Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

Blessed by an angel

In the evening I went up to the Breeding Grounds. Here I saw a pregnant woman and her sight scared me a little. I mean, she was huge. What if I will look like this in the end?
While I watched her, Sir Oberon sneaked up behind me and we had a nice talk about my pregnancy. As we talked I suddenly heard the voice of an angel in my head. He said:

Lev Svoboda: Forgive this Angel - he sees she is in conversation - but he must mention - it is very difficult for him to divert his eyes - beautiful and full of life - newly round. You are lovely Gera - so sweet, the personification of innocence - yet taken.

I looked around and saw him. He was truly beautiful. Just as angels are. I wish I had taken a picture but he disappeared just before my eyes. And I felt elated and happy and blessed...

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