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Today I witnessed how Sir Ulric corrected a girl . Maybe I should mention here that Sir Ulric is best described as the pin up boy of the Dark Den. I have no doubt that the whole female population of Glint has a secret crush on him. He is very very strict. An Agent of the British Empire. Owner of the lovely V and Ella. Very charming when you are on his good side, a cold cruel interrogator when you are at his mercy. I’ve know that from experience. Both ways. But this is about the incident today. Chy and Missy were there, V and I when Sir Ulric talked to a very frightened but adament girl called Gigi, who refused to admit that she is a slut as was stated in her slut visa. When I came to the scene she had just uttered another“NO“
Sir Ulric’s smile broke into a grin, showing his perfect teeth. "What do you mean No? I am being so very soft on you my dear. Now Chy's idea is far more... demanding. Perhaps we should follow through on that... although you could always just tell all the lovely people that you are indeed a slut."
Gigi screamed, and looks at the men, terified, "stop it, you can not just do this sort of thing"
V laughed, "Oh girls screaming in the morning is such a delightful sound Master"
And I , I fell sorry for poor Gigi. I could understand her. I remembered when I had to justify my slut visa and how terrible I found it to say, I am a slut. Nevertheless, I wasn’t as adament as Gigi.
Chy glances at Ulric "Do you have one of those stun inducing weapons? I have a feeling she's going to put up a struggle and I dont feel like chasing anyone this morning"
"I don't need any stun guns, sir.“ Was Sir Ulrics response.“ There are cameras and traps all over the island, piranha in the rivers, land mines on the beaches, and sharks in the seas. We own the police, the pirates and the smugglers. We have agents in every mainland port. Where can she hide? We already watch every step of her grubby little life. It is quite amusing to see her scrabbling through the bins or cry herself to sleep at night while she tries to sleep in the laundry... or the favours she offer Manuel the cook to get some food."
Here I started to feel even more compassion for poor Gigi. And wondered who this cook Manuel was.
"All true,“ said Sir Chy:“ but none of those help put your hands on her when you want her, if she wants to run away. I'm not a patient man myself, when I want something, I want it now. Unfortunatly when it comes to girls, this usually means chasing them down"
Ulric Dalglish laughed :"Aye, I see where you're coming from but I am not concerned. If she has half a brain she will just admit to you all that she is indeed a willing slut. Then she can return to sucking off cooks for food. If she runs she will pay later... when I can be bothered to spend time on teaching her her place or have the Molesteri do it for me."
Gigi looked at Ulric with horror in her eyes....and started to sob heartbreakingly
My heart went out to her.
“I will never admit I am a slut,Gigi sobbed:“ I got off the boat here for help and got into a nightmare“
Sir Ulric took off his flashy sunglasses"So what are you going to do gigislut? Are you going to admit that you are indeed a cum-guzzling, pussy munching slut or are you going to go and hide under the filthy knickers where we know you play with yourself to while you try to sleep at night?"
I couldn’t stand it any longer, I truly wanted it to stop so I took a deep courageous breath and faced Gigi." Please why don't you just say it...and all will be well, Gigi“
Chy shrugged "Nightmare would seem to indicate that you're not living it girl. This is your reality now. You can either fight against it or you can learn to embrace it like some others and find value in it" his gaze strayed down to me at this point , "If you leave her tied up somewhere for public use Sir Ulric let me know, I might even try her out. But now, kitty and I have an appointment in that chair over there. Come along kitty"
Now V stepped in "I am happy and proud to be my Master's slut gigislut, why do you not just your true nature? I am sure you will feel much better for it. Glint is full of many folks and natures and all are accepted with delight."
„Manuel is lying“ Gigi bursted out:“: I am sure it is another slut, there seems to be plenty willing ones here“....And then she looked straight at V.
Now that made me change my opinion about poor Gigi. My compassion turned into anger. V is a highly respected woman after all, and one of the kindest people I know.
Sir Ulric placed a hand on his V "Well that's not the matter for debate here, Gigi - although you will win many friends here in Glint with that sort of attitude. You are most likel to find yourself stripped, whipped and crawling on all fours with a lpastic cock shoved up your cunt if you continue in that vein. So I encourage you to do so and I will let the subs decide your fate."
"Those security tapes are the downfall of many Master. " V smiled, holden her palms open "Why don't you come closer dear?" She turned to her Master, "You know Master, Gera ran off and got some lovely pink clothes for gigislut here and on her collaring day and she did not even say please, she is earning many 'friends' with her attitude it would seem" she chuckled and looks up at Sir Ulric
„What?cried Gigi:Vala admitted she was a slut, i did not say anything to her directly
... on my collaring day....i have not had a collaring day!“
Here V growled "I said I was my Master's slut girl, there is a hell of a difference. And Gera's collaring day. you really are stupid aren't you?"
