Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013


After Andromedas birth i had fallen ill with a slight fever, luckily it turned out to be harmless and not the much feared puerperal fever. However, on the day of my return into the community i was confronted with propably the most nightmarish event ever encountered in Glint.
It started off rather normal for Glint standards.
As I entered the plaza I saw the whole of Glint up on their feet in fron of the Agency Office. Everybody was staring at a construction of bricks. A kind of primitive jail and inside I heard the voice of Psycho. I could smell smoke.

[10:37] Legion Farslider: gera!!!!"
[10:37] Gera Heliosense: Legion?
[10:37] Y.T.: ah wonderful.. then.. just in case he manages to also break through the wood.. the next wall is thicker
[10:37] Gera Heliosense: I feel better now, my fever has gone so i decided to get up
Screwtape walks up to the stage ane looks up. "Laundry day is it?"
[10:37] Legion Farslider: well damn gera .. you're back!!" ... beaming at her
[10:37] Psycho Fhang: rips up the pillow and taking a match out of his pocket sets the pillow stuffing on fire placeing it against the box
[10:37] AnneAnne smiles at that, "I just scrubbed the stables today, Ma'am. Perhaps they should be left undone for a few days to give him a proper experience?"
[10:37] Y.T.: hi Screwtape /smiles
[10:38] Y.T.: and hello gera!!!!!
[10:38] Gera Heliosense: Of course I am back, love...I've only had a little fever and couldnt...oh...hi all"
[10:38] Gera Heliosense: she waves
[10:38] Y.T.: and yes, Anne, he can clean the stables for the week, and you leave them alone now, .. so its worth the effort
Legion Farslider sweeps her up in my arms and hugs her
[10:39] AnneAnne grins hearing two familiar voices and hurries over to them, "Miss Gera! Sir Screw! Oh it's so good to see you!"
[10:39] Y.T.Y.T. sniffs "it smells fire here...
Screwtape smiles down at anne. "I haven't seen you in ages. How has your training been?"
[10:40] winterthyme: bricks all finished Ma'am
Legion Farslider kisses gera
[10:40] Y.T.: hmm, is the old guy burning himself now?
[10:40] winterthyme: I guess so - a pity really
[10:40] Y.T.: aw shit, I would have so loved to have a boi!
[10:40] winterthyme: the bricks will keep the smoke in too
[10:40] Legion Farslider: a wienie roast Ma'am?"
[10:41] Y.T.Y.T. scrunches my nose "I am not going to eat that
[10:41] winterthyme: no more than a mouthful anyway, I've heard
winterthyme waves happily to Gera "Lovely to see you back again gera, dear!"
[10:42] AnneAnne hung her head and sighed as she spread her legs and placed her hand behind her back, "good morning Sir Screw, I am a town slave here and my body is yours to use as you please. I beg to serve." then she sighed and hung her head, "thats how it's going Sir."
[10:42] winterthymewinterthyme nods to Screwtape "Hello again"
[10:42] winterthymewinterthyme grins at Anne "Very good, girl...very good indeed."
[10:44] ScrewtapeScrewtape nods to winter, then turns back to anne. "Excellent! We need more town slaves here. It's been a sausage fest many nights"
[10:44] Y.T.Y.T. watches the fire and waits
[10:45] Serparia MahoganySerparia Mahogany wanders onto the beams and sniffs the air "whats cooking
[10:45] Psycho FhangPsycho Fhang watches the fire burn out as the wood is consumed
[10:45] AnneAnne "blinked at that, Oh my I hadn't noticed that usually I'm too busy doing chores. But I don't know how long I will be a town slave. I am told I will probably be put on sale soon."
[10:47] ScrewtapeScrewtape nods. "That's not the first time I've heard of a sale coming up."
[10:48] Y.T.: ah well, he burned the wood apeparantly, and still survived.. now he has bricks..
[10:48] Y.T.: lets see about how that goes
[10:48] winterthyme: bricks will be nice and warm at will be cosy in there for him
[10:49] Y.T.: that is true
[10:49] AnneAnne pouted a little, "I am so sorry about the last time Sir, I sort of ran into the problem of being stolen. That seems to happen to me a lot and I don't know why when they have plenty of girls who are actually pretty to choose from instead."
[10:50] Y.T.: and Gera, are you well? I am sorry that we had to imprison your lover
[10:50] winterthymewinterthyme tuts at Anne
[10:50] AnneAnne smiled at Winter, "You mean like a brick oven?"
