Dienstag, 2. März 2010

Arborea - City of Farah

Arborea is a distant Planet. Mediveal but not Gor. No magic, no supernatural creatures.
But therefore humans with all the range of emotions and drama.
Gera is the countess Gera of Farah, the little sister of Duchess Louise of Farah. Gera is a young widow. Her late husband was old and wealthy and left her with a title and money. After his death she comes to Farah to stay here with her sister and family. Her sister Duchess Louise, married to the Duke of Farah has two daughters. The city is swamped by pirates and outlaws. So with the Duke out of town, Louise has hired a bodyguard, a certain Donnal [played by Dunnagh], to protect her family.
The life in Farah is hard after a cruel long winter. Food is sparse and everybody fights to survive [All players wear a meter. If your hunger level goes over 50% you faint and you can only be revived with bread]
The first picture shows Gera kneeling by Louise who has fainted with lack of food, the second shows Gera with her sister meeting the princess and her servant, the third picture shows the sisters at their visit to the neighboring town of Glacia with the city's master of arms.

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