Montag, 5. Juli 2010

we need to keep it simple, for seabreeze...

Here I am slapping my forhead:"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Yes , I did it again. I broke the dress code law. But I swear, I only wanted to look nice, and then I saw this really neat bikini and slipped it on because it was a hot day and....

[9:03] Gera Heliosense: My so many people here today?
[9:04] Brenton Darkwatch: Its a great day to be out
[9:04] YT Recreant leans a bit towards La Presidente "is that a bra?" nods to seabreeze
[9:05] Gera Heliosense looks at Defiant" Oh they let you out Sir, congratulations
[9:05] A. whispers back, "Do you want it to be a bra?"
[9:05] Gera Heliosense: and no its not a bra
[9:05] Gera Heliosense: its a bikini
[9:05] YT Recreant grins and as she hears seabreeze she nods "now pretty much so"
[9:05] A. nods, "Then it is a bra."
[9:05] YT Recreant flashes an ever so wide grin at seabreeze
[9:05] Gera Heliosense: no its not...its a BI-KI-NI
[9:05] Sir Defiant leafs idly through a document pulled from his passport. The instruction simple, yet somehow not so. Frowning softly at the passport application, it makes as much sense as anything on this fucked up island... his friend never mentioned the half of it.
[9:06] YT Recreant: you doubt La Presidente in her never ending wisom, seabreeze?
[9:06] YT Recreant: *wisdom
[9:06] Gera Heliosense: but....
[9:06] YT Recreant: but???
[9:06] A. steps back a bit, motioning for everyone else to as well
[9:06] Gera Heliosense: but maybe La Presidente is not familiar with the latest fashion?
[9:07] YT Recreant: so you call our Presidente a bit "behind" ?
[9:07] Gera Heliosense: I mean..uhm...its...uhm...
[9:07] A. looks down at herself critically
[9:07] YT Recreant: did i hear that right?
[9:07] Elaesa Darcy opts for a spot behind the post with a fine view of Ava's very fine behind.
[9:07] A. turns a bit and looks at Ella, "Do I look bad?"
[9:07] Elaesa Darcy smiles, "You look spectacular, as always."
[9:07] Gera Heliosense looks around helpless and takes a deep breath, brazing herself
[9:08] A. mumbles, "Maybe a bit poochy around the middle but I swear it is donuts."
[9:08] YT Recreant: seabreeze - i expect yuor answer - do you call ourpresidente a land potatoe?
[9:08] Gera Heliosense: Of course, Ava looks always immaculate but...some of us..we...
[9:08] Gera Heliosense: a landpotatoe..oh no..I wouldn't dare
[9:09] village bike glances at La Presidente's middle and shakes her head
[9:09] Sir Defiant wishes he had a dictionary, landpotato being an entirely new word on him. Filing it away to look up later
[9:09] YT Recreant: seabreeze, i am here to help, do you understand this?
[9:09] Gera Heliosense: I apologize deeply...of course..uhm, yes Alley I understand , you are here to help
[9:10] Gera Heliosense backs away a little
[9:10] A. murmurs, "I think seabreeze thinks I am from out in the boonies and I have not read Cosmo in five years or something."
[9:10] YT Recreant: so, i would suggest, to make up for this major offense. you strip now, then bow to La Presidente and apologize in a most formal way
[9:10] pigfat stands by ava "emm i bet she looks skinny now!"
[9:10] pigfat emm and tall too
[9:10] A. peers down as seabreeze's skirt lifts when she walks away, "You've got to be shitting me."
[9:11] A.: I have just been called out of fashion by a fucking lawbreaker!
[9:11] YT Recreant looks short at her Owner "yes? what is wrong? don't tell me she is wearing panties?
[9:11] Elaesa Darcy blinks, "Is that even possible?"
[9:11] YT Recreant: oh fuck, seabreeze - now you are in trouble
[9:12] Tash Porthos smiles and waves at the cluster of folks in the street
[9:12] Gera Heliosense blushes furiously. She nods slowly, casting her eyes down when suddenly Ava and the others scream out that she is a lawbreaker. She ducks
[9:12] A. starts to rant, "Seabreeze, you do this all the time and try to pass it off as a bikini, or a bathing suit, or whatever bullshit...!"
[9:12] A. keeps going, "The law is not that complicated!"
[9:12] YT Recreant nods with faked disgust in her facial expression
[9:13] pigfat walks over and lifts up seabreezes miniskirt
[9:13] YT Recreant: pigfat, take off her skirt, let the audience see this offense
[9:13] Gera Heliosense looks at Ava, Her lips quiver and tears well up in her eyes" But please, dear Ava..its just that...I...oh...
