Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

My Collaring Ceremony -The service

Collaring ceremony

[16:03] xx Reyes: let's go
[16:04] Dunnagh Scarmon is dumbstruck
[16:04] YT Recreant smiles at slut and sunrise as they walk in
[16:05] aurora watches her sister walk the aisle, she wipes moisture from her eyes
[16:05] YT Recreant: Dear Ones,
[16:05] Dunnagh Scarmon only sees Gera, eyes a little wide
[16:05] YT Recreant: We come together in this place today to witness these two people make a commitment to each other that they are not at this time able to make under the laws of any land but which they know they must make.
[16:06] YT Recreant: we are referring to Sir Dunangh Scarmon and to gera, also known as sunrise
[16:06] YT Recreant: *Dunnagh
[16:06] YT Recreant: so, gera, are you ready?
[16:06] Gera Heliosense: yes Ma'am
[16:06] YT Recreant smiles
[16:07] YT Recreant: before we come to the main ceremony....
[16:07] YT Recreant: let me remove first the collar of the Dark Den
[16:07] Dunnagh Scarmon looks into Gera's eyes, smiling
[16:07] YT Recreant: sunrise has been until today house slave of our place
[16:07] YT Recreant: and she served each single day with fire
[16:08] YT Recreant: also she was and is ...
[16:08] YT Recreant: a wonderful midwife....
[16:08] YT Recreant: and a good friend of mine
[16:08] Dark Den OpenCollar (spine): Your collar has been unlocked.
[16:08] YT Recreant reaches out for gera's neck and removes the collar
[16:08] YT Recreant: it was an honer, to have you in my collar, sunrise
[16:09] YT Recreant: *honor, too
[16:09] Gera Heliosense: thank you Ma'am*wipes a tear*
[16:10] YT Recreant nestles a bit with the collar, that it goes off the neck and swallows silently
[16:11] YT Recreant smiles at the audience "that seems to be quite a reluctant collar, sorry, one sec"
[16:11] Dunnagh Scarmon: Can't blame it
[16:11] YT Recreant smiles
[16:11] Tanith Rosenbaum smiles and thinks "a well locked collar is a good collar"
[16:11] YT Recreant: i should not have used that superglue
[16:12] Gera Heliosense: done
[16:12] Eva muttters: "Never a blowtorch at hand when you need one
[16:12] YT Recreant: Being collared is a huge step, but it is also rewarding and gratifying.
[16:12] Vala Renfold wipes a tear astounded just how beautiful Gera is and smiles so happy for her and breathes softly
[16:12] YT Recreant: Wearing a collar is a great privilege, and should not be undertaken lightly.
[16:12] YT Recreant: Each partner needs to agree about the significance of the collar;
[16:13] YT Recreant: once the agreement is reached, the submissive is at once completely free and completely secure.
[16:13] YT Recreant: The Dominant is rewarded by the gift of submission, which is in its richness beyond description of words.
[16:13] Dunnagh Scarmon nods unconsciously
[16:13] YT Recreant: This commitment is without end, depth, breadth or height.
[16:13] YT Recreant: It is immeasurable, cannot be seen, touched or felt by anyone more than them.
[16:14] YT Recreant: And...
[16:14] YT Recreant: it is a commitment from both sides.
[16:14] YT Recreant: It is a locking of hearts, minds, spirits and souls.
[16:14] YT Recreant: It strengthens them and makes them one.
[16:14] YT Recreant: Now Master Dunnagh, it is your turn to say your vow:
[16:15] Dunnagh Scarmon unhooks from his belt the collar he has brought, and holds it before the two
[16:15] Dunnagh Scarmon: With the placing of this collar around your neck and your acceptance thereof, I vow to do everything I can to be worthy of you.
[16:15] Dunnagh Scarmon: I promise to hold you and keep you safe, to stretch you and give you flight, to respect the needs of our relationship above all others, to love you, honour you, support you in all things and be sensitive to your needs and desires all underpinned by the respect that I have for you and the deep and joyful knowledge that with you two halves are made whole.
[16:16] Dunnagh Scarmon: I acknowledge the trust you have placed in me and the responsibility that goes with my acceptance of that trust.
[16:16] Dunnagh Scarmon: I will never violate or even threaten to violate that trust.
[16:16] Dunnagh Scarmon: I will endeavour to be open minded enough to learn new things. Strong enough to grow. In times of trouble, to be a supportive friend and partner, never forgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two caring people.