[10:50] Gera Heliosense: I am better thank you, the fever is down, and my lover is right here?
[10:51] Gera Heliosense: oh you mean Psycho
[10:51] ScrewtapeScrewtape looks sharply at anne. "Not this again anne. You are NOT ugly. That is an order"
[10:51] Y.T.: yes, Psycho
[10:51] winterthymewinterthyme grins and nods to Anne "Something like that"
[10:51] Y.T.: Legion is not only your lover.. he admires you!
[10:51] Legion Farslider: Ma'am won him away from you gera"
[10:51] winterthyme: Rates you very highly...very, very highly
[10:51] AnneAnne frowns and hangs her head, "Yes, Sir." she replied.
[10:51] Y.T.: yah, I had to settle for psycho, as Legion told me I am only his number 2
[10:52] Gera Heliosense: oh Ma'am won him away?
[10:52] Legion Farslider: not only Ma'am"
[10:52] winterthyme: "Second-rate, I think he said Ma'am - didn't he?"
[10:52] Y.T.: ah I have to share rank 2 even?
[10:52] Y.T.: yah, somethign degrading he used
[10:52] Gera Heliosense: oh Legion? you called Ma'am second best? hw could you?
[10:52] Y.T.: and now I share it even, soudsn like that
[10:52] Legion Farslider: with whom Ma'am?"
[10:52] AnneAnne looks at YT, "Yes, I never did learn. How did you get him in the box in the first place Ma'am?"
[10:54] Y.T.: you said, Legion, I am not only number 2
[10:54] Y.T.: so others are too
[10:54] Y.T.: and Anne, I captured him, then Winter made a box, then a wall
[10:55] winterthymewinterthyme dusts the mortar from my hands "An old skill I picked up in China. They have great walls there."
[10:55] Y.T.Y.T. fakes a sob "second best.. and then shared
[10:55] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider sighs "i warned you words are tricky Ma'am .. and i did offer to make you both my number 1 and move to utah"
[10:56] winterthymewinterthyme steps forward and wraps a consoling arm around the sobbing Presidente "There, will always be number one for some of us"
[10:56] Gera Heliosense: Oh wow, you will take to Utah?
[10:56] Y.T.Y.T. sighs and leans into Winters arms
[10:56] Gera Heliosense: where the mormons live?
[10:56] Legion Farslider: yes gera
[10:56] Y.T.: I don't want to go to Utah!
[10:56] Gera Heliosense: and the Osmonds!
[10:56] winterthymewinterthyme adds "...and close family firneds, Legion..."
[10:56] Y.T.: Utah is in italy and it is cold!
[10:56] Legion Farslider: and the osmonds gera
[10:56] Gera Heliosense: wow
[10:56] Legion Farslider: no Ma'am .. its near italy"
[10:57] Y.T.: yadayada near, in, details, pft
[10:57] Legion Farslider: Ma'am doesn't want to milk the goats or llamas whatever in the mountains there gera
[10:58] AnneAnne sighs as she hears them talking, "Oh dear that's not far from Washington and .... great now I'm homesick."
winterthyme snorts "Nor should she! There is only one thing worth milking!"
Legion Farslider laughs at winters comment
Gera Heliosense smirks but then she turns her attention back to the hot brickwall
Screwtape grins
[10:58] Y.T.: anyway.. Gera.. your boyfriend, that psycho guy fucked me with a cane.. and then wanted to collar me...
[10:59] Y.T.: I gave him fair warning beforehand to not do it!
[10:59] Gera Heliosense: oh...thats...sick
[10:59] Gera Heliosense: will he die in there?
[10:59] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider "odn't worry about the heat in there gera ... people pay good money to go to spas just like this"
[10:59] Gera Heliosense: should we something?
[10:59] Legion Farslider: we are gera ... we're waiting"
[10:59] Y.T.: he wil be set free in the moment where he strips naked, drops his weapons, and begs for me to collar him and to beg also to have his arse fucked with his own cane
[10:59] winterthyme: There is an easy way out Gera
[11:00] winterthymewinterthyme nods to Ma'am "What she said"
[11:00] Gera Heliosense: i agree
[11:00] Gera Heliosense: he must take his own medicine
[11:00] Gera Heliosense: and should be fucked with his own cane
[11:01] Y.T.:  snorts and shouts against the wall "toldya old man, you have not many allies in this matter, as you clearly overstepped
[11:01] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider speaks sadly "Ma'am lost her virginity this morning when he violated her with a cane gera"
[11:01] AnneAnne shudders a bit, "Now that's something I'd rather not be around to see."
[11:01] Y.T.: well, not exactly, Legion
[11:01] AnneAnne gasps in horror, "He did what!"
