Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

The re-collaring of my sister Faith

Last night My Master re collared my sister Faith. She was released by her other Master and so my Sir thought it was fair and just to have her old collar removed and replace it with a new one. As a symbol of his now sole ownership of hers. It was a touching moment when my Master kneeled down to face Faith and tell her:
"Little Faith, the collar on you is the past- the symbol of two Masters' desire to own you, and to force that ownership upon you."Dunnagh Scarmon unsecured the collar and slowly removed it from her neck "A past which is done, girl"
Master set the collar aside and then reached to the back of his belt where he retrieved a second collar and brought it forth to hold before the two of them
Faith Moyet watched him move the new collar up, holding her breath for a second
"This, Faith *gestures with the new collar* can be the future....My collar, as your sole owner...But it will not be forced, my dear, not this time.If you want this collar, if you want this future, you must ask for it, Faith"
"Master Dunnagh, may I wear your collar and be yours still?"Faith asked.
"Faith Moyet, I would be proud and honored to have you in my collar- I readily grant your request!"
Master circled the new collar about her throat and secured it to her. The collar I might add here is a lovely silver collar, with tiny diamonds, I think. Faith looked stunning. We all cheered and congratulated. Joy, pg, aurora, trainee k and I. Then my Master kissed Faith and then I kissed and hugged Faith and it was a wonderful touching moment.
"Congratulations to the Scarmon clan..!" aurora cheered. And I smiled. Because thats what we are indeed now. A clan.

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  1. Scarmon reviews transcripts of the previous day's encounters (his Master status in Glint gives him access to all of the secret video and audio recordings conducted by the State) and, as usual, now notices comments he had missed during the heady and satisfying collaring of Little One..."Clan Scarmon...Why, yes- of course, I'll work on that my next opportunity!"