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The Heather Incident Part 1

It all started when Guin and later my sir told me how a female slaver, Heather Marenwolf, had captured Sir Dunnagh and threatened Guin. So when I saw that woman at the gathering spot the same afternoon I was determined to revenge my sir. And here is what happened:

[10:47] lacey Flinders: greetings, sunrise!!
[10:47] Gera Heliosense: hello hooker and lacey and greetings Miss
[10:47] heather Marenwolf smiles at the new arival "I do not think I have met you yet I am heather"
[10:47] Gera Heliosense: yes Miss Heather pleased to meet you.
[10:48] heather Marenwolf: and I pick up from the other slave that your name is sunrise is that correct?
[10:48] Gera Heliosense: yes you may call me sunrise or Gera...I am the midwife here
[10:48] heather Marenwolf smiles and nods
[10:49] A1ex Heckroth: hi sunrise everything going well?
[10:49] Gera Heliosense: yes thank you
[10:49] Gera Heliosense: 7me watches Heather closely and narrows her eyes
[10:50] Gera Heliosense: May I ask Miss Heather do you know a man called Dunnagh Scarmon?
[10:50] Gera Heliosense: She breathes faster
[10:51] heather Marenwolf brushes some hair from her face and catches the look and stops , hearing the question she flicks off a pebble from the chair "yes I do know someone by that name"
[10:51] Gera Heliosense comes closer to Miss heather
[10:51] Gera Heliosense: I believe you had an encounter with him today
[10:52] heather Marenwolf looks borringly at her hand turnning it over and inspecting it "no not today it was two days ago I believe"
[10:52] Gera Heliosense: I see...well....
[10:53] heather Marenwolf: "go on please do not leave me waiting"
[10:53] Gera Heliosense suddenly bends over, grabs Heathers hair with one hand and holds a dagger up to her throat with the other hand:" Excuse me Miss Heather but you are arrested under the laws of Glint
[10:54] heather Marenwolf eyes narrow as the steel touches her neck "are you sure this is something you want to do?"
[10:55] Gera Heliosense: I am pretty certain, dare you to hurt my lover
[10:55] A1ex Heckroth gasps and silintly wathes things unfold
[10:56] Gera Heliosense still holds the knife to heathers throat, shaking like a leaf
[10:56] lacey Flinders: She hurt Sir Dunnagh?
[10:56] Gera Heliosense: yes she did
[10:56] heather Marenwolf: "ah so I see this is personal for you , well nothing would have happened to him if he would have not insulted me or my pet, I was also very kind to him allowing him to keep all his parts as Casy wanted me to give her something to eat from him "
[10:56] lacey Flinders eyes narrow
[10:57] Gera Heliosense whispers:" Get up Miss...slowly...or my dagger might slip and...hurt you"
[10:58] lacey Flinders: Sir Dunnagh is one of my favorite Sirs, Miss Heather
[11:00] heather Marenwolf starts to shrug and slowly rise , when she is no longer on her other arm she quickly reaches out and twists the wrist holding her hair and tucks her neck so the blade can only cut her cheek and with her leg lashes out and catches sunshine on the outside of her left knee grimacing as some hair is pulled from her head , then she quickly stands
[11:00] A1ex Heckroth: Miss Heather hooker likes you and does not want to shoot please complie
[11:01] heather Marenwolf: now tell me am I underarrest my laws or just my your anger for me that I showed your lover some manners?
[11:01] Gera Heliosense cries out and stumbles, falling to the ground and losing her dagger, cursing to herself
[11:01] YT Recreant clears her throat
[11:02] Gera Heliosense is still on the ground trying to fetch her dagger
[11:02] A1ex Heckroth: greetings Ma'am
[11:02] YT Recreant: what is up here?
[11:02] heather Marenwolf whips her head around and slowly nods "hello there YT"
[11:02] Gera Heliosense: Ma'am, I found the woman who captured sir Dunnagh, I want her under arrest
[11:03] YT Recreant: i see
[11:03] A1ex Heckroth: hooker is only providing back up for a sister Ma'am
[11:03] YT Recreant: heather, you are a slaver?
