Samstag, 13. Juni 2009

Sir JareThe's new torture toy...

...Its evil and you can push different buttons . One button releases spikes that are forced trough the victim. He had strapped a shoe wearer to it. And the show began. The gathering spot was full of people so the audiance was rather large. Sir Chy was there too. He couldn't watch it and I couldn't watch it either. So I got up and asked Sir JareThe for mercy for the girl, who was actually a Shemale. I didn't realize that I acted stupid, putting myself into danger by standing right in front of the girl. Well...the girl survived it and was even aided afterwards by Sir JareThe who gave her a potion made from his own blood. Manix blood. She was seemingly tougher than I thought, she walked off as if nothing had happened, without her shoes, mind you.
Afterwards Sir Chy scolded me for putting myself into danger like that and he spanked my bare bottom right there at the gathering spot. I deserved it. And I promised to be more careful and to act wiser next time. Its something I find hard to do sometimes. Glint can be such a tough place. And I can't bear watching girls being tortured. Sir JareThe is a twisted soul. Always nice and well mannered but his mind is dark and cruel sometimes. It makes me shudder.

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