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Glint policy

Y.T. (yt.recreant) scrunches my nose as the dagger comes off, then I look at Gera and Legion "hi... there...
Legion Farslider smiles "next time i'll carry you gera .. it'll be quicker"
Legion Farslider hi Ma'am
Gera Heliosense: Hello Ma'am
Gera Heliosense beams
Y.T. (yt.recreant): Jarethe wanted to suggest to return to the fully nude law.. what is your opinion on it?
Gera Heliosense: Hello Jarethe and slut
Gera Heliosense: no
Gera Heliosense: full nude is boring
Legion Farslider: well until gera said no i was in favor"
Gera Heliosense: i want to pretty myself up know I am girly
slut (xx.reyes): i am fully in favor of nude
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ccording to Jarethes standards, slut, you are overdressed right now
slut (xx.reyes) nods.. "i've heard"
Gera Heliosense: nude yes but only if I am allowed to wear flowers or jewls or belts
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods to both Legion and gera as they step within range. He doesn't cease his actions, as his hand moves next up to find the clasp of the necklace. " Hello you two.. how's things going on the farend of the beach?" His fingers flicking the binding of the necklace, for it to slowly uncurl and slip to the ground.
Y.T. (yt.recreant) inhales a bit deeper as the necklace comes off too and squirms "well.. you see.. he means.. fully node
Gera Heliosense: yeah well....Jrethe, you're the head honcho...with Ma'ams permission...but if you ask me...full nude and nothing else is boring
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "To my standards, a log of females are over dressed it seems"
slut (xx.reyes): i think it's also very important for la presidente to set a good example for all the citizens on the 'proper way to dress'
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) shakes his head. "I'm not the head honcho, I'm just, enforcing the laws, as they are meant to be."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at slut "ssh.. now don't give him ideas.. next he scrabs off my paw me paint
Gera Heliosense: then its Ma'ams wish that we go back to nude without enhancements?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I put it to vote
Gera Heliosense: is it, Ma'am?
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) shakes his head. "No, I like the pawme print, it makes me think, of someone palming your ass."
slut (xx.reyes) snorts.. "paint is not clothing.. unless it covers up something fun to play with"
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) holds out his hand, "I don't feel like, reaching over you, pres, so, hand me that slingshot and cloth on yor other thigh."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) 's toes curl "but. I am a Paw me.. i.. can carry a weapon and that is not clothes
Gera Heliosense pouts
Gera Heliosense: so why the sudden change again?
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles "pres.. I wasn't asking."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) blushes and unstraps the slingshot and reaches iit over "I get it back, yes?
Gera Heliosense: oh ..uhm...Ma'am? it your wish?...or..."she glances at Jarethe
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "you'll get it back, when I feel like handing it back to you. until then." He lets it drop on the deck near him." His had then reachs over and starts to fondloe the closest breast ond nipple of the pres.. "You still have something you are wearing, don't you."
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): *and
Y.T. (yt.recreant) glances at Jarethe too and forgets to answer at geras question and arches a bit up at the fondling "yah.. the.. bow, but really that is at my back and not hiding anthing
Gera Heliosense looks at Legion and shrugs
slut (xx.reyes) smiles.. "it's ok Ma'am, i can hold it for you.. i'll keep it nice and safe"
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) shrugs. "it doesn't matter, does it.?" He then looks over towards legion. "seems better, if the females, are properly dressed, reflective of how the pres here dresses, don't yo think?"
Gera Heliosense looks wild from Jarethe to Legion
Y.T. (yt.recreant) mumbles something looks at slut, then at Legion and unsligns the bow, handing it over to slut
Legion Farslider shrugs "uniformity makes it had to identify them at times"
slut (xx.reyes) smiles.. "she's already making quite an impression"
Legion Farslider looks at slut ... "and some would look better wearing a bag .. over their head"
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "that can be true, but, do they need to be, identified, all the time?" his hand continies to , run a fingertip around the pres nipple, grabbing and rolling it every few passes.