[9:13] A. throws her hands up in the air and takes her own blood pressure
[9:13] Gera Heliosense: backs away from Pigfat
[9:13] Elaesa Darcy smiles warmly and waves to bijou.
[9:13] pigfat begins to tug on the skirt harder
[9:13] Sir Defiant shakes his head softly. His expression carefully controlled as he looks seabreeze up and down, showing no emotion one way or the other as to her current dilema.
[9:13] YT Recreant: and you offend our Presidente in *her* special condition? shame on you!
[9:14] A. shouts, "It's because you have no self control and you love trouble, that's why!"
[9:14] pigfat werent seabreeze one of them silly six or sum thin what wanted to bring back panties?
[9:14] Gera Heliosense: No I swear, I don't...its just that I ...
[9:14] A. kicks a nearby bucket down the street, "I HATE repeat offenders! HATE!"
[9:14] YT Recreant steps closer and extends her hand swiftly, to yank at the skirt harshly
[9:14] pigfat emm them is panties alright
[9:14] A. mutters, growls, and twitches
[9:14] Gera Heliosense bursts into tears and takes off her bikini
[9:15] A. sighs and leans back against the pole, fanning herself
[9:15] Gera Heliosense throws it to the side, sobbing:"I just never get it right...
[9:16] A. pinches the bridge of her nose, "Alley Cat, perhaps go over with her slowly, what is not allowed...."
[9:16] Elaesa Darcy fetches a cushion for Ava. "Do you need to sit, Ava?"
[9:16] pigfat yep she wuz one of and emm that imposter cara wuz another one of em
[9:16] Brenton Darkwatch: Sheath Bow
[9:16] A. smiles at Ella and waves it off, "I am good, Ella, thank you, all that shouting was just a little much. I shouldn't shout so much."
[9:16] Gera Heliosense looks at Alley with tearstained eyes, biting her lip and pricking up her ears
[9:16] pigfat watches the shirtless man run past
[9:17] YT Recreant nods "of course my Owner, i will" then looks at seabreeze "will you comply or do i need to put force on you?
[9:17] Elaesa Darcy nods with great concern, "It's horrible that someone would put you through this in your condition, Ava. What kind of person does that?"
[9:17] pigfat slaps seabreeze on her ass and pinches it
[9:17] Gera Heliosense wipes her eyes and hick ups"I..I will comply"
[9:17] A. murmurs, "Very selfish people."
[9:18] YT Recreant nods slowly "that is good - so, then, i need someone who can write... any volunteers?"
[9:18] Gera Heliosense lifts her hand
[9:18] pigfat waves to the shirtless man "how dee mister!
[9:18] Gera Heliosense: I can write
[9:18] Brad Henusaki: greetings.
[9:18] YT Recreant groans "not you, you will be to be written on
[9:18] pigfat this here nakee ladee is a law breaker what we got
[9:19] Brad Henusaki: oh really? what did she do?
[9:19] Gera Heliosense blushes harder when Pigfat calls her a lawbreaker again
[9:19] Sir Defiant is more than capable of the task. Considering who it was that asked, however, he keeps that information to himself, reading over his reclaimed passport forms bitterly... that little alley cat owed him already, damned if he would volunteer assistance.
[9:19] YT Recreant: anyone else who is here and knows how to write?
[9:19] pigfat emm hername is seebreeze. My name is pigfat. I is tha taxi puller here. She wuz wearing panties! shameless
[9:20] Brad Henusaki: Oh. Looks over the lawbreaker.."shame on you"
[9:20] Gera Heliosense turns to Pigfat, "Oh Moosey, how can even you turn against me?"
[9:20] Elaesa Darcy looks to Brad and offers him a sharpie. "Perhaps you could help alley?"
[9:21] Sir Defiant shakes his head, there was nothing else for it. Tapping Brad softly on the shoulder, speaking quietly so as not to interrupt the proceedings. "A quiet word, when you have a moment please?"
[9:21] YT Recreant groans "then i will place drawings, i dont mind" and grabs seabreeze by her braids "come along girl, we have business to do"
[9:21] Brenton Darkwatch: "Looks over the crowd to see if anyone is going to volunteer.
[9:21] Gera Heliosense shuffles her bare feet and looks away in shame, squinting her eyes
[9:21] YT Recreant: boat house it is
[9:21] pigfat emm sorry hunny i is caught up in tha moment and emm any time i ken see you nakee is emm a treat *blushes*
[9:21] Brenton Darkwatch: "I guess I can do it alley cat"
[9:22] YT Recreant: ah, wonderful SIr Brenton, if you then please assist?
