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The full life

Sir Defiant, The Dark Den's new PinUp boy
My new saddle!
Lots of people, all talking at once
More people talking at once, in the foreground, Pigfat aka Moose being bullied byAlley aka YT

I was on my bike in town when I met Sir Defiant and shortly after Robin. We chatted for a while then Defiant asked me if I could hand over my bike for a moment. He took it and dissapeared inside the laundry, came back and satrted to work on it. Doing something to the saddle. When he was done he presented it to me proudly.
He had fixed a dildo through the saddle! Which mean whoever rides the bike, pushing the pedals, this dildo will move up and down. Needless to say that I was overwhelmed, especially because he'd made this especially for me.
He urged me to try it out straight away and in front of him and Robin and preferable with my clothes off so the full effect could be watched. Because "The point of giving a present is when you see the person fully enjoy it. You surely wouldnt take that pleasure away from me, would you pretty?"
So....uhm....what could I do.
Meanwhile Andi gave another tour to some guests, one of them had been to the Den before and asked where all the house slaves had gone. So Andi explained to him that the sisterhood acts kind of like a house slave group now.
A girl named Lucy came by, wearing panties under her silks. I would have let her off, knowing the fashion problem one has with some silks but Sir Defiant and Robin spotted it straight away and Defiant to prove a point, stripped Robind shorts down, lifted her off the ground and commanded Lucy to step closer and have a look at what "no panties" means. I might add that by that time Sir Defiant had allowed me to but my dress back on. Lucy still wasn't impressed and then Sir Defiant actually did something amazing. He hypnotized Lucy, making her not only strip fully but also masturbating right there in front of everybody. He then made her believe that she was a dog. She dropped to her hands and knees and growled and sniffed. I think Sir Defiant is slowly but surely becoming my new Dark Den Pin up boy, taking over the title from dear Sir Ulric. He is not only very dominant and suave, always in comand of the situation, he is also rather cute to look it. A real handsome man. So yes, I want Defiant posters up on my bedroom wall. Only I don't think my beloved sir would tolerate that.
Alley came by and I was told to show her my new saddle. I didn't really wanted to but didn't know how to convince Sir Defiant. Surely enough, Alley made a snide remark. Prezz Ava arrived going straight to the hot dog cart because since she is with child she has an appetite for hotdog with strawberry jelly, Sir Jarethe was there, Selina, Janay, Ella. And then my sweet Moosey came in a stunning red dress:

