Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

Sir Echo and his beast

Today I witnessed a horrible scene. A man called echo Foxclaw dragged my fellow slave sister joy to the pole and bound her. He then callled for a beast, a werewolf and after he whipped joy he let the werewolf rape my poor sister. It was confusing to watch as joy was disgusted but still climaxed in the end. After she was released from the pole, trainee a and I took care of poor joy. We comforted her and cleaned her wounds and put ointment to it. Poor joy. I know what she went through. It brought back bad memories...

Later on , while we watched Ma'am interrogating a woman who had spit on her, the werewolf came back and stood by me and touched me. And its Master, Sir echo stood just behind me and they teasingly threadened me. Sir Echo kept saying things like: He likes you. I was very scared.

Finally the beast caught up with me in the tattoo shop and forced me to see his Master at the policestation. Echo Foxclaw came and questioned me. He said :You like the beast. Secretly you want it. He kept telling me those things. But I managed to escape in the end when both were distracted by a man and a girl having forced sex in the front room of the Police station.

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