[9:22] Elaesa Darcy turns and tosses the sharpie to Sir Brent with a grin.
[9:22] Brad Henusaki: Smiles over ella and "umm i think alley is doing fine and yes defiant im listening"
[9:22] Brad Henusaki: turn over defiant
[9:22] Gera Heliosense follows Alley to the boathouse, hanging her head in shame
[9:22] pigfat emm who is tha bald guy?
[9:22] Brad Henusaki: turns*
[9:23] YT Recreant pats the stretchbank "up here - before i have to push you
[9:24] Gera Heliosense nods and climbs on the bench
[9:24] YT Recreant locks the ankle and wrist binders and then rummages in her pouch finding a phat felt tip marker "this will last longer" - handing it to Sir Brenton
[9:25] Gera Heliosense looks up to Sir Brenton and Alley and her lips quiver again
[9:25] Brenton Darkwatch: smiles as he looks down at the tied female. Taking the marker from Alley cat. "Alright."
[9:25] Brenton Darkwatch: alright
[9:25] Gera Heliosense sees Ava and calls out to her softly"I never meant to make you angry, Presidente
[9:25] YT Recreant nods "so, i would say, we mark her front, so anyone can see what is not allowed and she will stay this way for a day
[9:26] A. slowly eases herself down onto the ground to sit, "You need to think more when you dress."
[9:26] pigfat oh! reckon that would make a girl taller?
[9:26] Gera Heliosense nods sadly, then watches Brent and Alley with big eyes
[9:26] YT Recreant nods to SIr Brenton "maybe we write on her breasts: tits stay bare"
[9:26] YT Recreant: or any other ideas? we need to keep it simple, for seabreeze
[9:27] Gera Heliosense pouts at that but shuts up
[9:27] Jasmine Wirefly: emm on her asss "no panties"
[9:27] Brenton Darkwatch: He take the cap off the marker. Makes the marker to her breast and writes: tits stay bare across them. "Okay what else?"
[9:28] Gera Heliosense tries to put on a brave smile
[9:28] YT Recreant shakes her head "no, pigfat, she can't look at her ass" then nods to brenton "and along her thighs maybe "my pussy stays visible"? or can we word that shorter?
[9:28] Brenton Darkwatch: Have to flip her over to write on her ass.
[9:28] A. chimes in, "Bare pussy."
[9:28] pigfat sniffs the aroma of the marker's trying to get high
[9:28] Elaesa Darcy looks behind at the door, "Uhm...."
[9:29] Brenton Darkwatch: "bare pussy sounds good"
[9:29] YT Recreant nods "ok, bare pussy, works for me"
[9:29] Gera Heliosense: Uhm...but....if I try to read it , it will be upside down
[9:29] A. facepalms
[9:29] Elaesa Darcy rubs the back of her neck, "But what if she just goes home and dresses? Won't that just cover everything?"
[9:29] Brenton Darkwatch: He writes bare pussy across her stomach with arrows pointing to her pussy.
[9:30] pigfat emm i think its supposta beso othr foks ken read it
[9:30] Gera Heliosense cringes and shuts up
[9:30] pigfat emm bet that tckled
[9:30] YT Recreant nods "if she dresses up, she is a crinimal, i would order her to stay like this for 1 day
[9:30] Brenton Darkwatch: Looks to Seabreeze. "You will just need people to read it to you."
[9:30] A. nods at that, "Sounds good Alley Cat."
[9:30] Gera Heliosense looks at Brent innocent and nods
[9:31] Elaesa Darcy: Maybe add that to her stomach: "Please read me my instructions"
[9:31] A. scowls at the innocent look
[9:31] pigfat emm wuz tha an eath dayor astonomicl day
[9:31] Brad Henusaki: "umm... Sorry for interrupting but do any of you folks know where the hospital is?
[9:31] pigfat emm yonder "points across the water"
[9:31] Brenton Darkwatch: "Do we have a hospital?"
[[9:31] A.: We don't have a hospital, Sir. Is something wrong?
[9:32] YT Recreant grins "ok, let this pen ink dry in a bit
[9:32] pigfat emm hey go one yu ken et to y boat
[9:32] Sir Defiant hangs back a little, watching this unfold, cringing inwardly as he can forsee the eventual result.
[9:32] Brad Henusaki: "oh nothing i was just curious sorry for interrupting and by the way i think that you can give her more pain, she can take it"
[9:33] A. looks curiously at Brad, "You know this seabreeze?"