[11:01] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider smiles "close enough for the news Ma'am"
[11:01] Screwtape flüstert: A cane? Couldn't the old man get it up?
[11:02] Y.T.Y.T. grins at Legion then ndos to Screwtape, "I don't know.. only Gera can judge that so far
[11:02] winterthymewinterthyme hums "Aint no more cane on the Brazos....."
[11:03] AnneAnne looks at Screw, "There are many mysteries about the old man. Some I'd rather never learn the truth about."
[11:03] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider nods in agreement with anne
[11:04] Gera Heliosense: There are no mysteries, he is just a all the others
[11:04] winterthymewinterthyme coughs "Not quite like all the others Gera..."
[11:04] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider pouts "i thought you said i was special gera?"
Gera Heliosense ponders about what the men say"yeah well...but if you were might be like him too
[11:05] Gera Heliosense: old men get bitter
[11:06] Legion Farslider: well thank you very much gera .. now you've given me something to look forward to" .. shakes head
[11:06] Y.T.: words are tricky, Legion /grins
[11:06] winterthyme: If they eat plenty of mangos, they don't get bitter...
[11:06] Legion Farslider: 
indeed they are Ma'am"
Gera Heliosense kisses Legion
[11:06] Gera Heliosense: there there
[11:07] Legion Farslider: me smiles and hugs her tight
[11:07] Y.T.: I wonder if he is still alive?
[11:07] Gera Heliosense: we should have a look
[11:07] AnneAnne looked at YT, "I am not certain Ma'am."
[11:07] winterthymewinterthyme shrugs
[11:07] Gera Heliosense: we really should check
[11:07] Y.T.: in case.. he is dead.. Gera.. he is not a toy.. ok?
Legion Farslider cleans my nails .. indifferent about his state
Gera Heliosense smiles and blushes"yes Ma'am"
[11:08] Y.T.Y.T. grins "good, so.. uhm.. how can we look inside?
[11:09] AnneAnne smiles at Screw, "it really is good to see you. I missed you and everyone else."
[11:09] Legion Farslider: we could drop a really large weight on it would would flatten the walls completely then remove it and look Ma'am"
winterthyme studies the solid walls "That's a good plan Legion"
[11:09] Y.T.: yah, but bascially I want him alive
[11:09] winterthyme: ah
[11:09] Legion Farslider: well darn"
[11:10] ScrewtapeScrewtape grins and runs his hand through anne's hair. And I you hun. So many people dissapeared after the island moved again"
[11:10] AnneAnne looks at the brick 'thing' and muses, "I wonder how much air is in there for him."
[11:10] Y.T.: well, then.. I think I need a.. tool.. somewhat.. to make a hole in the roof?
[11:10] winterthyme: I could try to knock out a few bricks from one wall so we could peer in...maybe?
[11:10] winterthyme: a tool...yes... who has a tool?
[11:10] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider mutters "a tool?" .. covers my crotch with my hand
[11:11] Y.T.: if tom was here, he would fuck the wall
Gera Heliosense smirks
[11:11] winterthyme: true
[11:11] Y.T.Y.T. knocks against the wall "psycho hunny bunny?
[11:11] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider snickers
[11:11] Gera Heliosense: i have a tool
I walked over to the side of the Office and retrieved the huge axe that was leaning against the wall, hidden in the high grass
[11:11] Gera Heliosense: here
[11:12] winterthymewinterthyme's eyes widen "Goodness!"
[11:12] Y.T.: wow, Gera..
[11:12] Legion Farslider: gera we want just a tiny hole .. he will shoot through a large one"
[11:12] Gera Heliosense: shall i make a lil hole?
[11:12] ScrewtapeScrewtape mumbles "Where was she hiding that?"
[11:12] Y.T.: go to the roof please
[11:12] AnneAnne inches closer to him and nuzzles against his hand, "Hmm, A tool," she mused, "I've often heard men referred to as tools but I'm not certain exactly why."
[11:12] winterthymewinterthyme mutters "Best not to ask"
[11:12] Y.T.: well she walked a bit stiff
[11:12] Legion Farslider: don't ask where it was " .. snickers
[11:12] Y.T.: come gera
[11:12] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense smirks
[11:13] Y.T.: up here
[11:13] Y.T.: ok, in the center
[11:13] Legion Farslider: be careful up there gera"
[11:13] winterthyme: that's one big chopper
[11:13] Gera Heliosense: yep
So YT and I walked to the upper floor and from there on to the roof of the brick block
[11:14] AnneAnne looks up and watches Gera.

