Samstag, 10. Juli 2010


There is a truck in Glint now. It belongs to Alley and is powered by the fuel from that stranded tanker. Alley took me for a ride, in both ways, and then we sat and talked until Sir Lottsa came along. He was hitting on Alley, I made a joke, Alley drew her gun and bang...that was the end of a peaceful girls day out. Oh wait. We did have some fun later when my beloved sir came and we all went swimming, apart from my beloved sir who dusted and cleaned his gun and watched us. My beloved sir thinks its neccessary now to be armed because according to Cookie, Alley has gone bonkers, running around and shooting at people with her shiny new gun. I don't think Alley is mad, i think she is just her lovely unpredictable self, alas the others don't agree.

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