[16:16] Dunnagh Scarmon: We will continue to love and enjoy all our children. Our home will always be haven for them and they will each know that they are not only accepted just as they are, but also adored and enjoyed.
[16:17] Dunnagh Scarmon: I acknowledge and accept with all my heart the gift of submission you have made to me. The collar itself is a symbol of that which we already know... that you are mine and by it's wearing you are safe to be everything that you are.
[16:17] Dunnagh Scarmon: I acknowledge and accept with all my heart the gift of submission you have made to me. The collar itself is a symbol of that which we already know... that you are mine and by it's wearing you are safe to be everything that you are.
[16:17] Dunnagh Scarmon: ((whoops))
[16:17] Dunnagh Scarmon raises the collar before the two of them "Do you accept this symbol in the spirit by which it is given you?"
[16:17] YT Recreant smiles at gera
[16:18] Gera Heliosense smiles
[16:18] Gera Heliosense: Yes, and this answer is given after deep reflection, unpretentious, in the spirit of my submission to you.
[16:18] Gera Heliosense: The collar you offer me is a powerful reminder of the control I have surrendered to you.
[16:19] Gera Heliosense: I accept this collar as an outward expression of your ownership of me.
[16:19] Gera Heliosense: I do so freely, fully and without restriction.
[16:19] Gera Heliosense: I agree to honour our relationship above all others, and seek to fulfil your
needs and desires as you allow.
[16:20] Gera Heliosense: I promise to support you and to be there for you always when you need me.

I promise to always communicate openly and honestly with you keeping nothing
from you.
[16:20] Gera Heliosense: I will strive to be the best soul mate that I can be for you and will not in
any way dishonour you.
[16:20] Gera Heliosense: I will love you also in silence within my soul.
[16:20] Gera Heliosense: I will wear this collar with pride, knowing that you love me, cherish me,
respect me and hold me above all others.
[16:21] Alicia Flanagan: afbracelets
[16:21] Gera Heliosense: And in my turn I promise to love, honour, respect and obey you for the rest
of eternity
[16:21] YT Recreant: thank you Master Dunnagh, thank you gera
[16:22] YT Recreant: With this collar, locked around her neck, gera expresses the finality of her commitment to MasterDunnagh and surrenders her body and passion to him.
[16:22] YT Recreant: Within the circle it closes, it allows her to do his will and allows her to follow in all directions possible.
[16:22] YT Recreant: It remains as a solid symbol of her trust in him without fear of outcome and allows her to give herself to him.
[16:22] YT Recreant: It keeps gera safely within Master Dunnagh's bond and excludes all others' powers over her.
[16:23] YT Recreant: with the closing of this lock...
[16:23] YT Recreant: Master Dunnagh shall accept the depths of geras passion, devotion, and trust and provide a haven where she is safe to express all desires to him
[16:23] Dunnagh Scarmon nods
[16:23] YT Recreant: knowing that He accept all that she has been, all that she is and all that she will be.
[16:24] YT Recreant: The collar is locked!
[16:24] Jania Sassower cheers!
[16:24] YT Recreant: I now pronounce you Master and slave; you may now kiss your slave.
[16:24] Dunnagh Scarmon grins
[16:24] Alicia Flanagan claps her hands !
[16:24] Roisin MacMoragh smiles and cheers
[16:24] lacey Flinders applauds and cheers
[16:25] Vala Renfold claps and cheers, so delighted for them both
[16:25] Tanith Rosenbaum: /claps loudly and cheers
[16:25] Guinevere Fanbridge claps and cheers
[16:25] Gustaf DeCuir smiles, nodding slowly
[16:26] Dunnagh Scarmon happily awaits his girl to return from SL bug land
[16:26] Tanith Rosenbaum giglles
[16:27] xx Reyes: ((wb sunrise))
[16:27] YT Recreant is Offline
[16:27] Synced Kiss Poseballs unique kiss- VT whispers: Resynchronizing...
[16:27] lady kiss whispers: Resynchronizing...
[16:27] Dunnagh Scarmon: Mmmmm!
[16:28] Jania Sassower giggles. "ohhhhh.. kiss her good!"
[16:28] Dunnagh Scarmon turns to the crowd, beaming, holding Gera's hand "And we have another announcement to make.....we'll see if Ma'am returns first"
[16:29] Gera Heliosense smiles excited
[16:29] Zipora Darkfold smiles quietly*
[16:30] Eefje Afarensis: sunrise returns, and the SL sun rises
[16:30] YT Recreant is Online
[16:31] xx Reyes is Offline
[16:31] YT Recreant: (sry- we love SL)
[16:31] Dunnagh Scarmon grins at Ma'am's return "Welcome back, MA'am! GEra and I were just about to make another announcement"
[16:31] YT Recreant smiles "ooo?"
