Freitag, 2. April 2010

Dark Den - Girl's day out

Today Moose, butterfly and I had a girl's day out. First Moose took Butterfly and me around Glint in her taxi. Unfortunately we tumbled over twice :) First into the pool of the bathhouse, then into the sea. We nearly drowned but got on land eventually. Landed at the Breeding grounds and met a girl called Collette who was really big. Moose looked tiny next to her. I wanted to post all the pictures here but it won't let me load pics today. Anyway, we've met Ma'am at the breeding grounds too. Talked a while and then butterfly had to leave and Moose and I sailed back to Glint. Tha Moose is an awesome navigator. We went to the boathouse, saw Sir Io there and then Moose told us the story how she was tricked into the milking machine and how she was abused and laughed at. I had no idea something that bad could be done to our lovely Moose but you see, nobody is safe from that in Glint. After a great day out we departed. Well at least I've managed to show one pic here. Thats us , posing as Charly's angels :)

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