Gera Heliosense: LEGOIN!
slut (xx.reyes) takes the bow and slings it over her back; /blowing a kiss to the smexy presidente..
Legion Farslider "yes gera?"
Gera Heliosense: That was rude
Y.T. (yt.recreant) squirms, watches slut wearign my bow, and feelign the teasign finger, I look then at Legion again, and back at jarethe "what.. did he say? we wear bags?
slut (xx.reyes): Ma'am, i'm not sure if i remember how to use this thing... would it be alright if i test fired a few dozen arrows?"
slut (xx.reyes) smiles innocently
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods at slut "..yes..?
Legion Farslider: if you're unsure then it wouldn't be safe slut .. if you remember there's no need"
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) shrugs. "I'm not one for, bags, but then, it could lead to an interesting discovery.. if ten females were lined up, and set on hands nad knees, with their faces concealed.. would it matter then, who they are? "
Gera Heliosense stands up and raises her hand:"May i say something?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) blushes hard "you ar kidding! Jarethe!
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "or would, like most guys, all that mattered at that time, was the ten or twenty I should say, holes in front of the eye?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) inhales again deeply and lacks an answer, then protests "I don't want a bag!
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks to gera "no one preventing you from saying anything"
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Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks to the pres. "if it was decided to happen, whether yo wanted it or not, it would happen"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at Jarethe, eyes widen a bit but I stay silent
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "gera? you were going to say something?"
Gera Heliosense: okay...instead of chopping and changing the nude law...why isn't anybody taking care of the behavour of some of the females? All the mouthing off ...all the bloody put up all these nice dress codes..but underneath it just covers up that a lot of females don't act according to their role and place
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles at gera. "I'm sorry, I know you said something, but I wasn't able to hear you, through that wrap yo uare wearing, you should remove it, and repeat what you just said."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at gera and then at Legion
slut (xx.reyes) scratches her head.. "i didn't know you could read lips mister..."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) giggels
Gera Heliosense curls her hands into tight fists, she bends closer toJarethe and for a moment she looks as if she will hit him" Thank you...Sir Jarethe for being such a competent law enforcer, taking care of all the soooo important things"
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles. "That is funny, slut, as your words are also a bit muffled, behind that rope weave yo uare wearing."
Legion Farslider since her wrap is see through it shouldn't matter in lip reading anyway

slut (xx.reyes) shrugs and rolls her eyes; .. "sorry mister.. i don't speak monkey"
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) waits till gera bends closer, and then stands up, to grab the fabric in his hand. "That is tru, lip reading through the sarong, isn't difficult. But it is still out of place."
Legion Farslider "frankly this constant changing of the laws is confusing"
Gera Heliosense narrows her eyes and turns her back on Jarethe
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles. "The laws haven't really ever changed, just how they are interpreted, changes. Today, it just makes it easier, to see fully nude, tomorrow, I dunno."
slut (xx.reyes) shrugs.. "well one can hardly expect us to keep the laws the same all the time... it's not like they are written down anywhere..."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods "yah, I can't write, that is true
Legion Farslider: but that doesn't mean they're not written ladies .. they're posted in the paper
Gera Heliosense looks over the grass and throws stones at the wall of the bar
Y.T. (yt.recreant) scruncehs my nose "is there.. I only get it read from Witner at times
Legion Farslider: so do PawMe's get to carry weapons of not? i don't care but i do need to know?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): we sure do!
Legion Farslider: so slut, what are you doing with a bow then?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): she is a Paw me
Legion Farslider: but bows are clothes Ma'am .. you gave yours up?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): errr
slut (xx.reyes) smiles.. "i'm holding it for Ma'am so she can set a good example for others"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): errhm. no I mean. clothes .. and bows.. is different!