[11:03] lacey Flinders is frustrated to be unarmed
[11:03] YT Recreant: sunrise, step back
[11:03] A1ex Heckroth pats joys lil bum with an arrow
[11:03] heather Marenwolf: yes I am YT
[11:03] graffitti: graffitti has been ordered to follow its owner
[11:03] joy draws her bow
[11:04] graffitti: graffitti has been ordered to stay
[11:04] lacey Flinders looks at the great beast
[11:04] YT Recreant: you have attacked the co owner of my property, that is sunrise? the property - and Dunnagh, the co owner?
[11:06] heather Marenwolf: however I do not hunt here , I also released the man after teaching him a lesson after being insulted and challenged, and as for sunrise that was in self defense as I could have done alot more to her but just wanted some breathing room, I will also point out that a member of your police also agreed with my action for the male in question "
[11:06] A1ex Heckroth finger slips off the arrow catching the slaver on the shoulder
[11:06] YT Recreant whips up and down on her toes "and who is that police officer, heather?"
[11:06] Gera Heliosense: what member of the police agreed with you? hu?
[11:06] heather Marenwolf gasps and cluches her shoulder grimacing
[11:07] heather Marenwolf: that would be casey as she asked me to bring her a bone from the male to eat when I was done with him but I did not do that I let him go after teaching him "
[11:08] Gera Heliosense: Casey Landau? Right.I 'll have her ass
[11:08] YT Recreant nods "well, i would say, as in for securing evidences etc, you are under arrest - i suppose you will cooperate - then you can stay roaming around the islands freely but unarmed"
[11:08] heather Marenwolf grits her teeth and pulls the arrow out of her shoulder with a sickening sucking sound and tosses it back at hookers feet
[11:09] A1ex Heckroth looks down inn shame and mumbles
[11:09] YT Recreant: sunrise, i did not say step closer
[11:09] YT Recreant: girls, the next one stabbing *any* other person here will talk to my cat
[11:10] YT Recreant: was i clear?
[11:10] A1ex Heckroth nods fearful over what she has done
[11:10] A1ex Heckroth: yes Ma'am
[11:10] Gera Heliosense: yes Ma'Am
[11:10] lacey Flinders nods "yes Ma'am"
[11:11] heather Marenwolf looks around her and counts the number against her and slowly starts to relax ...."I suppose I can do that I feel I was in the right with the male and I am sorry but when some one threatens me I defend myself , my job has taught me to do so over the years "
[11:12] Gera Heliosense: he didn't threat attacked him
[11:12] A1ex Heckroth smiles understanding that alll too well
[11:12] YT Recreant: as i said heather, our country is famous for its fair justice - so, we will jsut wait until Casey and Sir Dunnagh appear and clear it all up in a trial
[11:12] heather Marenwolf looks at Gera ...."the threat was from you ...the insult was from him "
[11:12] Gera Heliosense grinds her teeth
[11:12] YT Recreant raises an eyebrow "sunrise?"
[11:13] Gera Heliosense: yes Ma'Am...sorry
[11:13] heather Marenwolf: there are also some slaves that witnessed it as well I believe they were trainee ce and anothother that also agreed with my actions and saw the rudeness"
[11:13] YT Recreant sighs "my my, it seems we will jsut have tomorrow two to four stocks mre on the block"
[11:14] YT Recreant: Riddick?
[11:14] Riddick Paule wakes up "hmm?!"
[11:14] heather Marenwolf looks at sunshine and shakes her head at her
[11:15] heather Marenwolf mouths "next time" to her silently
[11:15] Gera Heliosense narrows her eyes and looks at Heather with surpressed anger
[11:15] YT Recreant: they will all stay unarmed until further notice - and you please be so kind and point that out to them, in case they forget
[11:15] Riddick Paule: everyone Ma'am
[11:15] Riddick Paule: ?
[11:16] YT Recreant: to be exact: sunrise, heather, hooker, lacey
[11:16] YT Recreant: and when Casey and Dun appear, these two as well
[11:16] Riddick Paule: I will most certainly keep my eye on them while I am here YT
[11:16] Marvin: Ma'am a pleasure to see you
[11:16] YT Recreant: thank you very much Riddick
[11:16] YT Recreant: hi Marvin ;)
[11:17] YT Recreant: hooker, sunrise, lacey, heather, if you have any weapons, now is the best moment to jsut drop them
[11:17] A1ex Heckroth: my name is hooker Miss
[11:17] lacey Flinders: i am unarmed, Ma'am
[11:17] heather Marenwolf smiles "hello there Marven how are you today "
[11:17] A1ex Heckroth: what true Miss?
