Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

A sad afternoon

It had started out a nice afternoon. First I saw Guin, who I had not seen for ages and then I spend the whole afternoon shopping and bought myself two dresses. When I came back to the gathering spot, butterfly was there:
Rhea Habilis: ah sunrise!

Rhea Habilis: hole has tried to kill herself

Rhea Habilis: i dont know why

Rhea Habilis: something very bad happened to her

Gera Heliosense looks shocked and swallows

Rhea Habilis: well Master Marvin knows what happened so i hope he can help

Gera Heliosense: where is she now?

Rhea Habilis: in the hospital sunrise

Rhea Habilis: she looks very bad

Rhea Habilis: she hurt herself

Gera Heliosense: are we allowed to see her?

Rhea Habilis: yes but sunrise

Rhea Habilis: the sight might upset you

So we went to the hospital. But we were not allowed to see her. Only Master Marvin, Lacey and Ava were with hole. Outside on the grass we all sat and waited. Party Favor, Butterfly, Master Jesentra, Sir Matt, Kitty, Faith and I.
We talked about what had happened but nobody knew exactly why hole had done it. ...actually... Party favor said, : it happened yesterday.. the incident.. and something about being collared.. and that she had somehow shamed her sisters...

Party Favor felt bad because she had been harsh to hole just the day before, she said. But Master Jesentra told her:Don't you feel ashamed of what you did in there, girl. I was just about to say that was a brave thing for a slave to do, to intervene like that. You've honored your station.

After a long time, Master Marvin came to us and told us that hole will be fine. We all sighed in relief. For a long time afterwards I thought about the whole incident and I am still sad now.

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  1. thank you so much for thinking about me and saving the story of this day.

    *Hole places a soft kiss on your cheek*