Donnerstag, 15. April 2010

Dark Den - Master reclaims his home and bed and wife

We came home and he was very angry about Chy's bed and his leash pole, that he had put up in my bed room...
Dunnagh Scarmon catches sight of the leash post, his face reddening with rage, the fury from before returning and threatening to engulf him again. His voice is low and full of violence "And.... what.... would..... he ..... need..... THISSSS for?!?"
Gera Heliosense: I..I don't know ...for his slaves I guess
Dunnagh Scarmon turns slowly to face her, his body trembling with fury, lips tight, speaking through clenched teeth "Is this his place... or yours?"
Gera Heliosense: place of course...but i didn't have a Chy offered me to have his bed here...of course he uses it as well
Dunnagh Scarmon looks down at the floor, his muscles bunched and twitchy, his voice a forced, unnatural calm "Of course he does.... and which of his slaves get chained to this pole?"
Gera Heliosense: Sabi?..I..I don't really know...I was never here when he....played with his girls
Dunnagh Scarmon 's eyes roll up, boring into her from under a scowling brow, an attack dog smelling for a lie.....
Gera Heliosense: Master please...I am telling the truth
Dunnagh Scarmon: Were you ever chained to this pole as his play thing, Gera?
Gera Heliosense: No master I swear to god I was never tied up on this pole not by him nor by any other man
Dunnagh Scarmon continues to glare at her, distrustful-
Dunnagh Scarmon then suddenly straightens-
Dunnagh Scarmon: The tension draining from him, his face softening a bit, at least to a sullen neutrality and he nods.... then waves her back "Mind yourself now, lass."
Gera Heliosense: yes Master
Dunnagh Scarmon begins to conjure up his bed, then stops, frowning again at the pole. He walks over to it, seizes it in his hands and begins to wrench it out of the floor
Decadent Bed whispers: Restart
Dunnagh Scarmon gets the bed to reset, steps over to her, inspecting her
Gera Heliosense watches him with caution
Dunnagh Scarmon reaches out and takes hold of a length of silk, letting it slip through his fingers, nodding admiringly "Now, THIS is an outfit worthy of MY property...."
Gera Heliosense swallows and whispers"I am also your wife"
Dunnagh Scarmon glances up at her, a spiteful look beginning to flare up in his eyes and face, but then dies down quickly, and he nods grudgingly. "Aye....My wife. When you decide to act as such."
Gera Heliosense: She blushes hard and nods."Yes Master..i hope I will prove to you that I am still worthy of that title
Dunnagh Scarmon eyes her hard, then nods again, shrugging uncomfortably "Welllll......We'll see won't we? In the meantime-"
Dunnagh Scarmon: You can dress like you are my wife again..... You will wear this outfit- minus the shoes of course.
Gera Heliosense: yes my master
Dunnagh Scarmon: And if that Travis or Tarsus or Tavaris or Tonto or whatever the hell his name is says anything about your 'panties'
Gera Heliosense: a small relieved smile curls up her lips
Gera Heliosense: yes?
Dunnagh Scarmon: Then tell the damn fool what anyone can plainly see-
Dunnagh Scarmon: That they aren't panties!
Gera Heliosense: yes Master!
Dunnagh Scarmon: They're obviously a lacey, silky form of shorts.
Gera Heliosense: She comes forward , wraps her arms arouns him and kisses his stern face
Dunnagh Scarmon hesitates.....
Dunnagh Scarmon: then wraps his arms loosely about her and lets her kiss him, hiding a smile


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