Samstag, 6. Juni 2009

Meeting the new neighbors

Today I had my first real contact to one of the members of "Breeding grounds", the people we share our beautiful Glint with now. Sir Chysamere Ishtari is a very charismatic Master who talks well and seems rather dominant in his manners. But his manners are well. I came to their relaxation aera while they talked about Glint and how difficult they find it to understand our land and laws. So I asked if I could help.
Sir Chysamere said: please sit down and let us finish our conversation before you intrude Gera" then he snapped his fingers at me and motioned on the ground next to him "Over here, I dont like to yell when I'm having a conversation" I was very overwhelmed by that but he was quite right. So I sat next to him and he asked me about our rules, about our land and about La Presidente and us Houseslaves and I answered his questions. He was very charming throughout. Listened to me, caressed my cheek and was just really nice to me. I hope we can soon greet him in Glint. He made an impression on me. If all people from the Breeding Grounds are as nice as him then we will all gain something and profit from this union.

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