Freitag, 19. März 2010

Dark Den - Back to the roots

This is me, Gera. I am posting myself again. We have a laundry house at Glint now. Ma'am and butterfly caught me with my shorts and tank top on and Ma'am didn't like the idea of me getting overheated plus she announced it has just become a new law that grey clothing is forbidden. Now my shorts and tank were grey, so... They took me over to the new laundry house and showed me how the laundry is done the Glint way. Men dispose their dirty clothing on the right side. There it will be washed and dried. Women dispose their clothing on left side, there it will be...stuffed into the trash bags. Uhm...yes. So I...did as I was told. I was mumbling to myself and Ma'am asked:"Sunrise? Did I hear a muttering?" She still calls me sunrise, you see. I tried to wriggle myself out of it but with Ma'am you never can. As I was standing naked before her, she asked me what I am missing and then she touched me. I soon found out what I was missing for a long time. Cutting a long story short, I did feel better in the end. I felt like myself again. Like sunrise. And they both said they were glad to have me back. As I walked away, the wind played with my hair and it gently caressed my naked breasts. And I knew what it was that I had been missing. To feel beautiful and sensual again, thats what I had been missing. I straightened up, held my head up high and walked home, swaying my hips a bit just because it felt so good. I am sunrise again and the wind and the sun caress and kiss my naked skin...


  1. Wilkommen Sie, Gera.
    I'm finding that just being around Ma'am has quite nice effects. I'm trying to be a bit more social, too, so maybe we can break out together.

  2. i'm so glad! which button is comment