Dienstag, 27. April 2010

Sir Mwajani

Sir Mwajani is a doctor. He looks a little like Shaun Connery. He wears his white hair in a ponytail and his white mustache gives his face sophitication and undermines his personality. He speaks with a strong accent, scotish maybe? Well I said Sean Connery, didn't I?
He visited my house yesterday and I was proud as he noticed my large bookshelf and rubbed his hands together contently, exclaiming:"Ah...books!"
We chatted for a while...
So yes, I am behaving like a fan girl but this man impresses me a lot.
Its so funny because he has been in Glint for some time , yet Moose, Florimel and I only met him a few days ago for the first time and Moose thought he is of his rocker for he talked kinda weird with us. But that is how educated people talk.

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