Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

Caught standing

This morning I took a walk to the japanese tea house. Here Master Ulric crossed my path.
Master Ulic", I smiled at him. As a response to my smile he raised one eyebrow:
"Hello sunbeam"
"Sunrise, Master Ulric" I corrected him shy.
He blew air through sneering lips and waved his hand dismissively "Whatever. You're a slave and not a very good one at that from what I hear. I mean look at you. You're standing up."
"Yes but Master Ulric...I am pregnant and its...very hard to be on my knees in my condition..." Oh how I shivered inside. I felt fear crawling up, standing up to him like that.
He yawned and turned to look across the stream "If you say so. I didn't ask for your excuse and the excuse does not excuse the fact."
"Then I apologize but...I cannot kneel..I will get my Masters permission to show you next time that I am permitted to stand"I added shy and shivering inside for this was a huge lie, I did not have my Masters permission but...I was so desperate. It was the first time ever I lied to Master Ulric. I wouldn't dare normally.
Master Ulric half turned back and looked at me. A slight smile played on his face. His eyes dropped to my swelling tummy for a moment then back to my face. He gave a small nod and spoke with a softer tone "Very good. You will find childbirth is that bit easier if you keep developing that spine, my dear."
"...but...yes..You are right Master Ulric..about the spine...but..its not good for the legs, and..thank you for letting me stand...thats kind of you...I will bring you my pasters permit next time I promise" Oh my head was spinning. Right after this I would need to contact Master Dunnagh and beg his permission to stand. What if he would not permit it?
Master Ulric shook his head "I don't need to see any papers. I trust you. I'm not being kind in letting you stand. I'm just not that much of a monster. Don't think I'm getting soft sunbeam. That would be a mistake."
I felt guilty relief. He was trusting me.
I looked over to the shore and the horizon. before gazing back at him again, I felt melancholic suddenly. Master Ulric and getting soft? His cruel highness? No such chance, I knew that.
"I..I..didn't think you were getting soft Master Ulric..i too well to make that mistake...forgive me."
Ulric Dalglish sniffed and turned away again. His back to me, he adopted a more business-like tone "Good. Now I'm going to see that all is okay. Try to stay out of trouble and for goodness sake cheer up - or was the name sunbeam ironic?"
"No Master Ulric...I mean yes Master Ulric..."I stuttered.
He tsk-ed over my dithering and strode off.
I watched him go and sighed.

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