Freitag, 5. Juni 2009


I had such an eventful day today. First Sir Dunnagh took me shopping for a collar. And we picked out a nice lace choker that I will be wearing for our collaring ceremony.

Later I met sir Io. He is theMaster of my best friend Lynn. We took a walk to the trailer park that belongs to "breeding grounds", then we visited the new tree house. Incidently we met Sir Mephisto and Elvira! there. She is his slave, fancy that. I've told him about her crime towards my sir and he promised to think up a suitable punishment for her. Sir Io and I walked on and had a wonderful talk. And he said he would never touch me out of respect for Sir Dunnagh and then he said something that made me blush with pride: You have come far Gera, you are YT's midwife, and are highly thought of by the other girls. I never thought that a Master would tell me such a thing one day.

Getting respect is a wonderful thing. We walked to the gathering spot and it was funny because the topic of conversation was respect. Ava said that it is entirely possible for a slave to be respected. And Sir Mephisto walked by and offered me a girl named Lu to serve me, as a little token of apology for Elvira. Now I am no good with dominating so I contented myself by letting her sit with me.

Then Heather appeared:
heather Marenwolf looks around examining each person
heather Marenwolf chuckles as she sees sunrise
Lea Zdychava softly fondles sunrise's thigh
Gera Heliosense glares at Heather
Vala Renfold sees the glare and raises an eyebrow
heather Marenwolf smirks and then smiles showing her perfect teeth
Nano Siemens whipsers in V's ear
Vala Renfold leans into Nano and listens
Gera Heliosense: thank you Lu
heather Marenwolf: "so is the master " lets the last word hang in the air
Gera Heliosense takes a deep breath:" My master is well ....Heather"
heather Marenwolf grins "oh i am very good to hear that he is in good health "
Vala Renfold smiles kindly at sunrise, "Your Master is a lovely man sunrise"
Gera Heliosense: yes V thank you he is
Gera Heliosense: and yes heather , he is in good health
heather Marenwolf almost chokes trying to hold back a cough mixed with laughter

Later she aimed with her bow at Ava just for fun. And when asked why on earth she wanted to shoot Ava or anyone for that matter, she answered " because there hasn't been a good brawl for a while".

She won't stop. She shows no respect. And maybe that will be her downfall in the end.


  1. Hi! You serve him with your own kind of fire. Please wear your feelings. If your feelings are true, no one can object.

  2. yes you are right, thanks butterfly :)
    Love sunrise