[11:14] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense grabs the axe with both small hands and lifts her arms over her head then slams the axe down into the bricks
[11:14] Legion Farslider: couldn't we just fill it with poison gass and see if he coughs?"
[11:15] winterthymewinterthyme nods approvingly "Excellent idea Legion"
[11:15] Psycho FhangPsycho Fhang a thick black smoke pours out of thje smoke filled room as the hole in the roof gets bigger
[11:15] Y.T.Y.T. sees the hole and the smoke and coughs "fuck, that is smokey
[11:16] winterthyme: Nice hole though
[11:16] AnneAnne looks at the two men, "I think sirs that would defeat Ma'am goaling of keeping him alive."
[11:16] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense slams the axe down a second time
[11:16] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider shrugs
[11:16] Y.T.: I see him!
[11:16] Gera Heliosense: yes?
[11:16] Y.T.: yah, he is,, on the ground, flat

[11:16] winterthyme: fat?
[11:16] Y.T.: no, flat!
[11:16] winterthyme: oh...flat...sorry
[11:16] Legion Farslider: splat?"
[11:16] Screwtape: we could always devenom a scorpion or two and toss them in
[11:17] Anne: "
[11:17] Psycho Fhang: appears unconscience and barely breathing
[11:17] Y.T.Y.T. nods to gera "make the hole a bit bigger, so more fresh air comes in
[11:17] Legion Farslider: "gera .. get down before you hurt yourself
[11:17] Gera Heliosense: okay
[11:18] Legion Farslider: it'll ventilate in about 4 years Ma'am"
[11:18] Y.T.: one more blow, come on!
[11:18] winterthymewinterthyme mutters "That reminds me, I must get some kippers for my tea"
[11:18] winterthymewinterthyme smiles "If I had five pounds for every time I have said that Ma'am...."
[11:18] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense slams the axe down a third time, bricks and dust fall down, some hit the unconcious Psycho
[11:18] Y.T.: ha!
[11:18] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider watches gera anxiously
[11:19] AnneAnne "wow, Ma'am is really concerned about her new pet isn't she?"
[11:19] Y.T.Y.T. waits till smoke and dust allow a clear view "he is.. or seems.. not sure.. but the chest.. a bit moves
[11:19] Y.T.: well, can be hot air also, flimmering
[11:19] Legion Farslider: could just be maggots Ma'am .. just seal it back up like a crypt"
[11:20] Gera Heliosense: Maybe if we splash some water on him?
[11:20] Y.T.Y.T. smiles "you men have nice talk, normally you could have made the hole.. anyway.. you men are now guardign the hole, and I wil have dinner
[11:20] winterthyme: Splash something on him - good idea
[11:20] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider shakes my head
[11:20] Legion Farslider: he hasn't complies so no water"
[11:21] Gera Heliosense: okay Ma'am
[11:21] Y.T.Y.T. smiles and walks to the bar to get somethign to eat "don't let him escape in case he wakes "
[11:21] Gera Heliosense: the men can watch him