[11:17] Juliettes Juliesse: you know what will happened here now?
[11:17] Gera Heliosense drops her dagger and sighs
[11:18] A1ex Heckroth looks up coking her head to the side
[11:18] YT Recreant: oh, and Riddick, the pet of heather, what was her name? Siami? she is unarmed too of course in case she comes
[11:18] heather Marenwolf nods "I left my bow at my house but , *glares at sunrise* I dont need weapons to defend myself as someone found out"
[11:18] Riddick Paule grins "oh yes, i will most certainly keep my eyes peeled for that one"
[11:19] Gera Heliosense: you!" She leaps forward and pulls Heathers hair, behaving like a school girl
[11:19] YT Recreant: and for all of you four - if you are now pondering to just use fists, kicks, whatever: any physical damage done to other by you will lead to instant arrest and being sold tomorrow, w/o any trial!
[11:19] Riddick Paule watches the bow tossed aside and smiles

[11:19] heather Marenwolf gruns and brings her elbow up to sunrises jaw and gives her a knee to the stomach area before jumping back
[11:19] Gera Heliosense gasps and lets go of Heathers hair
[11:20] Gera Heliosense: Holding her stomach
[11:20] Gorean Meter 2.6.8: a bite Has Captured heather Marenwolf!
[11:20] GM 2.6.8: a bite Has Captured Gera Heliosense!
[11:20] graffitti: graffitti has been ordered to stay
[11:20] YT Recreant: i have been warning you
[11:21] Gera Heliosense: Ma'Am I am sorry..yes you warned us
[11:21] graffitti: graffitti has been ordered to follow its owner
[11:21] graffitti: graffitti has been ordered to stay
[11:21] YT Recreant rips off the clothes from sunrise, tears them into stripes
[11:22] Riddick Paule grins and raises my hand slapping her hard across her ass "all you had to do was listen"
[11:22] YT Recreant uses the stripes to tie sunrise's hands together at her back, with a secure triple knot
[11:22] GMBindings2.3-female(pelvis): Riddick Paule spanks heather Marenwolf hard!
[11:22] YT Recreant takes of the veil and tosses it to the cat
[11:22] Riddick Paule: .unleash
[11:22] heather Marenwolf bites her lip as some sting enters her "it is kind of heard to hear when you have a person attacking you"
[11:23] YT Recreant: sunrise sunrise, you know that from all people in our republic, you are certainly one of the least preferred targets for me
[11:23] Marvin watches the procedings carefuly
[11:23] YT Recreant: i wonder why you did that
[11:23] YT Recreant ties sunrise ankles together
[11:23] Gera Heliosense: I am sorry Ma'am...but that bitch...was whispering to me
[11:24] YT Recreant grabs a bit of sunrise leash and attaches it to the .....
[11:24] Riddick Paule draws his dagger slipping it under the cuff of her clothing he begins to slide down her back slicing through the fabric easlily and pulls the offending dress from under her prone form
[11:25] YT Recreant grabs sunrise rope and drags her to the center of the gs
[11:26] YT Recreant: i hope, the fact that someone stole the pole does not lead you to the assumptiuon you are allowed to run away
[11:26] YT Recreant: or, better, i will tie you to the bench
[11:27] Riddick Paule: .yank
[11:27] YT Recreant: .post
[11:27] GMBindings2.3-female(pelvis): Touch the leash post you wish to leash to
[11:27] YT Recreant: maybe we should tie them together
[11:27] Riddick Paule sits quietly with my captive watching the scene proping my feet on her bare ass
[11:27] YT Recreant grins
[11:27] Riddick Paule: oh, if we must hehe
[11:27] YT Recreant: Marvin, these two girls here want a catfight
[11:27] YT Recreant: and also it is not clear which role Dun has in this
[11:28] Riddick Paule: .post
[11:28] GMBindings2.3-female(pelvis): Touch the leash post you wish to leash to
[11:28] YT Recreant: so, if Dun comes, he is to be unarmed
[11:28] Gera Heliosense looks pale amd tries to move into a comfortable position
[11:28] YT Recreant: and then we will listen to them later in a trial
[11:28] Riddick Paule unties her feet letting her stand

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