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Capitano Mendoza

This is Capitano Mendoza of the elite Molesteri.
And this is him torturing hole until she came five times.
This is us watching the whole thing.
And this is me and I don't even know why I didn't turn my head and walked away.

Gera Heliosense waves to Vala and Nano and whispers hello to Arva, not wanting to disturb the show
J0RI Tokyo ´s labia and clitoris starts to hurt while she tries to get her lower lipps more swollen again.
Nano Siemens waves back
A. smiles at Gera
Gera Heliosense points to the man with the cigar and whispers:"Who is that?"
Capitano Mendoza pauses and admires the nice red glow of the skin on her buttock. He takes the cigar out of his mouth and talks to the captive "I guess you might like another jab of the cigar, huh hole?"
Vala Renfold finishes her reading and smiles back at sunrise
A. lenas over and whispers, "That's Capitano Mendoz, the chief of police."

Gera Heliosense nods in awe
J0RI Tokyo trembles and studders:" no". She breathes faster and her wrists squirms in the wooden stock.
Kassie Martian whispers back to Ava "im really glad to hear that, i'm glad that i got that gum wrapper visa from you"
Capitano Mendoza lowers his hand, holding the cigar toward her glowing buttock "Oh I'm sure it will only make it a litlle bit redder, hole"
A. grins a little and keeps watching
J0RI Tokyo starts to sweat and trembles more in fear of further pain
Capitano Mendoza lowers the hand and then jabs the wet end of the cigar against her buttock, knowing it will take her brain a moment to register that he did not use the hot end.
Ulric Dalglish: ((any of those watching that would like to sit, the transparent chairs will continue to increase in number if you want to sit at them and watch hole cum another four times))
J0RI Tokyo screams like an animal and rides shocked and trembling more intense on the dildo to get her arousement back. Her labia hurts from rubbing and stretching. Also the needles in her breast sends out painfully beams.
Capitano Mendoza moves the wet end of the cigar around, drawing his saliva across her buttock and laughs "Har, afraid of a little spit on some rolled tobacco?"
J0RI Tokyo whimpers in her mask: "i never will make five of hurts my sex...ouchh...oouuu"
A. feels her collar buzz, telling her her Master is here, and rushes home.
Neefy String takes a seat and mumbles... 'four times? four times..?
J0RI Tokyo rides in frustration and pain against the dildo and feels it entering deeper
Capitano Mendoza shrugs, not really caring, just administering the necessary punishment. He turns the cigar around and presses the lit end against her buttock this time, jabbing the burning tobacco against her skin for a moment then removing it "Well if you don't cum then you must either piss yourself or wear the mask for the rest of the week. What do I care?"
Vala Renfold finishes her paperwork and sighs, "Well as much as I would like to stay and see the slut complete her punishment. I must leave. Bye everyone. Capitino, a fine job, the island is safe again." she stands and wanders off home quietly
J0RI Tokyo screams loud: "OOOOOOUCUHHHh" She breathes faster and answeres: "either i choose the mask as i would piss myself in public, Sir"
Gera Heliosense watches the scenario with an expression of fascination mixed with compassion for hole
Nano Siemens smiles and whispers a goodbye to V
Neefy String waves to v
Capitano Mendoza takes the wet end of the cigar and presses it against hole's anus "Well you have a limited time, soon that will burn down and burn your arse. So focus now, slut." He waves goodbye to the delicious V
J0RI Tokyo screams again like a wounded animal
Gera Heliosense: Whispers good night to V
Vala Renfold waves to all and walks off with a wiggle as usual, grinning at the delightful screams
J0RI Tokyo experiences a second orgasm...unexpected it came... Her fluids run again down her inner legs
Capitano Mendoza presses the UNLIT end of the cigar into her arse. There is still enough cigar that it wouldn't burn her flesh yet. He smiles as he sees her shudder and when he checks he sees her cum flooding from her sex "Oh much better. Two climaxes everyone! Three to go"

