Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009

Sir Dunnagh

Yesterday my beloved Sir Dunnagh told me that he is now the owner of two other slave girls. Although he reassured me that I am still the one who holds his heart and soul. Did I hesitate too long to take his collar? After all, a Master needs a slave to fulfill himself. It made me look harder at myself. I want to be his yet why do I hesitate? What am I afraid of?

Later today, Sir Dunnagh came to me. He was very stern with me and told me I was to be punished for disobedience. I had entertained a visitor while my Sir was in Glint. I have to admit, jealousy made me forgetful. So he forced me to wear a label that says "celibate". I have to wear that from now on whenever he is present.

I also met my fellow sisters Faith and Guin. They are very sweet. I hope I can make my future Master proud of me and be a good sister to them. My future Master...yes, I want to be his. I want to wear his collar.

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