Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

Still a house slave

Yesterday Master Jake made me strip at the gathering spot. I had almost forgotten that despite my new status as Master Dunnagh's property, I am still a house slave here, a ward. And so I had to comply.
Master Jake ran a hand down my side, looking past me to Master Ulric, "She is a nice little piece of eye-candy, isn't she?"
Ulric Dalglish kept his eyes on my bum until he realised he'd been addressed directly "What? Oh yes. She is a dark one, is our Gera. She likes things that... well I am sure you can find out for yourself"
Because I was so hesitant and placed a hand protectivly over my tummy, Master Jake asked me what I was hiding and I replied to him that I am pregnant. There were many people there. Master Ulric and his slave Ella, Master Atlas and his slave rosebud, Master Damion, aurora, Lacy, Laura and a new Miss I don't know.
"Hey Atlas. Heard the news? Gera's gotten herself knocked up"
Master Atlas Tereshchenko tilted his head.."strong women make strong children..congratulations gera"
Laura Demonista: "Oh, Gera! But that is wonderful news. I am so thrilled for you"
Master Jake ran his fingers under my breast, "So these will start to swell soon. That'll be fun to watch"
I thanked them all for their well wishes and was still tempted to swat Master Jakes hand away. But I didn't and he reminded me of my place and state and that I must not fight it.
Gera Heliosense: "I..I won't fight it...forgive me Master Jake...I just thought....I am not of ...interest anymore...due to my condition"
Jacobius Bravin:"Pregnant women glow. And they are known for their.. appetites, shall we say? Although, yours was already quite healthy before"
Gera Heliosense blushes deeply and looks away.
He touched me lightly and I asked: Please Master Jake, may I dress now?"
Jacobius Bravin sighed, "Are you so eager to deprive us all of your beauty, Gera?"
Master Atlas had to go and smiled at me.."and you too Gera..my deepest congratulations to you..I am sure the child will both strong and wise.."
Master Jake praised my bum, saying it would be a pity to hide it under a skirt and here I suddenly felt my morning sickness, which comes and goes all through the day and I cupped my mouth and asked to be excused.
Master Jake pushed me away, "Take it to the fish, Gera"
Behind the bench I doubled over but I could not bring anything up, it was just nausia as usual. Ella and aurora came to me side and soothed me and offered me water. Women understand so much better.

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