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles. "she is fine to carry a bow, and wepons today, she went several days without, so, it's like a treat. howeer, today, I felt it was better if the pres here, didn't"
Legion Farslider: then you are setting a bad example slut
Legion Farslider frowns
slut (xx.reyes) shrugs.. "fortunately you aren't the one that makes the laws mister"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at Jarethe "but bows arent cllothes
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Legion Farslider: so you are slut? sounds like treason ... especially since you can't read and don't know what the laws are that are posted"
martha Teardrop shakes her head slowly one of the village idiots at work
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks to slut. "no, but he is one to enforce them, and, since he has red the posted laws, and you have admitted you haven't.. he's likely more authority, on what is, and what isn't a law."
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles at the res. "today, anything you wear, other then your pawme mark, is clothing."
winterthyme strolls up and nods to all gathered
Y.T. (yt.recreant): but then. that applies for all!
Legion Farslider: greeting winter"
slut (xx.reyes) shrugs.. "i have ears mister.. and since Ma'am is la pres and didn't personally write them how do i even know that they are accurate?"
Legion Farslider whispers: the question is .. how do you know they aren't?"
winterthyme listens to the chat
slut (xx.reyes): i have heard it from la presidente directly
Gera Heliosense mumbles "yeah no clothes , but being mouthy and showing no respect to law enforcers...hey that ok, "
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): '/me shakes his head. "Nope, it's troublesome to try and explain it to everyone, and maintain fairness, so, it wil be based on what seems fair at the time. and right now, it seems fair, if anything you wear, other then the pawme mark, is considered clothing.
slut (xx.reyes): my source is much better than your silly books
Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at Winter and clears my throat "Jarethe.. is.. uhm.. discussing clothes again.. but Gera.. has a point too
Legion Farslider sighs "this from the one who wants to have sex with trees?"
winterthyme looks over to Jarethe "There has been a change to the Laws?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): #clothes
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "the mouthing and showing no respect, is being handled too."
Y.T. (yt.recreant): Jarethe even considers weapons as clothes!
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Y.T. (yt.recreant): that is crazy!
Gera Heliosense: oh yeah? SHe turns around wildly
winterthyme raises an eyebrow
winterthyme: The Law is clear on that point
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) shakes his head to Winter, "No, the laws are the same as always, we are enforcing them, by situation."
winterthyme tilts my head "And under what situation is a weapon clothing?"
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): and today, for the pres, the only thing that doesn't look concealing, is her pawme mark
Y.T. (yt.recreant): for me only? but why??
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "in that, clothing conceals what it covers, and wearing weapons, concelas what they cover.
slut (xx.reyes): maybe it's cuz you have the cutest butt
Y.T. (yt.recreant): no, yours is cuter!
winterthyme shrugs "You know my views on these questions Jarethe.. I am surprised they have to be discussed again. Any form of covering is anaathema to me. I have pointed this out to La Pres many times"
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks to the pres. "There doesn't need to be a reason."
Gera Heliosense: and pretty nude rules conceal the truth
Y.T. (yt.recreant) huffs at Jarethes statement and then nods to Gera "yah, she is rigth
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks to gera. "now.. about that sarong."< He stands up. "and realize, that refusing to remove it, can be considered being sassy too."
slut (xx.reyes) nods.. "maybe we need to make a law against pubic hair too"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) eyes Winter "but weapons are not clothes!
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Then, remove the conceling cloth, to show the truth, gera.
Legion Farslider gera!
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) points to slut. "That is an excellent idea"
winterthyme glances indifferently "I think men are better qualified to make that judgement, actually Pres"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) glares at Winter but says nothing
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) sighs and visually tires of waiting as he reaches for geras sarong and grabs the binding knot., pulling at the wrap.
slut (xx.reyes) frowns and looks off to her left.. "oh my.. i've been locked in the bar for too long.. i need to check on something; back in a few minutes..."
Gera Heliosense stares at Jarethe, her eyes dark with emotion" You know very well Jarethe that i have always respected say I am sassy because i wear a flimsy piee of cloth? But when the females in the bar snicker about you? And in general all law enforcers are not respected anymore by the slaves....that just slips through?
Legion Farslider: there goes your bow Ma'am"
Gera Heliosense sighs and helps Jarethe to untie her sarong
Y.T. (yt.recreant) watches slut leave "but....!
