Samstag, 20. März 2010

Dark Den - A dream that tasted of reality and the satisfaction of my sensual cravings

Last night I dreamed that my beloved Master was back. He appeared before me all of a sudden, butterfly saw him too. And I was so shocked that I fainted. I woke up in his strong arms. He kissed me and said:"It won't be long now love...soon..."
Now I don't even know if it was just a dream or if it has indeed happened.

I feel very needy recently. Its spring, everything is in bloom. And I feel so sensual and in heat all the time. I gave myself to a dirty old gentleman and loved being taken. His hair was grey, he could have been my grandfather and I loved it. And I gave myself again today, together with puyin. I am a slave to my own sensuality right now. And I miss my beloved Sir Dunnagh.

Andy is growing so fast. I wish my sir could be here when our son utters his first word.

I am so full of cravings right now...

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