Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009

A good houseslave

Sir Dunnagh told me, his first priority from now on will be to find the right moment to speak to Ma'am and ask for my hand. Although it will really be my neck of course. I was elated. And we shared another tender moment.

Later that day, I was asked to help Sir ZerO - yes the byronic one - to interrogate a female prisoner. I had to cut her clothes away and search her. And I did all that like in a trance. And when my Sir entered the scene and brought the complice of that girl, I even lost my cool and pulled her hair after she had kicked Sir Dunnagh.
What is happening to me? Was I not against the way prisoners are treated in the people's republic of Glint? And did I not always feel compassion? Yes I was careful and respectful through the interrogation, but nevertheless I lost my cool. This place is leaving its mark on me already. Only later I felt compassion again, when I had to lead them to their cells. How much did I change already from the naive tourist who came to the Dark Den a few months ago. But did I not find so much more than what I had expected? The dictator I once feared has become a dear loved friend and someone I confide in. The man who once interrogated me has become my lover...

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