[9:33] Janay Freenote hears a commontion and walks in to see what is going on.
[9:34] Gera Heliosense strains her neck to look at Brad and frowns"Well I never seen that man in my life"
[9:34] Janay Freenote: you mean you don't know him. everyone saw him on trial and in jail, seabreeze.
[9:34] Brad Henusaki: "oh no miss. but i know these kind of lawbreakers.. they can take more pain than anyone can take" looks to seabreeze with disgust.
[9:34] A. nods, "I am curious to find out why he knows so much about Glint."
[9:35] pigfat he one of them spy alts what they got?
[9:35] Gera Heliosense narrows her eyes and shoots Brad a dagger look
[9:35] pigfat oh! how dee missy janay
[9:36] Janay Freenote smiles and waves at moose then looks to the speaking sir, "Sir, isn't that why they were made?"
[9:36] YT Recreant looks at the drawing "pink was always my favorite color"
[9:36] Brad Henusaki: "hey hey hey.. Im not a spy and yes i know glint very well because my first time here was like 1 year ago. and now i returned after a long break."
[9:37] Brenton Darkwatch: While he waits for the ink to dry he begins to run his arm up and down her leg as he looks over to see what is going on with the group across the room.
[9:37] pigfat emm likely story
[9:37] YT Recreant: Presidente - are you ok with this? or do you wish some more to be added?
[9:38] A. shakes her head, "Sounds good to me, Alley Cat."
[9:39] pigfat cranes her neck to watch
[9:39] YT Recreant smiles and unfastens the wrists - and ankle clamps "good to go, lawbreaker - and now show yourself to the audience, like this, for until tomorrow, same time
[9:40] Janay Freenote raises an eyebrow at seabreeze while wondering what she did.
[9:40] pigfat grins as she stares at seabreezes naked ass
[9:40] Brenton Darkwatch: seeing he is done. He puts the lip back on the marker adn hands it back to alleycat
[9:41] pigfat looks up rolling her eyes looking innnocent
[9:41] Janay Freenote giggles when she stands up then looks down to the side.
[9:41] YT Recreant: and, my Owner, are you feeling any better?
[9:42] Brad Henusaki: "you letting her off?"
[9:42] A. gets up slowly and sighs, "Yes, I am better, I think."
[9:42] YT Recreant helps Ava up, then looks at the guy "do you want her place?"
[9:43] Brad Henusaki: "no thanks but i didnt understand.. why did you let her off?"
[9:43] YT Recreant: because she has the instrucitons on her body now for all to read
[9:44] pigfat emm you gonna take her place on the rack?
[9:53] Brenton Darkwatch: I will see you all later.
[9:54] A.: Take care Sir Brent
[9:54] pigfat emm by mister
[9:55] A. rotates around on her butt to greet the woman new to Glint. "Good afternoon. I am Ava."
[9:55] Brad Henusaki: sighs.."hot day isnt it?"
[9:55] pigfat yawns and stretches her flabby arms. Emm reckon i gonna take a nap .....see y'all
[9:56] A. smiles, "Take care pigfat."
[9:56] Brad Henusaki: "take care"
[9:56] YT Recreant waves
[9:56] pigfat whistles for her bird
[9:59] A. tries again, addressing the woman in the white shirt, "Let me welcome you to Glint."
[9:59] A. tilts her head back and smiles at her Alley Cat, "Help me up, too many donuts."
[9:59] Kazuki Ishtari looks to the woman standing above the rack and smiles "Hello my name is Kaz"
[10:00] Dylan Mathys giggles softly to himself when he hears the donut comment
[10:00] Brad Henusaki: "I am boreeeed!"
[10:01] Dylan Mathys: then go play with the croc?
[10:01] A. hefts herself up, grunting a bit as she does, and stretching when she stands.
[10:01] YT Recreant smiles silently
[10:01] A.: goddamn donuts.
[10:02] Gera Heliosense: If you are bored, sir...go and find yourself a sheep
[10:02] A. waves to everyone, "Heading home to check on a few things-see you all later."
[10:02] YT Recreant grins at seabreezes comment
[10:02] A.: come my Alley Cat :)
[10:02] YT Recreant follows "gladly, my Owner"
[10:02] Brad Henusaki: "take care"
[10:02] Gera Heliosense: Bye dear Ava...and I am so sorry.
