Samstag, 25. Juli 2009

Kitty in a tight spot

When I passed the police station I walked into the following scene.
[13:09] Zenaida Juliesse: I only have played with this lovely girl
[13:09] Io Vaher: may I know your name
[13:09] Zenaida Juliesse keeps her bow at back
[13:10] Creamy Kitty whimpers
[13:10] Gera Heliosense: Greetings Sir Io, hello Kitty and....hello Miss
[13:10] Zenaida Juliesse: Zen
[13:10] Io Vaher: hears someone behind him and turns, noticing gera
[13:10] Io Vaher: greetings gera
[13:10] Creamy Kitty: Gera, please help mee *struggles against the head hold*
[13:10] Gera Heliosense frowns
[13:11] Zenaida Juliesse stomps Creamy's tail
[13:11] Io Vaher: I noticed you taking off your shoes, is there anything else you are wearing you shouldn't
[13:11] Gera Heliosense steps forward to the woman holding Kitty
[13:11] Creamy Kitty yelps
[13:11] Zenaida Juliesse whispers to her "we aren't finish yet"
[13:11] Gera Heliosense: "Miss...let her go at once"
[13:12] Creamy Kitty bursts out, "she's wearing panties too! i saw it when she shoved my head down to her feet!"
[13:12] Zenaida Juliesse: um...
[13:12] Gera Heliosense nods and looks to Sir Io
[13:12] Io Vaher: guessing correctly he draws his bow
[13:12] Zenaida Juliesse pull an arrow in Creamy's back
[13:13] Zenaida Juliesse: stop!
[13:13] Io Vaher: move away from kitty
[13:13] Creamy Kitty subtly grasps her dagger in her hand, unknownst to the woman in her back
[13:13] Zenaida Juliesse stomps hard
[13:13] Creamy Kitty hisses
[13:13] Zenaida Juliesse: let me keep alive or...
[13:14] Io Vaher: or what!
[13:14] Zenaida Juliesse: kitty die! *cries*
[13:14] Zenaida Juliesse push arrow makes her blood a lil
[13:15] Io Vaher: you will be unconcious before you can think of it, now, put down your bow and come with me
[13:15] Creamy Kitty tears welt up in her eyes
[13:15] Creamy Kitty grasps her dagger shakily
[13:15] Zenaida Juliesse: I never will do that!
[13:15] Io Vaher: you wish to fight?
[13:16] Zenaida Juliesse closes head to kitty ear and say
[13:16] Creamy Kitty eyes kira chitchatting randomly ignoring the scene
[13:16] Zenaida Juliesse: see you later *bit her ear*
Then the chase started, but in the end justice won and Sir Io captured the evil womman.

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