[11:21] AnneAnne waves to YT, "Enjoy your meal Ma'am."
[11:21] Legion Farslider: i know what i'm going to watch winter"
[11:21] Gera Heliosense: how about you men coming up?
[11:21] Gera Heliosense: instead of being all talk
[11:21] Gera Heliosense: oh hi Winter
[11:21] Legion Farslider: i can see up your skirt down here gera"
[11:22] Gera Heliosense: sorry i take that back
winterthyme nods and smiles, eyes on your breasts "Lovely to see you Gera"
[11:22] ScrewtapeScrewtape chuckles
[11:22] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense smiles back and looks down to Legion
[11:23] AnneAnne chuckles, "i think what Sir Legion and Sir Winter are saying, Miss Gera is that they are both enjoying the view."
[11:23] winterthymewinterthyme checks the hole "It's too small for him to squeeze through - even if he could climb this high"
Gera Heliosense smiles at Anne and mouthes to her "Men!"
Legion Farslider sighs
[11:24] AnneAnne nods at Gera and rolls her eyes as she leans against Screws leg.
[11:24] Legion Farslider: you know i get nose bleeds from heights gera"
[11:26] winterthyme: You look good with a big chopper n your hand Gera...
[11:26] Gera Heliosense: thank you
[11:26] Gera Heliosense: she smiles and bows
winterthyme tips my imaginary hat
[11:27] AnneAnne looks over at Separia and tilts her head in confusion then she looks up at the box and calls, "Hey Judge? Was last nights sacrifice canceled or just postponed?"
Legion Farslider sighs .. postponed .. the guest of honor seemed reluctant and hid"
[11:28] winterthyme: ohhh - there was a sacrifice planned?
[11:28] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider nods down at the strange looking woman(?)"
[11:28] AnneAnne calls up again, "Well she's down here now. Maybe she wants to apologize?"
[11:29] winterthymewinterthyme glances down "Cute..... Odd place to keep a frankfurter warm though"
Legion was up now and when I attempted to walk over to him, I tripped over my long skirt and fell right into the hole. Thankfully i landed directly on the unconcious body of Psycho.
[11:30] Gera Heliosense: help!
[11:30] Gera Heliosense: shit!
[11:30] Gera Heliosense: damn!
[11:30] Legion Farslider: gera!!! damn it .. why did i know that was going to happen?"
[11:30] Gera Heliosense: quick , get me up!
[11:30] Gera Heliosense: throw me a...
[11:30] AnneAnne looks up with a gasp, "Gera!"
[11:30] winterthymewinterthyme throws a rope down
[11:30] Gera Heliosense: something...yes...rope...
[11:30] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense grabs the rope
[11:31] Gera Heliosense: Pull!!!!
[11:31] winterthymewinterthyme hauls yo up, my muscles bunching
[11:31] winterthymewinterthyme tuts
[11:31] winterthyme: Gera!
[11:31] Legion Farslider: gera??"
[11:31] winterthyme flüstert: Really!
[11:31] Serparia MahoganySerparia Mahogany grumbles "yous a wierd man yous no lay hands on mes
[11:31] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense suddenly appears, dirty and shaking but unharmed
[11:32] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider shakes with anger "gera .. what the hell???"""
[11:32] Gera Heliosense: thank you
[11:32] AnneAnne looks a bit panicked as they pull Gera up and then sighs in relief as they pull her out of the hole.
[11:32] Gera Heliosense: what the hell what? I tripped...
[11:32] winterthymewinterthyme nods "be more careful gera....."
[11:32] Gera Heliosense: thats all...
[11:33] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider speaks with barely contained anger "gera.. damn it"
Gera Heliosense pouts and dusts herself off
[11:33] winterthymewinterthyme says nothing further, wrapping the rope back around my waist
[11:34] AnneAnne looks at the hermaphrodite, "I think that was why /me Looks at the herm and says, "I think that was the whole reason why you were allowed to wander in the first place. The Judge was was confident that no man would lay a hand on you so there was no need to guard you."
Legion Farslider sits beside gera .. still mad
[11:36] winterthymewinterthyme unfastens a couple of the bars from the scaffolding and lays them over the hole, lashing them in place with the rop so they are fully secure "there - now no-one can fall down, or climb out"
Gera Heliosense pretends not to notice that he is mad, she gets out her little make up bag , pulls out a pocket mirrow and cleans her face with a piece of cotton.
[11:36] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider looks at gera .. shaking with anger
[11:37] Serparia MahoganySerparia Mahogany pouts at anne " as if them even get to touch mes wells there be in a suprice if them dids
[11:38] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider stands up and reaches down and grabs gera roughly pulling her to her feet
[11:39] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense makes a face and pouts when he pulls her to her feet roughly
[11:39] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider grabs her upper arm and pulls her along with me growling "you come with me gera .. we have something to work out"
[11:41] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider grabs gera and throws her over my shoulder

