Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Like in the good old days...

[12:50] Y.T.: uhm, gera?
[12:50] Gera Heliosense: yes?
[12:50] Y.T.: what exactly are you wearing there?
[12:50] MareMare sighs
[12:50] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense twiddles with a rag around her hips
[12:50] Gera Heliosense: uhm...a hanky?
[12:51] MareMare takes a closer look at Gera's attire
[12:51] Y.T.: and what was my order that I just gave you *two* days ago?
[12:51] Gera Heliosense: oh was it two days ago?
[12:51] Gera Heliosense: i thought it was already 3 days ago
[12:51] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider shakes my head
[12:51] Gera Heliosense: ookayyyy
[12:51] Y.T.: ah you also now doubt my sanity too?
[12:51] Gera Heliosense: and off it comes
[12:51] Gera Heliosense: takes it off and stuffs it in Legions pocket
[12:52] Y.T.: /m sighs "you did not answer my question - you think me incapable to count days?
[12:52] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider feels for my wallet
[12:52] MareMare looks at Ma'am, "what's wrong with it Ma'am?"
[12:52] Y.T.: Gera first doubted me as leader, now she doubts my sanity, that is wrong, Mare
[12:52] AnneAnne frowned as she watched the encounter and nibbled on the snake.
[12:52] Gera Heliosense: no Ma'am, it me who is incapable to count days
[12:53] MareMare nods and shuts up
[12:53] Y.T.: and.. you think, I shall the answer "ookaayyyyy" just let slip?
[12:53] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense bites her lip
[12:53] Y.T.: yes?
[12:54] Gera Heliosense: well...I idn't think...that...uhm...okay, you might not be able to let it slip
[12:54] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider looks at Gera and sighs
[12:55] Y.T.Y.T. nods and steps closer, my fingers tracing along that necklace "so, what do you think, then?
[12:56] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider whispers "you could punish her by making her have sex with me later Ma'am"
[12:56] MareMare digs her nails into her hip
[12:56] Y.T.Y.T. grins at Legion but keeps watching Gera
[12:56] AnneAnne chuckles a little at Legions suggestion.
[12:57] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense looks back at YT ernest
[12:57] Gera Heliosense: I don't know, Ma'am
[12:57] Y.T.Y.T. nods and intertwines my fingers with the necklace, then I tug at it swiftly and sharply "oops.. sorry.. your answer must have stgartled me
[12:58] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense gasps
[12:58] Gera Heliosense: necklace!
[12:58] MareMare lets out a barely audible gasp as well
[12:58] Y.T.Y.T. curls the chain together in my hand, then I hand it to Legion "his necklace.. you know? you should be more respectful to your man too.. you are his
[12:59] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider takes the broken necklace.."thank you Ma'am"
[12:59] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider looks at Gera
[12:59] AnneAnne swallows hard at what she sees but remains silent.
[12:59] Y.T.: you're welcome Judge /eyes say on Gera
[12:59] Y.T.: #stay
[12:59] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense narrows her eyes for a split second
[13:00] Y.T.: yes, curator?
[13:00] Gera Heliosense: nothing...thank you Ma'am...for the kind reminder
[13:01] Y.T.: I am not done yet. Missy....
[13:01] Y.T.: in fact.. you are having quite the attitude as of late, don't you?
[13:02] MareMare moves toward the back of the room, stumbling
[13:02] Gera Heliosense: I wasn't awrae of that Ma'am
[13:02] Y.T.Y.T. nods "I think, it was.. quite disrepectful also how you corrected Legion.. wasn't it?
[13:03] AnneAnne frowns a little and starts to kneel but winces a little and stops half way down, standing again.
[13:03] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider closes my eyes for a second
[13:03] Gera Heliosense: when I corrected him?

Bratty? Moi?

[13:03] Y.T.: about "it"
[13:03] Y.T.: the frankenstein
[13:03] Gera Heliosense: but...that was just joking...teasing..we do it all the time
[13:04] slutslut nods.. "i suppose she thinks she's better than a monster"
[13:04] Y.T.: like saying oooookkkaaaayy to me?
[13:04] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense casts her eyes down
[13:04] Gera Heliosense: sorry Ma'am
[13:04] Y.T.: turn around, I want to check something
[13:05] Y.T.: I don't see a Paw Me handprint there.. yet you act up like one
[13:05] slutslut frowns.. "not a mark anywhere... that is such a shame..."
[13:05] MareMare winces
[13:05] MareMare whispers, "you ok Anne?"
[13:05] AnneAnne finally settles for a side sit in the ground, Bitting her lip she gives Gera a sympathetic look.
[13:06] Y.T.: I think.. I wil sentence you to 10 spanks in public.. administered by your husband.. or by me - you can pick - they shal be delivered tomorrow, when you are well rested - and one week naked, without adornments of any kind
[13:06] slut: excellent idea
[13:06] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider eyes slut
[13:06] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense gasps and whispers"you think,...I was behaving bratty, Ma'am?"
[13:06] Y.T.: exactly.. you are a little brat, and I deal with it
[13:06] MareMare shakes her head
[13:07] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense bites her lip but nods
[13:07] Gera Heliosense: "yes, Ma'am, if I was a brat, then i will take the punishment...i hate brats
[13:07] Y.T.: good, who shall deliver the spanks?
[13:08] Gera Heliosense: you and Legion...together
[13:08] Y.T.: good, that is 20 then. I do the first ten
[13:08] slutslut smiles.. "double.. wise choice"
[13:08] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider swhakes my head slightly at Gera
[13:08] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense closes her eyes, swallows and nods"yes"
[13:08] Legion Farslider: s choice
[13:09] Y.T.Y.T. smiles again and pats gera's cheek "must be the hormones - are you pregnant again?
[13:09] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider listens closely
[13:09] AnneAnne stares at the plate in front of her as if trying to decide if she still has an appetite or not after hearing Gera is to be punished.
[13:09] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense shakes her head and smiles back a little pressured
[13:10] Y.T.: good, gera.. you may rest now and prepare yourself metnally, we wil make it tomorrow at the plaza.. or whats left of the plaza
[13:10] Gera Heliosense: Yes Ma'am
[13:10] MareMare mutters, "how awful"
[13:10] slut: maybe spanking gera can be one of the olympic competitions?
[13:10] Gera Heliosense: she quickly kisses Legion
[13:10] Gera Heliosense: Good night
[13:10] Y.T.Y.T. smiles and sits down again "good night
[13:10] Gera Heliosense: and good night all of you and Ma'Am
[13:11] Y.T.: sleep well
[13:11] slut: good night :)
[13:11] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense walks out, head down
[13:11] AnneAnne looks up sadly, 'sleep well Miss Gera."
[13:11] MareMare smiles , "good night
[13:11] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider watches Gera go sadly
[13:11] Y.T.Y.T. snorts at the two other girls "you feel sad for her? who cares about my hard work here?
[13:11] slutslut grins and heads back around... "tomorrow is her lucky day... "
[13:12] Y.T.Y.T. smiles at slut

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