Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

About well respected Masters and the weird honor to get attention from them

I don't know...well I just don't know but lately I keep having encounters with Masters here in Glint that I usually have hardly any contact with. Masters who have my full respect, who have been here in Glint longer than I have been, but who also hardly ever spoke to me much. I have known Sir Jakopo and Sir Jarethe since my first day here. I had one heart to heart with Sir Jakopo once about relationsships but that was back, when he was still with Roisin. And I had one longer conversation with Sir Jarethe ages and ages ago about his origins. Since then, whenever we met there was an exchange of friendly greetings yes, "Hello" and "goodbye sir"and "Hope you are well today, sir" but nothing more.
Now, to my surprise I had slightly closer encounters with both of them in just one week. The other day it was with Sir Jakopo when he teased me and amused himself to scare me with his...uhm...endowment. And yesterday Sir Jarethe turned his attention on me in a way he had never done before. Now, Sir Jarethe is a very interesting person. Secretly I always called him Sir Untouchable. Because he would never let anybody close , be it psychological or physically and he certainly never touched any woman in Glint , well certainly not in a sexual way. I remember well how he always made me shudder with a mixture of awe and horror when he caught any law offenders. I could never turn away even when he truly shocked me with his twisted ideas of punishment. I once watched him, as he inserted dead foetuses into a woman who had been extremly respectless. He always scared me a little although he has always been nice to me. But maybe that was also because we never really interacted much.
Of course now a lot has changed, he the "sir Untouchable" is now with La Prezz Ava and since Ava is pregnant its pretty clear that Sir Jarethe is not so untouchable anymore. I think its quite remarkable how Ava changed this detached man. Maybe I am wrong, maybe he is not at all the person I think he is. I hardly ever knew anything about his private life. I know he had subs before. But with Ava its different.
Yesterday as I was driving my bike through town and stopped to listen to a small group chatting about Sir Defiant and the hatred that judge Cara has for him, Sir Jarethe said that he was surprised to learn that Defiant was out of jail already and some of the girls either Robin or Ella said, ask Seabreeze, she seems to know more about it. Which I swear I don't. But Sir Jarethe turned his attention on me...

Jarethe Anthony: "Well.. mary poppins, what's the story on Defiant and the judge?"
Gera Heliosense smiles shy at Jarethe:" I..don't know so much...but I think he is a nice man...and Cara just can't stand him...but i can...he pimped up my bike and ,yeah he is nice..."
Elaesa Darcy leans closer to robin and whispers, "Did she say Sir Defiant pimped her?"
robin Meridoc leans over, 'yes - go ask her to show you!'
Jarethe Anthony leans foreward and places his left hand on the back seat of the bike, his right hand heading towards seabreezes skirt. "Pimped your bike hmm? You know. I've not seen you wear a skirt so much, as you have been when riding this bike." He begins playing with the hemline.
Elaesa Darcy pulls back a little and looks curiously at robin, "She can show me how she was pimped? As in the street corner or what?"
Gera Heliosense blushes a little but keeps smiling at him good natured"Well yes..I...discovered cycling for me lately"She looks at his fingers at her skirt's hemline and bites her lip.
robin Meridoc: no - her bike is pimped - decorated/improved/etc.
Jarethe Anthony continues to slowly lift his right hand, his fingers pulling the front of the skirt with them. "Now.. why would seabreeze, suddenly start wearing skirts. especially with a bike, where the skirt could get caught in a spike, or a chain?"
Elaesa Darcy nods slowly at robin's comment, understanding dawning, "Oh, so she's not a whore then?"
robin Meridoc: seabreeze? *studies her carefully* i dont think so.
Shawnna Chrome: do you people have star maps?? I could show you my home planet..
Jarethe Anthony grins slightly at the mention of star maps, but continues eyeing seabreeze, and lifting his right hand. "How about , you, seabreeze, finish lifting this skirt up and over your head.. and toss it aside."
Briel Mynx shakes her hand away, blinking tiredly, but curious over the two. She had already seen how sea's bike was different, and she figured everyone had.
Shawnna Chrome: if she is to be arreest for merely having a unique bike then I would say.. let her go, and keep her bike.
Gera Heliosense gasps and fights his hands now, but only in a subtle shy way because her respect for Jarethe is huge.
robin Meridoc pokes ella, 'i have never seen seabreeze happier'
Shawnna Chrome: `I see we all share differing views..
Shawnna Chrome: I am glad seabreeze is happier.
Elaesa Darcy rubs the back of her neck, "You think? She's always so sweaty now, riding on that bike."
Gera Heliosense: Her skirt is pulled over her head and there she is, sitting on her new "saddle", casting her eyes down: "uhmm..."
Jarethe Anthony moves his face closer to hers. His eyes twinkle as they catch and reflect the day's light. "Now seabreeze.... Are you hiding something?"
robin Meridoc: look at that smile!
Elaesa Darcy hipbumps robin, "That's her pussy, not a smile."
robin Meridoc blushes and grins.
Gera Heliosense wraps her fingers tighter around the handle bars and bravely she sits, chin up, spot on. "No...Can i put my skirt back on now please, sir Jarethe?"
Jarethe Anthony brings his right hand over towards where seabreeze is 'attached' to the seat. He presses a thumb against where he guages her nub to be, and pushes towards what ever attachment that is fastened to the seat. "Well why would you wish to rewear your skirt?"
Gera Heliosense follows his hand with her eyes and swallows:"Because I am naked from the waist down, sir...and i..I feel a little uncomfortable like this." She takes a deep breath while his finger touches her nub.
Jarethe Anthony: "Uncomfortable?" He continues pressing down and inward. finding the resistance of the attachement on the bike, easily in his manipulation of her nub. "Now I thought you said, you were enjoying riding your bike? I know it certainly appeared that you were very attached to it."
Gera Heliosense: "Well yes, Sir" She takes a quivering breath, and looks back at him, wishing she could see his eyes behind his shades, I am...attached to this bike because its convinient and also...because Sir Defiant took the trouble to make it especially for me"
Gera Heliosense: She holds her breath a little, feeling Jarethe's manipulating fingers.
Jarethe Anthony: "I'm about to go shoot someone." He looks at seabreeze. "You are fortunate this time, as there is someone right now, starting to irritate me enough that I care not about panties , shoes, or other matters."
And that was it, and he ran off while I was still sitting like a statue, frozen in respect.


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