[11:39] AnneAnne nods to the feline, "well I've never been to a sacrifice myself but I understand it's the women of the tribe who perform the sacrifice. Though I might be wrong."
[11:39] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider heads for the old motel
[11:40] AnneAnne sighs as Legion drags Gera off, "Oh dear he's not happy with her...."
[11:41] winterthyme: True love - I know all the signs...

When we were at the old motel...
[11:45] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider throws gera roughly to the floor .. seething with anger.

He took me there on the floor with an anger and a force I had never encountered with him before. But in the end it was a much needed relief for both of us. While we were still laying in each others arms a very distressed Winter suddenly appeared at the doorframe.

[13:02] Legion Farslider: what's up winter?'
[13:02] winterthyme: forgive my interruption Legion, Gera
[13:02] winterthyme: Psycho is dead - Ma'am wishes for us to clear the remains away
[13:02] Legion Farslider: no probelem friend"
[13:02] Legion Farslider: dead? how?"
[13:02] Gera Heliosense: WHAT???
[13:02] Gera Heliosense: where is he?
[13:03] winterthyme: He attempted to escape - she told him to stop - he refused - she ...ah...pured alocohol into the cell and set it afire. 
I jumped up to my feet and ran, leaving the men behind me. I only stopped when i reached the plaza. Smoke rose from the ruins of the brick block and I climbed up and stared down at him...or rather I saw what was left of Mr. Psycho...a charred skeleton.

