is it story time??
[17:49] Angels Braver: Im afraid Im boring my new and old friends with tales of romance lol
[17:49] Gera Heliosense: oh do go on
[17:49] Legion Farslider: not at all angels"
[17:49] Angels BraverAngels Braver laughs, ok
[17:50] Angels Braver: So he looks at me and says... So it wasnt just me ? ... You feel the same way too?
[17:50] AnneAnne looks at Angels, "Romance is such a rare thing here. We love to hear about it."
[17:50] Angels Braver: I swear... I just wanted to faint
[17:50] Mare: ((opps))
[17:51] Angels BraverAngels Braver laughs, I was so happy, but at the same time... I belonged to someone else
[17:51] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense touches her heart and smiles
[17:51] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider nods sadly
[17:51] Angels Braver: And Master Seeker had a very bad temper when it came to me and others
[17:51] :: Lay F
[17:51] :: Lay F2
[17:52] Angels Braver: He as very possesive and thought I was a prize of sort
[17:52] Angels Braver: I just knew that he would never let me be with Atlas
[17:52] Angels Braver: and the betrayal of it all.. For his guard to fall in love with his slave... OH MY
[17:53] Gera Heliosense: OH HOW ROMANTIC
[17:53] Mare: when was this Angels?
[17:53] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider strokes gera's hair some more
[17:53] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense beams at Legion
[17:54] Angels Braver: It was a terrible mess... but Atlas just squeezed my hand and .. oh my its been ...almost 5 years now
[17:54] AnneAnne frowned, "Only a weak man is so scared he'll lose his slave that he locks her away like that."
[17:54] Gera Heliosense: he squeezed your hand and then...?
[17:54] Angels Braver: Oh Seeker was very insecure really , but he acted hard and cold
[17:55] AnneAnne gasped and smiles, "five years? Oh wow!"
[17:55] Angels BraverAngels Braver laughs, Yep in May.. 5 years
[17:55] Angels Braver: So anyway...
[17:56] MareMare lays back, closes her eyes and listens....
[17:56] Angels Braver: He squeezed my hand and looked deep into my eyes, and said... I will have you... no matter what.. you let me take care of it and dont worry another minute
[17:56] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider looks into angels' eyes .. reading the story there
[17:56] Angels BraverAngels Braver blinks back the tears remembering
[17:57] Angels Braver: I was so touched... He was going to ask Seeker for my release.. to be his girl .. And I would not have to be punished.. becasue he said he would tell him...
[17:57] Angels Braver: it was all his idea and I had nothing to do with it
[17:58] MareMare sits up to attention, "and..?"
[17:58] Angels BraverAngels Braver sniffs, I was so scared.. He told me to sit and not go to the club until I was called
[17:58] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense listens with moist eyes
[17:59] Angels Braver: He was gone a very long time.. I waited... and waited
[17:59] Angels Braver: Finally I received a summons... from Master Seeker
[18:00] Angels Braver: O h gosh, I thoguth my legs would melt right out from under me as I walked upstairs to the club
[18:00] Angels Braver: But there they were in his office.. Master Seeker behind his big dark desk and Atlas standing across from him
[18:01] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense bites her knuckles
[18:01] Angels Braver: I was in dancing silks but I swear I felt as naked as the day I drew first breath
[18:02] MareMare bites her chapped lip
[18:02] Angels Braver: Seeker looked at me and said, Atlas here wants you for his own... Did you know that?
[18:02] Angels Braver: I swallowed and looked at Atlas... How could I lie ?
[18:02] Angels Braver: It was right there in my eyes and the way I was trembling
[18:03] Angels Braver: I nodded slowly
[18:03] Angels Braver: He said.. Do you feel the same for him?
[18:03] Angels Braver: Oh gosh, Again, How could I tell a lie and not burn in hell for it
[18:04] MareMare bites her cheek... 'no, you didn't...?'
[18:04] Angels Braver: I looked him right in the eye and spoke up loud and clear.. Yes Sir, I care a great deal for Atlas
[18:05] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense pushes her hand on her mouth and smiles excited
[18:05] Angels Braver: Seeker did the most unimaginable thing then
[18:05] Angels Braver: He smiled...!!!