[16:31] Dunnagh Scarmon looks back out on the crowd of friends
[16:32] Dunnagh Scarmon then looks down, grinning self-consciously
[16:32] lacey Flinders waits with anticipation, excitement dancing in her eyes
[16:32] Roisin MacMoragh smiles gently
[16:32] Alicia Flanagan is nervous
[16:32] Dunnagh Scarmon: Gera has very graciously agreed to become my SL partner
[16:32] YT Recreant whips up and down on her toes
[16:32] xx Reyes is Online
[16:32] Dunnagh Scarmon: And I couln not be happier!
[16:33] lacey Flinders cheers
[16:33] YT Recreant smiles wide "congratulations!"
[16:33] Gera Heliosense beams
[16:33] joy grins broadly, 'congratulations!!'
[16:33] Breathless Blinker smiles, over at the happy couple
[16:33] slut woots...
[16:33] Jania Sassower smiles brightly "contrats!"
[16:33] Alicia Flanagan smiles broadlyyyyy
[16:33] Gustaf DeCuir smiles softly
[16:33] Guinevere Fanbridge smiles happily
[16:33] Roisin MacMoragh applauds quietly
[16:33] Nano Siemens: Congratulations
[16:33] Dunnagh Scarmon: We would just like to say thank you to all who are here- and to many who could not make it- for sharing this day with us
[16:34] Dunnagh Scarmon: But also for making this such a wonderful place to be
[16:34] Vala Renfold beams happily and claps, "Congratulations!"
[16:34] Tanith Rosenbaum cheers happily
[16:34] Jania Sassower slips away to return to work, her smile offering the happy couple her best wishes.
[16:34] Alicia Flanagan: mhm it is
[16:34] Dunnagh Scarmon kisses Gera again
[16:34] Gera Heliosense: Yes thank you all*she wipes a tear* and Ma'am? Thank you for everything
[16:34] fenrir Snowpaw disapers from the crowd
[16:35] Dunnagh Scarmon nods in agreement
[16:35] YT Recreant smiles "it was indeed my pleasure, everything, and i enjoyed it bunches"
[16:35] Dunnagh Scarmon and to slut
[16:35] MissyJo Whiteberry is Offline
[16:35] Dunnagh Scarmon: ANd didn't Riddick and Ava do a great job on the stage?!
[16:35] Tanith Rosenbaum stand up and shouts "long live our happy couple!"
[16:35] Tanith Rosenbaum: #stands
[16:36] YT Recreant: .
[16:36] YT Recreant: yes, it looks wonderful
[16:36] YT Recreant: .
[16:36] joy cheers!!!
[16:36] YT Recreant: (chatlag ;) )
[16:36] Lace Choker - 3.201: Offering to hug YT Recreant.
[16:37] Gera Heliosense cries a little bit and hugs Ma'am
[16:37] Gera gives YT a big hug.
[16:37] Dunnagh Scarmon nods to the cheers, smiling gratefully
[16:37] YT Recreant holds her tight "thank you, sunrise"
[16:37] Dunnagh Scarmon kisses Ma'am's cheek with thanks
[16:37] YT Recreant smiles at the kiss "and thank you to Dunnagh ;)"
[16:38] YT Recreant: *too, even
[16:39] YT Recreant: And, in ancient Rome - the day of a public collaring was the day where all slaves of the city were allowed to behave as they want - this, applies for one hour, to the PRG now as well
[16:39] lacey Flinders cheers
[16:39] Dunnagh Scarmon: I think we should go celebrate in that new roadhouse bar!
[16:39] Nano Siemens: "Oh-oh" looks nervous
[16:39] YT Recreant smiles
[16:40] YT Recreant: not a bad idea ;)
[16:40] Gera Heliosense: yes
[16:40] YT Recreant: so, lets move over ;)
[16:40] Breathless Blinker looks up at Master quietly
[16:40] Alicia Flanagan: afrelease
[16:40] Alicia Flanagan: afrelease
[16:40] Breathless Blinker lenas her forhead against your knee
[16:40] YT Recreant grins at Bre "that applies for all slaves on our ground"
[16:41] Breathless Blinker smiles, winking to YT, i am not sure that Master agrees, Ma'am
[16:41] Gustaf DeCuir stands, We'll make our exit now, before the freedom goes to Bre's head
[16:41] Dunnagh Scarmon leads Gera by her hand
[16:42] Breathless Blinker snaps her fingers, "drat!"
