Montag, 22. Juni 2009

A firmer hand

After the incident of my lawbreaking, the hardest part was still to come. I had to face my Master. When he arrived I ran up to him:"Master! oh Master forgive me, I have been stupid"
Master Dunnagh approached me, frowning "You have been disobedient...and for quite some time now. "He held up a hand, interrupting my attempt to hug him:" It is I who have been stupid, for permitting you to be disobedient for so long, Gera."
"Disobidient to you? Oh Master...what have I done" I felt tears burning my eyes. I held out my hands to him, I wanted him to take me into his strong arms, I wanted him to kiss away my worries. Master took my hands, his face momentarily softening, but then his face hardend again. He fished in his pouch for my leash and hooked it to my collar, pulling down on it as he fastend it to put me in kneeling position.
"I have allowed my love and fondness of you to cloud my duties for too long, Gera
You disobey the rules I give you, and I permit it, weakly ignoring my duty to punish your disobedience. And so others must step in."
I felt a surge of shock going through me.
"In my weakness, I risk losing you, my love", he continued:" and you know I can never, never allow that while there is breath in me. You still do not leave me notes. Even after our talk. And now I hear you disobey Glint's most basic laws." He shook his head in bewilderment.
I was deeply shocked and scared. And I could not bear how he would not touch me, not take me in his arms, it was hell for me and I whispered:"Yes are right. I broke the laws of Glint, I should have always written to you. I was disobidient. I deeply regret my mistake ...but please..."and here, my voice almost broke and I choked up with hot tears:"Please do not push me away....I beg you"
He looked startled and dropped to his knee again, coming down to bring his face closer to mine "Push you away! Gera, you do not hear me! I love you more than my own life, my love, to see you punished by others pains me more than if those very people were to stick me with hot irons. It is because I want so to be with you, it is so that your health and happiness matters more to me than anything else that I need to take a firmer hand with you- and am going to do so! For starters, you will remain naked in public indefinitely. Second, you will take a submissive pose in public for a likewise indefinite period of time. Third, you will remain on a leash when we are together, again for an indefinite period of time. And Gera..."He unhooked the whip from on his belt and let it unravel:"If you fail to report your daily doings to me, I will be forced to use this upon you understand?"
I felt a bitter taste of fear, he had never whipped me before. I nodded and whispered:" Yes my beloved Master" He never scared me so ever before and I loved him so much at this moment, so much.Master recoiled the whip and hooked it back to his belt, looking at me sadly when it was secured:

"Pray don't make me use that on you, my love."

Then he kneeled before me, his face softer and said quietly:" You are my world and I can not risk my world being ruined". He brought his lips closer to mine:" Do you love me, Gera?
I looked back at him , surprised almost shocked and I whispered:" more than anything in the world...I love you Master...I love you ...I love you".And I started crying.
"And will you obey me, Gera?"
"Yes...always my Master I will obey you"
"And you will make me proud to have my collar on your throat, my love?"
"Yes Master, I will make youproud...I will...I will"
"Then my love put 'round my neck those arms whose touch I love so much. And press to my lips yours which I worship. And kiss me to show you love and obey me."
And I did. Oh I did. I kissed him so deperate, breathless, so grateful, so in love, so overwhelmed by his stern love. My heart pounding in my chest, my body trembling like a leaf. Emotionally exhausted. Happy.
And before he had to leave me, he asked me, almost embarrassed, about my condition. Because, yes....on our wedding night, he told me that we may try for a child. So far I didn't fall but I hope it happens soon, I want his son. I want it so much.

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