pigfat oh! oh! well mister Eirodih gonna take me dancing yonder at tha other beer dillo. I got me this here dress fixed up so i look nice and all"
YT Recreant plays a bit with the fabric of the dress "so, you certainly want to look good later for the dance, yes?"
pigfat starts to studder as alley approaches "emm yes yes..err"
Gera Heliosense: Who is Mister Eirodih?
YT Recreant: no Jarethe - that is Ava's preferred source of food as of late, provided by this cutie here in the red tent
pigfat emm its not a tent missy alley! Nope! its part of that parachute i used to get here last time
YT Recreant steps with one foot onto the fabric that lays on the ground, from the dress and begins to push moose slowly backwards "you discuss with me?"
pigfat tries to resist the movement "missy alley your gonna tear ma dress"
YT Recreant smiles and keeps pushing you back, but slow, so you have time to answer "tell me, did you want to discuss with me?"
pigfat emm discuss what missy alley? "please stop pushing" *fabric starts to slowly rip*
YT Recreant glares into your eyes, stops pushing "when i say it is a tent, then it is a...?"
Jasmine Wirefly: ya know missy alley I dont know why you is so bossy. I mean you act like you own tha place when you is a pet and part time gardner!
YT Recreant pushes you swiftly backwards while the foot stays on the dress "oops - and do you know why i am bossy?"
Gera Heliosense's head jerks around when she hears what Pigfat just said.
pigfat stumbles backward and the dress falls off her ample waist. Her thick thighs exposed. She looks at teh crowd perhaps hoping for support "well emm kinda bossy yeah. I mean you could be nicer? I could give you a nice bottle of my secret moonshine what would help you relax?"
YT Recreant pokes pigfats left breast, several times, and each poke is a word "i - am - bossy - because - i - can" then smiles "because you are all like sheep and i am the shepherd.. simple.. i guess i wil claim to be shepherd now too"
Gera Heliosense bikes over to Pigfat and Alley
pigfat begins to show tears dripping down her chubby cheeks. "Please missy alley i gotta be ready fur my date." She tries to smile reaching down for her dress or whats left of it. "I don't want no trouble"
YT Recreant frowns "nay, you do not want to appear in a torn dress. hm? my grandma said then that no dress is better than a torn dress... why don't you just strip and go dancing naked?"
pigfat *studders and begins crying* because i anna look nice fur mister Eirodih
YT Recreant pokes your breast again, deeper "meeeeeeh" like a sheep
Gera Heliosense feels her heart fly out to Pigfat"Oh please, Alley...leave her alone
YT Recreant glares to seabreeze "you suggest? while fucking a leather dildo on your saddle?"
Gera Heliosense blushes and sighs"Yes, so? leave her alone...please don't spoil her day
YT Recreant grins at seabreeze "why dont you make a round around the block till you cum, looked quite impressive, that thick thing in your pussy"
pigfat glances at seabreeze showing a nervous smile
YT Recreant smiles at pigfat "now, what are you, are you my little sheep?"
pigfat please missy alley why you gotta be a bully?
Gera Heliosense: yes" she frowns, I will do that in a moment...being the horny bitch you always like to make me out....but now stop bullying Pigfat"
[8:24] YT Recreant grabs the remainings of the dress and starts to tear it off "because - i - can " then as the dress is off "because you are a sheep"
A. snorts, "Alley Cat is not a bully. Alley Cat does what the men should be doing."
A.: In my mind, you all should thank her
A. huffs and sits down
YT Recreant nods at her Owner and then short to seabreeze "there"
A. continues ranting, "When weak men come in, ones you would want to submit to, Alley Cat runs them off."
Gera Heliosense looks down, not daring to say anything to Arva. She looks helpless at Pigfat whispers sorry and backs off
pigfat stuggling crying and stamping her feet causing her thick thighs to jiggle and boobs to bounce "why you gotta pick on me missy alley? I aint done nothin"
YT Recreant: answer, what are you, pigfat?
pigfat crys then trys to speak "emm well i is a cook and hot dog vendor and emm i is tha taxi driver and ower generator person"
YT Recreant reaches into the small bag at her belt and drags out a pink felt tip marker "no - you are a fat pig, and a sheep"
pigfat sighhs and tries to hold her tears back "ok im a sheep missy, a sheep" puts her hands to her eyes lifting her glasses to wipe tears
A. hrrms, "I have been eating an awful lot of hot dogs." She eyes Moose's cart and smacks her lips together
lacey Flinders nods sagely "i would imagine that is it, then, Ava, especially if provided by Sir Jarethe"
Gera Heliosense watches Pigfat crying and almost cries herself feeling so sorry for her
A. says, the innuendo going straight over her head in her distraction, "No, I've been getting the meat from Pigfat." She hauls herself up and trots towards the hot dog cart
YT Recreant swats your thigh "turn around, fat pig" then turns to the audience "someone here who knows how to write?"
A. opens the cart and rummages around, nabbing three hot dogs, looking a little guilty as she does so, and tiptoeing back to her spot
Lucy Tearfall looks away, she knows how to write but wants no part of whatever is about to happen
pigfat 's jiggles and she whines but obeys
YT Recreant looks at her Owner "can you help me please?"
A. squeezes a packet of strawberry jelly on the hot dog and looks around, "I am eating, surely someone else knows how to write?"
YT Recreant looks at the crowd "i am sorry i have to ask you, my Owner, but these here are all sheep, meeeehhh"
lacey Flinders watches Ava put strawberry jelly on the hotdog. She shudders and falls over in a faint.
pigfat crying "what yo gonna do to me missy alley?"
Elaesa Darcy wakes from her daydream, "I can write, Alley."
A. sighs and puts down the hot dog, wiping her lips and barely able to pull herself away from it. "Oh-thank you Ella." She smiles in relief and attacks her hot dog.
YT Recreant smiles at Ella and hands her over the felt tip pen "two cheeks, two words... on the left please the word "fat"
Elaesa Darcy nods, and leans forward, pen poised. "Can I practise my calligraphy and make it all fancy?"
Gera Heliosense frowns and watches
YT Recreant coughs "keep it readable please, and simple.. .i mean, pigfat and .. decoration, that is like fishes on the bike"
pigfat please missy i was just tryin to look nice
YT Recreant: yeah, trying - i can put a fat piece of ham in a dress and it would look nicer
Elaesa Darcy nods to alley and begins to write out the letters as neatly as possible. She resists the urge to add a pretty butterfly over the "t".
Jasmine Wirefly sobs
Lucy Tearfall shakes her head derisively, edges her way towards the alley
YT Recreant swats the left cheek and then nods to Ella "now on the right please the word "pig"
pigfat humiliated and crying
Gera Heliosense clears her throat"thats shameful to spoil a girls important day, how can she meet her date like this?"
YT Recreant nods to seabreeze "i will take care of you in a moment, sheep 2"
Elaesa Darcy nods again and places pen to skin, inking out the letters as instructed. She stands and caps the pen, returning it to alley. "There you go."
Gera Heliosense backs off quickly
A. sighs and throws the hot dog at seabreeze, aiming for her back and a pleasant splatter of strawberry jelly
YT Recreant smiles "thank you so much Ella" then watches the ink dry on the skin
Gera Heliosense jumps a bit when the hotdog hits her back and the jelly runs down and into her dress
pigfat feeing the writing n her ample ass as she is bent over. Her naked boobs dangling low and jiggling as he crys
YT Recreant smiles and pats the bum "and next time, if you behave, i will maybe have "fat sheep" written on your arse"
pigfat gets up and tries to see what was written on her big ass...

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