[13:03] Legion Farslider: gera!! didn't you learn anything?"
[13:04] winterthyme: Gera - go to Ma'am - she needs someone to care for her. She is very upset by this
[13:04] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider please gera"
[13:04] Gera Heliosense: no...leave me alone
[13:05] Legion Farslider: damn it gera do as you're told"
[13:05] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense stares through the bars with burning eyes, seeing Psychos burnt skeleton
[13:06] Legion Farslider: gera go.. we'll talk later"
[13:06] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense is not reacting
[13:06] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider holds mu hand down to help her out
[13:06] Legion Farslider: my*
[13:06] Legion Farslider: come on gera"
[13:06] Gera Heliosense: she keeps staring at the skeleton, trembling with deep shock
[13:07] Legion Farslider: gera go find Ma'am so we can clean up here"
[13:08] winterthymewinterthyme takes a heavy post and strats to hammer at the brickwork
[13:08] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider picks gera up and sets her on the patio"
[13:08] Gera HeliosenseGera Heliosense looks at Legion with a faraway look, pale.
[13:08] Legion Farslider: go gera ... go"
[13:08] Gera Heliosense: "but..nobody dies in Glint...nobody" she whispers
[13:09] Legion Farslider: gera the building is coming down .. do not anger me again by putting yourself at risk"
[13:10] Legion Farslider: gera .. enough is enough"
[13:11] winterthymewinterthyme lands a heavy blow on the front wall, watching it crumble in a cloud of dfust "Step back..."
[13:12] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider coughs
[13:12] winterthymewinterthyme rams the side wall, stepping back as it and the roof crumble into choking dust
[13:13] winterthyme: I think we can get to the body now Legion - we can clear the rubble away later
[13:13] Legion Farslider: phewme coughs ..."yes i thinkwe can"
[13:14] Y.T.Y.T. walks closr and looks a bit sheepishly "uhm.. hi
[13:14] Legion Farslider: Ma'am .. please stay back"
[13:14] winterthymewinterthyme coughs in the foul air and starts to gingerly wrap a rope around the charred remains
[13:14] winterthyme: Hello Ma'am - are you ok
[13:15] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider looks at Ma'am with questioning eyes
[13:15] Y.T.: uhm..yes.. I guess.. can one.. fix that? She points at the burned corpse
[13:15] Legion Farslider: we are Ma'am"
[13:15] winterthyme: fix it Ma'am? That is beyond my skill
[13:15] winterthyme: But we can remove it
[13:16] Legion Farslider: fix it meaning remove it Ma'am"
[13:16] slutslut sniffs... "ewww.. i smell burned hair..."
[13:16] Y.T.: yah or maybe the doc.. some operation.. I mean, he was not handsome earler either
[13:16] Legion Farslider: Ma'am .. he is gone"
[13:16] Legion Farslider: all the kings horses and all the kings men .. gone"
[13:16] winterthymewinterthyme shakes my head sadly "I doubt the Doc will be able to help Ma'am.... she struggles even to manage a sprained ankle"
[13:17] Y.T.: "but.. I mean... it.. he..". She swallows:"do we at least.. have his possessions secured?
slut glances at the smoldering remains.. "hmmmm.. that's odd... he's not wearing pants but i still don't recognize him...."
[13:17] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider shakes my head
[13:17] winterthyme: I assume they were consumed by the flames Ma'am - nothing remains except these charred bones
[13:18] Y.T.Y.T. sighs deeply
[13:18] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider looks at the bones .. "where should we take them winter?"
[13:19] winterthyme: A burial at sea, perhaps?
[13:19] Legion Farslider: off the pier then?"
[13:19] winterthymewinterthyme nods "Ma'am - does that work for you - or would you prefer a grave?"
[13:19] Y.T.: is.. gera ok? She is so silent