J0RI Tokyo notices huge pain wich has taken place on her abused ass and overhelmed she hangs in the punishment stock. Already breathing deep and fast.
Gera Heliosense kneeds her fingers
Capitano Mendoza kneels and takes a piece of elastic from his pocket. He attaches one end to the clip on her left labia. He stretches it around the post and attaches the other end to her right labia, making sure it is stretched very tight. Now she must htrust hersefl right back on the dildo or her labia will be stretched painfully. Of course, if he makes her move forward, the labia will stretch each time... "Now hole, show the people watching the vidoe what a slut you really are."
J0RI Tokyo ´s trembling body moves slowly against the dildo
J0RI Tokyo closes her tearfilled eyes as much pain streams up from her bound and stretched lips
J0RI Tokyo lets painful colored screams in her mask
Capitano Mendoza stands and takes out his flogger, unwinding it from his belt. He brushes the tendrils over her buttocks so she can register that she is going to be forced to buck on the dildo and stretch her labia. He avoids the tip of the cigar, noting it is still glowing red. "Now focus on your climax" he says with clear amusement in his tone.
Gera Heliosense turns pale and cups her mouth for a moment until her nausia pauses, yet she can not look away from the scene
J0RI Tokyo blushes again and with bitten lips she moves her hips to ride deeper the rubber wich is placed inside her crotch
Capitano Mendoza flicks the leather frond against her buttock, to make her flinch forward.
J0RI Tokyo rides the dildo in her swelling sex. Foreward and backwards...always not too fast because the stretchings and bondage on her labia overhelms her by pain.
J0RI Tokyo screams shortly :" oouchh"
Neefy String sits mesmerized on the edge of his chair not willing to miss a moment...
Capitano Mendoza increases the speed of his flogging, making her buck faster "Come on slut, show how you like to ride cocks. We have watched you fucking Manuel the cook enough times on the security videos."
J0RI Tokyo rides faster and screams louder. Feels the hard strokes on her butt and whimpers
Capitano Mendoza avoids hitting the cigar and bends back, seeing her labia stretched by the clamps and the elastic "Better hurry up, fifteen minutes for three orgasms"
J0RI Tokyo pushes her sex on the dildo and gets hurted much. She rides as good she can and her breathing sounds partially broken. Little drops of sweat runs down her body.
Capitano Mendoza deliberately hits the glowing end of the cigar so that hot embers splash from it across her buttocks. The little pinpicks of fire are intended to burn - but not to leave permanent scars.
J0RI Tokyo cries in her mask;: "i can´t make more orgasms, Sir..My sex is hurting so much.. I will fail i fear, Sir"
J0RI Tokyo shudders in fear and squirms heavily inside the stock. Rough pain floods her mind and while she slumps down in the stock she experienced her third orgasm.
Capitano Mendoza waits, confident she will cum again and sees the telltale signs as she slumps. He lets her recover a moment and then walks to stand at her head "Well I'm not surprised you will fail, slut. Everyone knows you're useless. See if you can prove them wrong in the next ten minutes. You only have to either cum five times, ejaculate or piss yourself. Don't worry, I have three cameras on you. The watching masses won't miss a thing."
Neefy String receives the third emergency call from his stables; will have to fire that damn harem-cook again, and hates to have to leave but silently backs out the impression strong on his mind...
Capitano Mendoza nods a goodbye to Neefy
J0RI Tokyo moves her hips frustrated on the dildo foreward and back
Neefy String nods to Capitano Mendoza and waves to the ladies
J0RI Tokyo whispers ashamed: "then i will have to piss myself maybe, Sir"
Gera Heliosense looks at Neefy, whispering :"bye sir"
Capitano Mendoza takes a second band of elastic and attaches it to the needles through her nipples. He stretches it around the pillory's support so it pulls on her breasts like nipple weights. Now she can either move forward and ease the pain on her nipples but hurt her labia or push back to ride the cock and hurt her breasts. "If you piss yourself I will change your name in Glint to pissypants"
J0RI Tokyo screams loud as the burning pain in her breasts comes back. In this moment she gets her fourth orgasm this evening.

Aisling Easterwood raises her forarm to her forehead to wipe her brow where beads of sweat gather ignoring the comment about her shoes and continues to stare on in owe
J0RI Tokyo pushes her abused and tortured butt on the dildo to get quickly the next releasing orgasm she needs. The hurting seems to overhelm her, but she bites her lips with tears running out her eyes... and rides faster.
Capitano Mendoza laughs out loud "See missypissypants, you can cum when you like. You're not such a failure afterall. A shame you can't ejaculate to save yourself." He is impressed she has managed a fourth climax and walks back to her buttocks, knowing she must now be in agony
J0RI Tokyo ´s bound and stretched labia is dark red and sends painful signals into her tortured mind

Capitano Mendoza is mindfull of the time and reaches down to pluck the cigar from her arse, her reverses it....
J0RI Tokyo rides deeper the dildo inside her and the mask coveres her painful signed face. Sweat and her juices forms their ways down her inner tighs
Capitano Mendoza jabs the still lit end onto her anus, and grinds the fire into her.
Gera Heliosense presses her eyes shut not able to watch that
J0RI Tokyo screams loud and breathes fast....she comes the fifth time and sinks out of any power in the stock
Capitano Mendoza quickly pats the embers away from her flesh before they permanently scar and throws the cigar away.
J0RI Tokyo ´s liquids mixed with sweat runs out her abused sex down the legs
J0RI Tokyo ´s body trembles already lightly
Capitano Mendoza tucks the flogger away and walks around to her head. He unstraps the plates and the laces and pulls hte hood off. He bends down close and pulls her head up by her soaked hair "You managed five climaxes in an hour, hole. You served your sentence. Well done."
Nano Siemens: "I'll have to buy this video from the department of tourism....too bad she's a spy, she's a natural painslut, I think"
A. claps slowly, looking slightly amazed for hole
Gera Heliosense says nothing, wiping her lips
J0RI Tokyo takes a deep breath and closes her eyes as the hood goes away
Capitano Mendoza moves to remove the elastic from the needles through her nipples and the clamps on her labia next.
J0RI Tokyo screams again
Jacobius Bravin circles behind the shoe-wearer to get a better view of the spy
Capitano Mendoza doesn't really care that that clamps hurt more coning off than going on. A part of his brain wonders if that will cause her a sixth "The video will be uploaded for sale this evening. Officers get a copy for free."
J0RI Tokyo blushes ashamed
Aisling Easterwood laughs softly and blows a rashberry "these are boots not shoes
Aisling Easterwood: razzberry*
Nano Siemens: Want any help with the shoe criminal, Jake?
Gera Heliosense folds her fingers around the edge of the table and stands up

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