[16:42] YT Recreant smiles and mumbles something about arrests etc, but then takes slut and goes dancing
[16:42] lacey Flinders: are you coming, zip? It will be fun!
[16:42] Breathless Blinker: bbstop
[16:43] Zipora Darkfold: Ummm..n-no thanks
[16:43] Roisin MacMoragh smiles
[16:43] Roisin MacMoragh: well done.. finally
[16:43] Dunnagh Scarmon smiles back
[16:43] Dunnagh Scarmon: Lovely dress, Lady!
[16:43] Vala Renfold smiles and gets up to offer her congrats
[16:43] lacey Flinders: ((that is too bad, zip see you soon, then))
[16:43] Roisin gives Dunnagh a big hug.
[16:43] Roisin MacMoragh: yours too
[16:43] Roisin MacMoragh whispers to him
[16:43] Dunnagh Scarmon: Thank you! *laughs*
[16:43] Alicia Flanagan: hello Mistress T
[16:43] Tanith Rosenbaum: heya ce :)
[16:43] Serendipity: Vala would like give you a hug. Say [Yes] to accept.
[16:43] Tanith Rosenbaum: wow, new outfit?
[16:43] Alicia Flanagan: afkiss tanith
[16:44] Alicia Flanagan smiles
[16:44] Alicia's collar: Alicia gives Tanith Rosenbaum a big kiss.
[16:44] Alicia Flanagan: muakkkk
[16:44] Vala's collar: Vala gives Gera Heliosense a big hug.
[16:44] Tanith Rosenbaum waros her arms around a very sexy ce and kisses hotly
[16:44] Tanith Rosenbaum: #wraps
[16:44] Alicia Flanagan: well well as some people got who i am now its difficult to hide
[16:44] Vala Renfold smiles and hugs tightly, You look lovely Gera, I knew you would
[16:45] Gera Heliosense: thank you
[16:45] Dunnagh Scarmon smiles and kisses her cheek "Be well!"
[16:45] Roisin MacMoragh: you too
[16:45] Vala Renfold: My Master sends his apologies, he wanted to be here but sl deemed it not to be, he offers in congrats also and asked me to pass them on
[16:46] Vala Renfold: /vrhug dun
[16:47] Gera Heliosense: Oh thank you so much V, I am honored
[16:47] Tanith Rosenbaum gives Dunnagh Scarmon a big hug.
[16:48] Vala Renfold: ((Sorry not sure which one has both items in so here goes 2))
[16:48] Dunnagh Scarmon: Thank you, Miss!
[16:48] Tanith Rosenbaum smiles and hugs dunn warmly "congrats to you. i hope it goes well for you two"
[16:48] Nano Siemens: Congratulations, Dunn
[16:48] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Tanith Rosenbaum would like to give you a hug. Choose 'YES' to accept.
[16:48] Nano Siemens: and Gera
[16:48] Alicia Flanagan smiles broadly at Sir Dunnagh *i am very very happy about that all , you and Gera have a very special place in my heart
[16:48] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Say /99stop to end the hug and end permission to animate your avatar.
[16:48] Tanith Rosenbaum gives Gera Heliosense a big hug.
[16:48] Dunnagh Scarmon: And you in ours!
[16:48] Tanith Rosenbaum smiles and hugs gera
[16:48] Alicia Flanagan: afkiss dunnagh
[16:48] Alicia's collar: Alicia gives Dunnagh Scarmon a big kiss.
[16:49] Alicia Flanagan: muakkkkk
[16:49] Tanith Rosenbaum: I'm wishing you the best too hun.
[16:49] Dunnagh Scarmon smiles and winks at Averix "Thank you for the messages!"
[16:49] Alicia Flanagan: i am so proud to have been here
[16:49] Dunnagh Scarmon: :)
[16:49] Alicia Flanagan: afkiss gera
[16:49] Neophyte collar with bells: Alicia would like give you a kiss. Say [Yes] to accept.
[16:50] Alicia Flanagan: i am so sorry Gera
[16:50] Roisin MacMoragh smiles, "Congratulations, sunrise"
[16:50] Alicia Flanagan: but i need to kiss you
[16:50] Dunnagh Scarmon laughs


  1. How wonderful!! Infinite congratulations Gera!! And thanks for posting the wonderful pictures! :)

  2. Scarmon flips through the photo album, a happy smile on his face, thinking of what a nice looking couple they make. He is indeed a lucky bastard...