Dienstag, 30. März 2010

Dark Den - Cara makes the men go crazy and my Master looses his nerve

I do not know Cara, we never talked. But yesterday I was drawn into her business. My Master, Janay, Sir Bart and I were in front of the courthouse when Sir Goldfire stormed into the scene, fuming. He asked to have a word with Sir Bart. It was about Sir Io. He was with Cara and that made the two men furious. Now apparently Bart Byron and Goldfire have some sort of deal about Cara. She is under Sir Barts training and is not to be touched by anyone while she is under his protection. And it seemed now that Sir Io had been doing more than touching. For this they wanted his head, so to speak. Bart Byron was already sharpening his sword. My Master bend over to me and whispered:"Gera, find Sir Io and this Cara and warn them, hurry". So off I went. I found them in Nayeli on the big Pirate ship. I yelled at sir Io to run. I shouted that Sir Bart and Goldfire were after him. He jumped up and escaped. It was just in time too as Sir Bart had arrived at the scene. He was yielding his sword like a madman. Cara screamed at him and he screamed at Cara and I and Janay, who had come by also were in the middle of it all. Sir Bart orders Cara to come with him and she jsut laughed and jumped into the water and swam away. He went after her and that is all I know.
I was still catching my breath when my Master suddenly stood before me.I told him what had happened and he nodded. He leashed me and walked back to Glint with me. To the Bordello. Here he ordered me to dance for him. He watched me and got drunk. Very drunk. He dragged me upstairs to one of the beds and here he forced me to be a willing whore for him.
Dunnagh Scarmon: sees her opening and plunges his thick cock into her mouth, hissing at her venomously "That's it- that' it, slut.....Don't enjoy it- hate it! It'll be all the sweeter for me!" *he drives his hips back and forth savagely, raping her mouth, her teeth rasping along his length, but the sensation still satisfying to him, his face hard and cruel, the belt poised to be used again*
Gera Heliosense: she opens wide, breathes through her nose sharply and if looks could kill he would surely be deadly wounded by now, she lets him rape her mouth, when she feels she must gag she fights it, she does not want to give him that satisfaction.
Dunnagh Scarmon: sees her struggling with his length, sees her trying to hide it, and plunges his cock hard against the back of her throat, holding her to him with his grip on her hair, arm muscle meeting the force of leg and torso muscles to jam his cock hard down her throat "Once I enjoyed the pleasure of being your lover, Gera, but you through that away.... so now I have only the pleasure of being the owner of a whore!" *holds her head down fast, pressing his hips forward, knowing he is chocking her with his hard meat*
He wanted to choke me to death it seemed. He was is such a rage.
Gera Heliosense: She can not get any air anymore, her face turns almost blue, her fists become slack and she drops her hands, her body shivers, there is pure panic in her eyes now.
Dunnagh Scarmon: holds her there, the wild, destructive, all-consuming beast within him has broken free and runs amok- he glares hatefully down upon her without really seeing, the blood roaring in his ears
Dunnagh Scarmon still holds her mercilessly in the choking position, feral eyes bulging, muscles straining, until she goes limp- then something clicks within him. He suddenly pulls out of her, spilling her like a ragdoll face down onto the mattress and stumbles off the bed, bellowing with rage and torment.
He drives powerful punches at the whipping pole, causing it to shudder and strain in it's base, the dull wet crack of breaking hand and finger bones heard briefly in the room, then stumbles over to the sex toy cabinet-
Gera Heliosense: She lays very still, gasping for air, filling her lungs with air desperately. After a while and once she can breath again, she slowly turns her head and looks at him, her eyes mirror pure horror upon what he has just done to her. She tries to speak but can't, only her lips move silently.
Dunnagh Scarmon: screaming and bellowing, he grabs at it with his hands, now swelling and clumsy, and topples it over to the floor with a loud crash-
He kicks violently at the cabinet with his steel toed boots, kicks and stomps any stray toys he comes upon on the floor, then moves towards the bed-
Gera Heliosense flinches at the loud crashing sound, slowly she lifts her head and slips off the bed to the floor.
Dunnagh Scarmon squats low and lungs at the bed, his forearms disappearing under it, then lurches upwards with it, trying to flip it over but the upper crossbeams get trapped on the wall and prevent him from doing so-
Gera Heliosense suddenly starts screaming at him, hitting his chest with her fists:"Stop it....stop it!"
Dunnagh Scarmon: He lurches repeatedly with the bed, blind in his rage and pain to the impossibility of the task, the upper bed corner thudding agaist the wall, smashing a hole in the plaster, each time the bed crashes back sounding like a battering ram on the floor.
Gera Heliosense: She lets go of him and crawls out of the way, huddling up in the corner, covering her ears
Gera Heliosense: stop it! she begs
Dunnagh Scarmon: Exhausted from his destructive fit, as well as drunk, the last attempt to lift the bed ends with him staggering backwards, landing on his ass, propped up against the wall, wailing loudly, his thick, broken hands, clutching his face and head.
Gera Heliosense: she watches him careful for a while and when he is not moving, just sitting there wailing, she crawls over to him and reaches out, clasps his hand and whispers:"Master"
Dunnagh Scarmon is doubled over, hands smearing some blood on his head and face, snot and hot, grudging tears running from his face, sobbing through tormented wails "you bitch!...... you bitch!you disloyal, heartless bitch.....
Gera Heliosense swallows hard. She tries to wipe the blood and tears from his cheeks and whispers:" please calm down...if you think I am a worthless whore ...so be it...but please stop torturing yourself
Dunnagh Scarmon shrugs her away from him, starts trying to get to his feet, choking, painful sobs still bursting from him.
Gera Heliosense: She watches him helpless, her throat hurts and the leash is tugging on her. She can't do anything but watch his self torture.
Dunnagh Scarmon staggers for the door, his boot coming down on a stray dildo, sending him crashing to the floor on his knees.
Gera Heliosense: She cringes, watching him falling down. Cupping her mouth she sits huddled up by the bed.
Dunnagh Scarmon crawls towards the door, then staggers to his feet, lurching through it, drunk, dirty, badly self-mangled, and utterly miserable...
I sat there on the floor and listened to him downstairs as he made his way out of the Bordello. I don't know when I will be seeing him again. I pray he won't be drunk next time. What is to become of us? What happened to this love that was to defeat anything?


  1. there's promise....just need to keep fighting. Sometimes he'll want to give up out of pain, but you still gotta try and show you are loyal.

  2. held my breath while i read this! Awesome!