Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

Pickled beetroot

Rhea Habilis: i did find the pickled beetroot sunrise, do you still crave it?

[15:40] lacey Flinders starts calculating the calories in a really good reuben....sighs and puts the yellow pages away

[15:41] Gera Heliosense: oh yes...thank you so much butterfly*holds out her hand *

[15:41] Rhea Habilis holds up a round beetroot for sunrise

[15:41] Rhea Habilis: here you go sunrise!

[15:41] Chysamere Ishtari: erm that doesnt look very pickled butterfly

[15:41] Rhea Habilis: i have a whole jar full!

[15:41] Gera Heliosense takes it and sniffs it

[15:42] Chysamere Ishtari: you need to slice it and soak it in vinegar for a few days

[15:42] Rhea Habilis: its been pickled Chy!

[15:42] Elaesa Darcy looks up to Chy questioningly, "Pickled butterfly? That doesn't sound appetizing at all."

[15:42] Chysamere Ishtari: how can it be round if its pickled..

[15:42] Rhea Habilis: eeeekkkkk

[15:42] Rhea Habilis: its pickled round!

[15:42] Rhea Habilis: goodness

[15:42] Chysamere Ishtari: what o.O

[15:43] Rhea Habilis: if its not right i'll keep looking sunrise

[15:43] Chysamere Ishtari: maybe if it was picked whole baby beetroots but mature beetroots need to be sliced to be pickled...

[15:43] Rhea Habilis: i'll find the right kind

[15:43] Gera Heliosense munches the ball of beet root and nods:"Yes its pickled"

[15:44] Rhea Habilis: i hope its ok sunrise, cravings are important

[15:44] Rhea Habilis: if you are not satisfied

[15:44] Rhea Habilis: well

[15:45] Rhea Habilis: it's crucial for you to be happy

[15:45] Chysamere Ishtari: cravings are important butterfly, because it reassures the female that the male will still move heaven and earth to give her what she wants even though she's getting fat and ugly.

[15:46] Rhea Habilis: i think there is nothing more beautiful Chy

[15:46] Savannah Zimmermann flick's a pebble in Chy's direction. "You aren't being very nice, Chy. I think Gera is very beautiful."

[15:46] Rhea Habilis: though i lack experience

[15:46] Rhea Habilis: sunrise is more beautiful every day

[15:47] Rhea Habilis: Greetings Sir!

[15:47] Chysamere Ishtari catches the pebble in one hand, tosses it to the other hand and flicks it back at Savvycat" of course she is, but she's still getting tubby

[15:48] Gera Heliosense: now as my midwife butterfly, in order to keep me happy you must beat up Chy for being so uncharming to me

[15:48] Rhea Habilis: if i could i would dear sunrise

[15:48] Rhea Habilis: i will say this:

[15:48] Gera Heliosense giggles

[15:48] Rhea Habilis: it is important not to upset her now Chy and you must know that

[15:49] Rhea Habilis: a man with your experience

[15:49] Savannah Zimmermann oof's as it pings off her head. "Well sheesh, where else would you like a woman to keep a growing baby. She isn't fat at all."

[15:49] Chysamere Ishtari: my experience? What do you mean by that butterfly?

[15:49] Rhea Habilis: you have seen many children born yes Chy?

[15:49] Chysamere Ishtari: I've never seen a child born, no

[15:49] Savannah Zimmermann nods along with butterfly, "Yeah, experience, Sir. Like, you lay eggs right?" She smirks.

[15:50] Rhea Habilis: you sound very knowlegable

[15:51] Elaesa Darcy stands and dusts off her backside, retreating to the bench.

[15:51] Ballyrae Hanly shuffles uncomfortably "All this talk of babies hmmmm"

[15:52] Ballyrae Hanly "People would think it has never happened before"

[15:52] Chysamere Ishtari: anyway I might go and take that long delayed nap

[15:53] Chysamere Ishtari shakes his head "one girl gets pregnant and the rest turn broody and lose their sense of humour"

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