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A very important matter

Vala Renfold :" Are you a house slave here? although a ward like my twin sister vixen?" her face softens as she waits for the next answer to see if her lecture will begin and she takes the pins out of her hair letting her locks fall loose.
Gera Heliosense: yes I am still a house slave her...a ward I suppose , yes" She watches V letting her hair down and swallows, kneeding her hands nervously
Vala Renfold nods satisifed with the girls answer, "Ahh I see. Then pray tell why do you refer to all you meet as Sir or Miss, even though they have earned the right to be called Master/Mistrees by ALL the hosue slaves here sunrise. Do you consider yourself above them? Or do you not recognise that they have gone through trials in much the same way you have? Sunrise is your name - you have earned it. Have they not earned the right and respect from you?" she flezes her right arm somewhat, an arm that has whipped many house slaves for the same error in the past few days.
Gera Heliosense: She looks at V, her eyes become wide and she swallows hard:"You mean...I must not call them sir and Miss? I must call them Master and Misstress? ...I...I didn't know there is a difference....Mistress V
Vala Renfold nods slowly her face softening a little, "Yes sunrise. there is a BIG filing cabinet with the records of ALL who have passed the cert in the police station. They have earned the right to be addressed correctly. And it falls to the trainers to pick up on any errors. And yes you must call them Master or Mistress at all times unless they have told you different like Chy for example."
Vala Renfold smiles and presses some button on her wrist and smiles kindly down to sunrise.
Gera Heliosense nods and bites her lip:"Yes Mistress V...I understand now, please forgive my mistake
Dunnagh Scarmon enters, looking stern "Greetings"
Gera Heliosense: She turns and her face lights up
Dunnagh Scarmon: All well, V?
Gera Heliosense: Then her smile fades and she casts her eyes down
Vala Renfold smiles, "I'm glad you understand your error sunrise and that will be the end of this unpleasent matter." she looks up, "Ahh Dunnagh it is nice of you to join us. sunrise was just explaining her ignorance in the matter of how to address those who have earned the right to be addressed as Master or Mistress."
Gera Heliosense nods quietly and blushes hard, feeling ashamed for her mistake
Dunnagh Scarmon: And you trust she will comply?
Vala Renfold looks to Dunnagh, "Well I have asked her to take notes, knowing that you as her owner will require a full account of the facts. If she were any other house slave I would whip her for the number of times she called me Miss and then make her study the Den records whilst on greeting duty to ensure she understands. However complying is up to you Dunnagh. IF I catch her again addressing our estemmed guests incorrectly I will of course let you know immediately. "
Dunnagh Scarmon nods "At which time she will be punished forthwith."
Dunnagh Scarmon: Thank you for advising me of this, V.
Gera Heliosense shivers now, awaiting the punishment of her Master
Dunnagh Scarmon: Certain rules and requirements of mine over ride Glint's on occasion- proper address of citizens is not one of them.
Vala Renfold smiels, "I feel it not right for just anyone to punish a ward of the Den. They should always rasie the matter with the slaves owner in case that owner has set different rules. " she looks to Dunnagh. Please treat her kindly Dunnagh if she truely did not know, and I suspect she did not then...." she shrugs knowing it is in his hands now
Dunnagh Scarmon: The girl can be very forgetful
Vala Renfold "Ahh I see. My Master also requires that I follow the rules and that of my twin sister vixen also. Although I keep her locked up in my dungeon so she rarely visits now."
Gera Heliosense still casts her eyes down and does not dare to look up
Dunnagh Scarmon fixes Gera with a cool look, shaking his head "I wonder if you will ever wear clothing again, Gera!"
Gera Heliosense looks at him sad and swallows hard
Vala Renfold sighs soflty her unpleasent duty over, "I shall leave you be now Dunnagh, sunrise. If she fails to comply Dunnagh I will of course let you know. But sometiems gentleness works better than a frim hand and I ahve I'm afraid scared the poor girl to death." she steps forward and strokes Gera's hair. "I know you are a good girl sunrise and will use the correct form of address in future won't you?"
Vala Renfold crosses her fingers behind her back and hopes that she will answer the question correctly with the right title also.
Gera Heliosense: Yes Mistress...I will always adress in the right way from now on" She nods and tries to smile at V
Vala Renfold beams happily, "See Dunnagh, already she learns." her face shows her approval

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