„ you did not make that very clear vela.“ Gigi bitched:“ went to school did you?
„Her name is V or Vala...not Vela, Gigi, I corected her , trying to stay calm.
Sir Ulric looked around at me "Well Gera, you are the mildest of the mild. A sweet and lovely young lady. What do you think we should do with Gigi?"
I gazed at Sir Urlic, felt my heart beating and swallowed hard:" I think...she should be taught some manners. She must learn how to be humble. And we should strip and display her.“ There! I had said it. Gigi looked at me in horror
I caught her glance:“ Yes I am sorry Gigi but you have to learn about manners and being humble“
Ulric Dalglish took a few steps to the left and forward, not closing his distance on Gigi, but starting to circle her, slowly. He kept his eyes on her "That is interesting Gera. A little light-handed but very interesting, thank you. Hello trainee c. Oh and savvy. I have always know you to be reasonable and considerate. What do you think Gigi should be made to do?"
Gigi glanced at me and said:“I thought you were on my side Gera, but you are like all the others“
I tried hard not to break with guilt, I shook my head:" You were talking bad about V...that was not right“
Trainee c looked V and Master Ulric with question .. " what happen with Miss Gigi ?"
While Savvy looked to Ulric, then at Gigi, "I'm not sure Master Ulric, what is her crime?"
V walked over to me and while stroking my hair she said to me, "Its okay dear, she will learn manners one of these days and soon I suspect. And c., of course you may ask, gigislut here, is struggling with her nature and respect. It is of no consequence, just ignore the stupid slut hun“
Sir Ulric walked further into the alley between the passport office and the police station, answering savvy but not taking his eyes from Gigi "Well she had no papers. She was let off lightly with a slutvisa that she didn't have to do much to earn - just admit she's a slut. Now it appears she asserts she isn't and she seems to like to tell us all about how the laws are bad, insult the citizens of Glint - all of which when she is living in Glint free of charge."
C looked at us and said shy: Mistress, sis, i'm sure is an incomprehencion, i talk with Miss gigi many times and she is always kind“
Gigi looked so desperate now that I had to fight down my compession for her again.
Then suddenly Gigi stammered:“ I am sorry Vala for what i said“
„What are you sorry for, hmm?“ V asked.
„ For inferring that you are a slut and getting your name wrong Vala“
I decided to help poor Gigi along and pleaded with her:"Please Gigi, don't make it worse on yourself, you’ve apologized to V , thats a good admit to the rest...and all will be good...nobody wants to hurt you“ Well so I was hoping anyway.
Gigi Kjeller looked at Sir Ulric and me. She was .shaking with fear and whispered."what must i say?"
Sir Ulric towered over Gigi:"All you need to do for now is tell all these nice people that you are a cum-guzzling, pussy-munching slut - and you love it."
„Alright...I am...can I go?“ Gigi whispered.
Ulric Dalglish laughed "No, no, no. Say exactly that. Tell them you are a cum-guzzling, pussy-munching slut and that you love it."
„But i am not“, Gigi replied.
V and I both sighed deeply.
„Oh....well if i have to say it then can I go back to my corner? Gigi asked
Ulric Dalglish reached into his pocket and took out a cigar and a lighter. "Well if you say it you will be allowed to stay free for a while longer. If you continue to piss me off then...."
I took my courage and whispered: Please Gigi just say it...there are worse things you could admit to.“
And there finally , Gigi took a deep breath, closed her eyes and mumbled:“I am a cum guzzling pussy munching slut and i love it"
We all sighed with relief and Sir Ulric smiled, immediately moving on past Gigi to v and pocketed the cigar and lighter. He laughed as he wraped his arm around his sexy slave "Well done, hoboslut. You are free for a while longer."
Hoboslut. Sir Ulric is so creative with words. And that was the end of it. I honestly was releived that it had not come to the worst. Because you see...I hate to see anybody being humiliated or tortured. Even after all this time in Glint, I can not get used to it.I can not harden myself or laugh about it. Even when the girls are stubborn or arrogant. I just don’t like anybody to be treated badly.

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  1. Well as a (very surprised) pin up I should say I agree with you that the criminal in question was treated rather well. Let's remember, this only happens where someone breaks one of Glint's laws. It is our duty to uphold the rule of laws developed by the delightful despot over at least a half a cup of coffee.

    Now as for you, delightful Gera, those of us who know your dark side also know that these protestations of shock are... superficial. We know the how they affect you. We have cameras in your cell....