Samstag, 27. März 2010

Dark Den - Hola Muchahas

I was standing around with Janay, talking when a certain Frank Fuhr passed us and I remember he was present once when I was punished, enjoying himself. We greeted him, he came over and we chatted. Janay had to leave and another man I have known for some time, Sir Tristan stopped by. Anyway, Frank offered to buy me a drink and we all went over to the bordello. Here Frank filled me up with several shots of whiskey. I wanted a white russian but he didn't know how to mix that. To cut a long story short, I got drunk. From then on everything is in a blur. I woke up later, upstairs im the bordello and made my way to the court house. Lacey and Sir Marvin were there and Ma'am and Dr. Tara and Selina and some more people. I was still too tipsy to remember them all. In fact I am still tipsy now. I guess I walk around a bit to get my head clear...

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