[18:05] Gera Heliosense: oh my god!
[18:05] Angels Braver: Good he said, For I would not have you with a man you did not at least care for deeply if not love
[18:06] Angels Braver: I just burst into tears right there
[18:06] Angels BraverAngels Braver laughs
[18:06] MareMare beams
[18:06] Mare: I am so happy for you!
[18:06] Angels Braver: I was so happy it was all I could do not to throw myself into Atlas's arms
[18:07] Angels BraverAngels Braver coughs, Well of course its Master Atlas now.. but only in strict company
[18:07] Angels Braver: I have never known so much love , compasion and.. patience
[18:07] Angels Braver: and lord knows I do try his patience lol
[18:07] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense wipes a tears and smiles
[18:08] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider smiles and looks at gera
[18:08] Angels Braver: I have more freedom than I could imagine
[18:08] Gera Heliosense: This is the most touching amazing love story i've ever known



[18:08] AnneAnne bit her lip and giggled a little, "I remember seeing you a few times when you suck out into the town, Angels. I remember how jealous I was that you, a beautiful woman, was permitted to hide while I was not. Then later when I saw you on Mr Atlas's arm looking so happy I wondered it you were the same girl."
[18:09] MareMare twirls her hair and smiles, "where is the loverboy?"
[18:09] Angels BraverAngels Braver grins, He is very leaniant with me.. I m a bit spoiled for it Im afraid
[18:09] Gera Heliosense: When I arived in Glint you and Atlas were already together
[18:09] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense nods smiling
[18:09] Legion Farslider: "that was a wonderful story angels .. more so for the happy ending .. thank you for sharing it"
[18:09] Angels Braver: Actually, he should be here in 20 minutes or so
[18:09] Gera Heliosense: yes thank you for telling it to us ANgels
[18:10] Gera Heliosense: oooh in 20 minutes?
[18:10] Gera Heliosense: then i must quickly make a welcome home sigh
[18:10] AnneAnne smiled, "Yes, it's a beautiful story indeed."
[18:10] Angels Braver: Oh your very welcome.. Maybe it will show the softer side of the big guy when you do meet him
[18:10] MareMare nods in agreement
[18:11] Angels Braver: Oh, I have a picture of him Sir Legion, would you like to see it?
[18:11] Gera Heliosense: he is in the gallery
[18:11] Gera Heliosense: in the museum is a picture of Atlas
[18:11] Angels Braver: ohhhh, I didnt know that
[18:11] Mare: I'm sorry if I'm making you repeat Angels, but I came in late - where were you living when you were Seeker's slave?
[18:11] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider smiles "just legion .. unless you're under other instructions angels .. and yes i would like that"
[18:12] AnneAnne nods, "Yes I remember seeing it.
[18:12] TuTy's - SHY GIRL AO - priority4 (just wear): Sit anywhere: Off
[18:12] Angels Braver: Actually Mare, I was living with Seeker just above Dark Den when it was a hole in the ground
[18:13] Angels Braver: I lived in a small room in the sky above the club
[18:13] MareMare smiles, "ah, much before my time here"
[18:13] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense walks to the bar and starts to make a welcome home sign for Master Atlas
[18:13] Angels Braver: oh yes, there were caves and tunnels and guards , Alot different then it is now
[18:14] MareMare turns to Angels, "so I hear. I'd love to hear more about it some day"
[18:14] Mare: Are there pictures of the Den in the museum too?
[18:14] MareMare looks to everyone
[18:15] Angels Braver: Atlas would say.. If you dont want it shot off, better keep your twigs and berries in your pants when walking around DD
[18:15] ScrewtapeScrewtape walks into the the building and up to the bar. "Evenin everyone. "
[18:15] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider looks at anne .. "anne you're quiet.. are you alright?"
[18:15] MareMare laughs, "you hear that Legion?"
[18:15] Legion Farslider: "evening screw"
[18:15] Angels Braver: Gosh, Im not sure, I havent been to the muscium
[18:16] MareMare looks to the unfamiliar f

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