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Dark Den - A conversation about Moose and her new Master

Selina Winterwolf: how did it go Lacey?

[15:08] lacey Flinders smiles softly "it was far too soon to tell."

[15:08] Selina Winterwolf nods

[15:08] Sabrina Massiel: Awwwwww

[15:09] lacey Flinders: moose was disappointed - it was good i went

[15:09] Sabrina Massiel: She seems so excited too

[15:09] A. tilts her head curiously, "Is Moose possibly pregnant?"

[15:09] Sabrina Massiel: Soon we may have little meese!

[15:09] lacey Flinders nods "her Master used her yesterday for the first time"

[15:09] Sabrina Massiel grins

[15:10] Florimel Enderfield smiling "Are congratulations in order Moose?"

[15:10] A. gapes, "Her Master?"

[15:10] Sabrina Massiel: Well Meese/Tennis type kids

[15:10] JaKoPo Vendetta raises raises three fingers: "i bet they must be at least three!"

[15:10] lacey Flinders nods at Ava, looking concerned

[15:10] Elayne Diavolo is Online

[15:10] A. blinks, "Who's her Master?"

[15:10] Selina Winterwolf: Sir Tenis

[15:11] lacey Flinders: He calls himself Tanis

[15:11] Selina Winterwolf: Tanis*

[15:11] Sabrina Massiel: We call him Tennis

[15:11] lacey Flinders: Tennis is far more apt

[15:11] Gera Heliosense: Tanis????

[15:11] Selina Winterwolf laughs

[15:11] Selina Winterwolf: yep sunrise Tanis

[15:11] Gera Heliosense: well blow me down...I didn't think he would be such a sadist

[15:11] Gera Heliosense: but then again

[15:11] Selina Winterwolf howls with laughter

[15:12] A. blinks several times, opens and closes her mouth a bit, and then says, "Huh."

[15:12] lacey Flinders: Selina, Janay and i met him a few days ago. Suffice it to say i don't think any of us were imporessed

[15:12] Gera Heliosense: he used to arrest half the female population of Glint

[15:12] JaKoPo Vendetta looks to the girls: "Tanis... who?"

[15:12] Sabrina Massiel: See what happens when you go away for a few days Ava?

[15:12] Selina Winterwolf: still in sunrise

[15:12] Sabrina Massiel grins

[15:12] lacey Flinders digs into her pocket for her notepad, finding the entry "Tanis Radium, Sir JaKoPo"

[15:13] JaKoPo Vendetta scratches his head: "i have no idea who he is"

[15:13] Sabrina Massiel: Featherbrains new ward it seems.

[15:13] lacey Flinders: He is very new to Glint, Sir - VERY new

[15:13] Gera Heliosense: Tanis Radium

[15:13] Selina Winterwolf: trust me Sir after my meeting with him sir I want nothing to do with him

[15:13] A. lifts up and down on her feet a bit, "Well, I gave the Presidency away for a week, seemed like a good time to relax. Although I think the new Presidente worked for a couple of hours, said "fuck this", and sailed off."

[15:13] Sabrina Massiel grins at Selina. "I really like that name."

[15:14] Florimel Enderfield: Tanis? Does anyone know his last name?

[15:14] Selina Winterwolf: smiles

[15:14] Selina Winterwolf: Radium

[15:14] Gera Heliosense: Radium

[15:14] Selina Winterwolf: laughs

[15:14] Sabrina Massiel: Mr.Moose

[15:14] Selina Winterwolf: grins

[15:15] JaKoPo Vendetta shrugs: "eventually i'll meet him around"

[15:15] lacey Flinders: He issued a slut visa, and left the slut completely clothed. When asked about it, he then claimed it was the fault of myself, Selina and Janay

[15:15] Sabrina Massiel: I wonder if he gets a lot of ping pong balls randomly dropping on his head now?

[15:15] lacey Flinders: He threatened to lock us in the cell until the Judge arrived

[15:15] Florimel Enderfield: Hmm. Tanis Radium, I can't say that I've meet that one....