[10:03] Kazuki Ishtari: I was wondering if you could direct me to find a place to stay. I am in need of a place to store my things and prepare for my searches
[10:03] Brad Henusaki: "well seabreeze.. Wanna be my sheep" grins evilly
[10:03] Gera Heliosense: Yes, you could store your things in the could sleep there too
[10:04] Gera Heliosense: and no sir, I don't want to be your sheep
[10:04] Kazuki Ishtari smiles "many thanks, could you direct me towards that way?"
[10:04] Dylan Mathys just shakes his head a moment as he listens to the humans speak wondering if the man thought himself clever
[10:04] Dylan Mathys: its over here hooman
[10:05] Brad Henusaki: "I was just joking. By the way I am Brad, Master Brad."
[10:05] Kazuki Ishtari smiles "Thanky ou for you time" *walks off to find her lodgings*
[10:05] Gera Heliosense: yes of course, I'll show you.She is about to hop off the bench and gives Brad a bitchy look
[10:05] Brad Henusaki: offers her his hand.
[10:05] Kazuki Ishtari smiles "That would be loveley, thank you"
[10:06] Gera Heliosense looks at him suspiciously but takes his hand and hops down"Thank you, Master Brad"
[10:06] Dylan Mathys wiggles his fingers at Gera before scunching up his nose at her and sticking out his tongue in the hopes that it would cheer her up a bit but he didnt count on it working
[10:06] Brad Henusaki: may i escort you to the place where you go.
[10:07] Gera Heliosense: She slips her delicate hand out of Brads and smiles at Dylan
[10:08] Gera Heliosense looks past them and spots Sir Defiant. She blushes and gives him a geeky smile
[10:08] Dylan Mathys raises his hand victoriously as he notices the slight smile before happily making his way out of the building to find something to eat
[10:08] Brad Henusaki: Defiant I think we shold escort thes to ladys.
[10:09] Sir Defiant makes his way to the little geek girl, nodding softly at her smile. "Escort them where?"
[10:10] Brad Henusaki: " I think thy must go to some place right miss. seabreeze?"
[10:10] Gera Heliosense: yes to the bordello sir
[10:11] Brad Henusaki: than we can escort them right defiant?
[10:11] Sir Defiant frowns softly. "They are sending you to the bordello, seabreeze?"
[10:11] Brad Henusaki: "umm sorry but.. what is bordello?"
[10:11] Gera Heliosense: She eyes Defiant curious"How come they let you out, sir? ...oh no , they don't send me to the bordello, I am just showing this miss the way there
[10:12] Gera Heliosense: a bordello is a ...."she looks at Brad" You really don't know?"
[10:12] Sir Defiant sighs softly. "Thank gods. I am on parole... not pardoned yet but i can wander the island until I have finished my sentence. Why dont we have this guy here escort her, then you and I can talk."
[10:13] Gera Heliosense nods"Ah I see...on parole. Yes I would like that..uhm..she looks around , wondering where Brad went
[10:14] Kazuki Ishtari: Well, I can find it on my own if that is ok, do I need to speak with anyone once i get there?
[10:14] Gera Heliosense: No you can just walk in and take the room you like best
[10:15] Kazuki Ishtari smiles "That sounds great, Thank you again, it is very much appreciated"
[10:15] Gera Heliosense: you just have to move over on the bed if anyone needs to use it
[10:16] Sir Defiant: I don't have a terribly long time right now, seabreeze cutie - but we were so rudely interrupted before.
[10:16] Kazuki Ishtari turns and quietly walks out the door in search of her lodgings
[10:16] Sir Defiant blows the dark girl a kiss and a soft wink, knowing he will see her soon.
[10:17] Gera Heliosense blushes and smiles at him, rather smitten"Thats fine sir..I hope to see you soon"
[10:17] Sir Defiant: Oh i have a few moments for an old friend... just not much more - and I must admit I love your outfit.
[10:18] Gera Heliosense bites her lip and looks down on herself"Not much of an outfit...I...well...I had hoped to stay a mystery for you but there you go
[10:19] Sir Defiant smiles softly. "Oh dont worry, cutie, I think no less of you. Shame about that paint though, whoever did that mess should be shot."
[10:20] Gera Heliosense smiles at him again, then shakes her head slowly and frowns"Oh no sir...I deserve this punishment...I was stupid again"
[10:20] Gera Heliosense: Somehow I never get it right with our dress code
[10:20] Sir Defiant sighs softly. "You were - you were caught."
[10:21] Gera Heliosense: uhm..."She makes big eyes, then nods, obviously in awe of him"yes...that was stupid of get caught"
[10:22] Sir Defiant: Still, I was as stupid recently. A mistake I do not plan on repeating, i assure you. I shall not be caught again.

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