[13:19] Y.T.: we should let gera decide, she was the only one who was.. intimate with him
[13:20] winterthymewinterthyme nods "As you wish Ma'am - she is in shock at the moment I think"
[13:20] Legion Farslider: gera get back love"
[13:20] Gera Heliosense: not the reality....
[13:20] winterthymewinterthyme carefully demolishes the remaining walls
[13:20] Gera Heliosense: ....nobody dies in Glint...nobody....
[13:20] slutslut scratches her head... "now that he has a permanent boner he looks just like that other naked man in the cage down by the dock"
[13:21] Gera Heliosense: this...can true
[13:21] Y.T.: uhm gera... he is the third dead
[13:21] Y.T.: not the first
[13:21] Legion Farslider: it looks like it is gera"
[13:21] Gera Heliosense: No!
[13:21] Y.T.: well, there was the lawyer, then there was strapon...
[13:21] Y.T.: now Psycho, makes three
[13:21] Legion Farslider: gera .. your denial doesn't change a thing"
[13:21] winterthymewinterthyme nods
[13:22] slut: did all of them get intimate with gera?
[13:22] Y.T.Y.T. grins "uhm, ask her?
[13:22] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider looks down at the ground
[13:22] winterthymewinterthyme goes to the back of the Agency office and returns with a large crate
Gera Heliosense shakes her head, shaking and white as a sheet.
[13:23] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider "slut .. i don't want to see you wearing any of him in your hair"
[13:23] Legion Farslider: or nose"
Gera Heliosense looks around at them all, deeply shocked
[13:24] slutslut shrugs.. "you really think i am going to take fashion advice from you mister?"
Gera Heliosense blinks and suddenly, her  voice on the brink of breaking: make jokes? smile?...a man died...and you all....
[13:24] Legion Farslider: gera .. leave"
[13:25] Gera Heliosense: Leave? you want me to leave? because i don't play your rules?
[13:25] Legion Farslider: then i'll leave gera" And with a stern expression he walked away.
[13:26] Y.T.: Gera?
Gera Heliosense stares down , not reacting, her face like a mask now.
[13:28] Y.T.Y.T. sighs and walks closer "come with me Gera
[13:29] Y.T.: come
And she walked me away to the green and there, she spoke to me and I realized that the guilt she was carrying on her dainty shoulders almost broke her and slowly we both calmed down, soothing each other. 
When we came back , the men had cleaned up the place and what remained was wooden crate, bearing the remains of Psycho Fhang.

[14:07] Y.T.Y.T. scrunches my nose "still stinks
[14:07] winterthyme: I swept up somewhat
[14:07] winterthyme: Are you both ok?
Gera Heliosense is still pale but nods
[14:08] Gera Heliosense: yes
[14:08] winterthymewinterthyme nods "A difficult day"
[14:08] Y.T.Y.T. shrugs and looks around "well.. yah. I am feeling better now.. you think he was really dead?
[14:09] winterthyme: I am quite certain of it Ma'am. I crated the bones and will place them in the cell until we decide how to best dispose of them
[14:09] Gera Heliosense: excuse me , i must go and find Legion now
[14:09] winterthymewinterthyme nods "Of course"
[14:09] Y.T.: see you around gera
[14:09] Gera Heliosense: yes , i see you later
[14:10] Gera Heliosense: she walks away pale and deep in thoughts
I found Legion by the shore.
[14:17] Legion FarsliderLegion Farslider stands watching the waves
We did not speak anymore that night, we went to bed....and the charred grinning skull of Psycho Fhang haunted me in my dreams...

When i woke up the next morning, I took a long stroll along the beach to gather my thoughts.
As i reached the place where one of the scattered neighboring islands, Mama Allpa is closest, near the bridge that leads over, I saw the figure standing at the temple.
He seemed to stare at me although it was too far away of course to see his face clearly. He was dressed all in white. I thought, he was a vision, a figment of my imagination and I quickly ran away.

But the morning paper finally explained that i had not seen a ghost nor had I gone mad. Psycho Fhang was alive! His death had been faked! 
That same afternoon I found him, happy and content sitting  in the old armchair at Neptuns.
He beckoned me over and I sat with him. I never asked him any questions. I was just glad that the nightmare was over. When  the others arrived they asked him of course. Why? How? 
But the old man just smiled in his usual annoying stubborn manner.

Legion and I later had a terrible fight. The traumatic events had grinded down on our nerves and my strange behavior, my pushing him away had left him with doubts and gloomy thoughts. But when we realized what had happened to us we solved our crisis. After this little domestic we came just in time to the Neptune bar, where Glint was celebrating the return and the newly acclaimed status of Mr. Psycho. He was announced by Ma'am to be the Barrista of the Neptun Bar. The manager so to speak, who will take care of bar and staff and see that all runs smoothly under his dominant cane.

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