Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

Time passes

I am four months pregnant. My Master deals with lawbreakers, illigal immigrants, slut visas and me.

Dunnagh Scarmon: But he did not have sex with you?

Gera Heliosense: "Please Master don't be angry with he had no sex with me ...he only touched me and he...he kissed me down there too"

Gera Heliosense: But he did not go further, he let me go after that

Dunnagh Scarmon shakes his head "No, my love- I am not angry with you.....did he put his finger in you?"

Gera Heliosense: No he did not put his finger in

Dunnagh Scarmon nods his head, looking somewhat mollified :You are obeying me, my love- you did well. No one or thing is to enter you during your pregnancy, nor do anything to jeopardize the pregnancy.....

And so the days pass. I am showing now. I stand in front of the mirror and look at my small bump.
And in Glint time passes as always with lawbreakers and shoe offencers and sluts who don't act according to their visa and sluts who do but don't have the right photo and crazy shootists and in the middle of all this is him and me and our unborn child.

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