Gera Heliosense: here you can have it...
winterthyme continues to look at La Pres "One thing I will compliment you on though - is the way you sit. Properly - as a female should, exposing her sex - declaring it available for all men to use. I commend you on setting such a good example"
Gera Heliosense: your symbolic blind fold
Y.T. (yt.recreant) closes my legs again "I did not mean to!
Legion Farslider smiles
winterthyme teps forward and spreads your legs open again "Then Nature is teaching you the correct way - you would do well to remember it"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) swallows harder and looks at Winter, then at Legion "that.. msut be the sun? you are.. a bit.. crazy?
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) grins at gera. "let them snicker, let others think poor of law enforcement. We are not here, to be cheered, we are not here to have parties thrown for us, we are here, to maintain order. and, to give orders." He wraps the sarong into a ball and drops it next to the slingshot. "as for those that snicker.. that will soon cease."
winterthyme shakes my head "Not at all. The sun is what is needed on your intimate areas - one more reason why you should not fold or corss your legs at any time when seated."
winterthyme adss "The sun eases...chafing... I am a herbalist. I know these things"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) 's toes curl again "ok, you.. had your fun.. and this is all nice and good, but, i.. close my legs now, pelase?
Legion Farslider "gera .. say thank you"
winterthyme shakes my head, keepin one hand on your thigh "No - you may not"
Gera Heliosense still glares at Jarethe, bting her lip, her dark eyes glittering with tears of frustration
Y.T. (yt.recreant): we are not going to make that a law!
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "now, gera, I will, expect, to hear you providing names of those that are mocking the laws. when you next hear it occur"
Legion Farslider: gera!
winterthyme smiles "Make it a law? An excellent idea! I shall write it up at once!"
Legion Farslider looks at gera "doesn't legion know what's best gera?"
slut (xx.reyes) clears her throat.. "did someone misunderstand la presidente?"
Gera Heliosense looks at Legion "what?" then at Jarethe following him
Gera Heliosense: you know who they are
Legion Farslider: say thank you for the lesson gera"
winterthyme shakes my head slightly "La Presidente has just issued a new Law. there is no misunderstanding here"
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) steps to the side, keping slut between the cat and him. "Now.. I know, you have been , tied up with business, over this last week, and , for me, I feel you can carry the pres's bow because of that. but..." He gestures towards the ropes and twists. "those, for today, look like clothing, and pame are agasint clothing. aren't they"
Legion Farslider: gera?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) tries to protest "i.. I did not say its a law!
Legion Farslider: then why do set the exaple Ma'am .. i'm confused"
slut (xx.reyes): i had to go check on vlad.. the poor kitty seems to be starving.. /arching a brow.. "is there some 'misunderstanding' over the laws?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): because Winter holds my legs open!
Gera Heliosense looks at Legion and whispers "Thanks for the lesson" like a robot not even knowing who to say it to
Legion Farslider sighs "to Jarethe gera"
Gera Heliosense: To Jarethe?
Legion Farslider nods
winterthyme lifts my hand and holds La pres's eyes "There is no misunderstanding - is there Pres? You agreed that sitting with crossed legs is not healthy. I heard you say so"
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles. "Hopefully, your kitty is doing fine, I'm sure a panther, is able to survive hunting the jungles. and, the misunderstanding, is, pawme I was under the impression, do not wear clothing, yet, like I said, you are wearing, multiple articles of clothing, on your arms, and your waist and thigh
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I . I never said that!
Legion Farslider whispers to gera "for once in your life listen to me gera"
slut (xx.reyes): i am pretty sure Ma'am disagrees about your definition of 'clothing' mister and... i suspect vlad agrees with Ma'am"
winterthyme smiles, my eyes remaining cold "You agree that the sun feels pleasing on your nethers as you sit with your legs splayed - yes?"
Legion Farslider gera?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) clears my throat and blushes "yah.. but.. that is.. I mean.. not a law
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "I think, the definition of clothing, is quite clear, it's articles that conceal, and, those articles you are wearing.. conceal"

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