Sonntag, 14. Juni 2009

Thoughts of a house slave of Glint

My Sir was furious about the fact that Sir Chy had disciplined me the other day because of the incident with Sir Jarethe and his torture machine. My sir questioned sir Chy about it, even drew his blade as I found out later. I feel terrible guilty because after all was it not my fault for bringing myself into a situation that could have been dangerous for me, hence Sir Chy's concern and disciplining me, hence my beloved sir getting so angry. Luckily they came to an agreement in the end. I don't know how I do it. But so often something I do has huge consequences and involves others. I do not wish to trouble my sir. I want to be a joy to him, not a source of anger. On the other hand, and that may be because Sir Dunnagh is such a kind master I was never punished or disciplined as hard as any other slave in Glint. It humbles me greatly. So I am still allowed to speak to Sir Chy.
Another thing that happend was that I got a note from a woman, I do not know. She accused me of being "a slut man stealer". She was a friend of MissyJo, Sir Chy's mate and had seen me talking to Chy at the gathering spot and leaving with him. MissyJo found out and apologized to me and told me she was very upset about her friend doing such a thing. I think MissyJo is a wonderful person. She is pregnant with Sir Chy's baby and I am hoping to be her midwife.
Today I had a thoughtful talk with Sir Chy, I had asked him to share his knowledge with me and he told me:
"I dont know if you would want to learn what I know, sunrise. Its mostly knowledge about the outside world. You are bound to be here, both of ties of the heart and of the flesh. To me, you seem like a caged bird. Its kinder to the bird if you never show it what is outside its cage, perhaps it can live its life a little easier that way"
This shook me to the core. There was so much truth in what he said. Its been ages since I last thought about my situation. Why I am here in Glint? Where did I come from? How did Glint change me? How did my life change? I will not ponder about it as it will not come to anything. Its kinder to the bird if you never show it what is outside its cage. I wonder though, do the other slaves ever think about those things? Does Ava ever wonder why her life changed so much? Or joy, pussy, tiffy, aurora, ce...I know that some are truly happy. Butterfly and slut for example. I will not say I am unhappy as I am not. My life here is fuller and richer than it has been before I got stranded here. But do the others ever think back to their old lives? When we chat at the gathering spot, we never talk about such things...

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  1. Dear sunrise, i learn so much from reading here! you are very sweet to write these things. and its true, i am truly happy and never look back.
    My Ma'am told me to always trust my heart and it has beat the truth for me.