Sonntag, 28. März 2010

Dark Den - Another day at Glint

Glint is a much more social place these days. There are always people about, always someone to see, new friends to be made. Today I met Zimmi. She is an artist. She was looking for a place to stay so I offered her our home. She made a sketch of Andy and me and I hung it up in the livingroom. Later we were all standing together:Lacey, Sir Jakopo, Sir Erikk, Zimmi and I and my Master arrived. He leashed me without a word and talked to the others. I tried to catch his glance but he did not really look at me. Lacey offered to get some food and drinks but my Master only took some ice. Then he excused us and dragged me to the court house. He sat me on the pool table and teased my body with the ice. I was scared. Because I didn't know what he was going to do. But it appeared that he was just playing with me. He is a book with 7 seals to me these days.


  1. In just my short time at Glint, I've noticed that Glint tends to be more social, too. I think the V4 certification has added a jolt of interest.

    The biggest change, I think, is the choices available for females. Not just "slave" or "not slave" but flavors of submission and varying specialization of roles combined together.

    I'm not sure if the specialization will have as much effect on male participation, because it seemed that they were able to have more variety within their roles. In essence, the "slave" role was imposed and often left little latitude while the "Dominant" role, because no one would dare impose upon a Dominant (heh), allowed more of the personal preference already.