[15:15] Selina Winterwolf: yeah like i put words or ideas in his head

[15:15] A.: ah yes, I read about that in the paper

[15:15] JaKoPo Vendetta nods slowly: "yes... sure... smart move"

[15:15] A.: don't worry Lacey, I would have busted you out

[15:15] lacey Flinders nods "that is the one"

[15:15] A.: after I stopped laughing, of course

[15:16] Selina Winterwolf: smiles at Ava

[15:16] JaKoPo Vendetta: i think he is not aware who the Judge is for sure

[15:16] lacey Flinders grins "thanks, Ava! Master would have had his.....bal...head..... on a platter"

[15:16] Sabrina Massiel grins

[15:16] Selina Winterwolf: the point is he met feather brain was given his role and now thinks he can boss all around

[15:16] lacey Flinders: i am very concerned about moose being in his collar

[15:17] Selina Winterwolf: me too lacey

[15:17] Gera Heliosense: yes me too

[15:17] Sabrina Massiel: Why is that lacey? She seems happy

[15:18] JaKoPo Vendetta: well, only if she seems that doesnt really me she is... let's just wait a bit more time

[15:18] Gera Heliosense: He abuses and uses her

[15:18] lacey Flinders: i have an uncomfortable feeling about Tanis, Sabi. i can't explain it - i just get feelings about people and have learned to trust them. i don't want to interfere, and i think that Sir JaKoPo is right, we need to just wait and see how he treats her and cares for her.

[15:19] Sabrina Massiel: Yes. Only thing he needs is a better mentor

[15:19] A. tiptoes off towards the bar to peek out the back door and perv the situation.

[15:19] JaKoPo Vendetta tilts his head to sunrise: "so? isnt what half of the glint male population tries to do around?"

[15:19] Selina Winterwolf: if dragging her round glint at high speed on a nipple chain is anything to go by

[15:19] Sabrina Massiel: Maybe we can get Sir Gold to coach him instead?

[15:20] Gera Heliosense nods at sir Jakopo "Yes, but its done out of desire and passion usually,....not to be cruel for the sake of it

[15:20] Sabrina Massiel: Or Miss Yenia

[15:20] Selina Winterwolf goes dreamy eyed for a second then shakes her head

[15:21] JaKoPo Vendetta smirks slightly: "if it's called abuse is not meant to be pleasure... otherwise would be 'erotic play' or something like that"

[15:21] Sabrina Massiel: Did ya see anything good Ava?

[15:21] Florimel Enderfield: Remarkable shade of white fur that one who walked by had. Does anyone know her name?

[15:21] A. comes back, scratching the back of her head. "Where's Moose's house?"

[15:21] Selina Winterwolf: he took over

[15:21] Sabrina Massiel: Right in front of Sunyy's

[15:21] Selina Winterwolf: put his own there

[15:21] Gera Heliosense blinks confused and bites her lip"Then ...maybe I don't know enough about it"

[15:21] A. 's eyebrow shoots up

[15:21] Sabrina Massiel: Oh really?

[15:22] lacey Flinders: He put his own hose there instead of hers?

[15:22] Selina Winterwolf: she told us

[15:22] Selina Winterwolf: its true

[15:22] Selina Winterwolf: take a look

[15:22] Sabrina Massiel: Oh I did not realise that

[15:22] Selina Winterwolf: its like a mansion

[15:22] Sabrina Massiel: I thought he took over her house

[15:22] A. looks confused, "A mansion on...uh, Moose's lot?"

[15:22] lacey Flinders: that is what i thought

[15:22] Selina Winterwolf: come see

[15:22] A. tiptoes off again to look better

[15:23] Sabrina Massiel follows

[15:23] lacey Flinders follows

[15:23] Selina Winterwolf: see

[15:23] A. squints, "Isn't that ugly as fuck."

[15:23] Sabrina Massiel: Oh I think that is mooses. She had that there the other day.

[15:23] Selina Winterwolf: laughs

[15:24] Selina Winterwolf: did she

[15:24] Sabrina Massiel: Yes

[15:24] Selina Winterwolf: i saw it last it was small like a cave

[15:24] JaKoPo Vendetta: it's... uhm... square... almost

[15:24] A.: well, Master heads the neighborhood association...

[15:24] Gera Heliosense: Moose would never have a Mansion

[15:24] Selina Winterwolf: even so i know he has taken over and her taxi

[15:24] Sabrina Massiel: I didnt think so either, but he just took her last night right?

[15:24] Florimel Enderfield: It does look out of place.

[15:25] A.: I would go knock and ask about it....but, my sixth sense is telling me now is not a good time

[15:25] Gera Heliosense nods

[15:25] A. coughs politely and turns the other way

[15:25] Sabrina Massiel giggles

[15:25] lacey Flinders lines of worry crease lacey's forehead

[15:25] Sabrina Massiel: What we need is a box of binoculars

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