Montag, 21. Januar 2013

New Laws in Glint!

Oh my god, this is so exciting!!!

Ma'am has pronounced new Laws:

"One.  Henceforth males and females may dress as they wish - no limitations - save that females must be barefoot and may not wear panties."

"Two. Only males and Paw me may bear weapons. Any male not bearing a weapon may present himself for service as a male bar-tender. The dress code for that role is generally naked."

"Three. Males need to take care to expect to be challenged by other males and La Presidente and the Paw Me if they exhibit "soft" behaviour."

I can wear belts again, and skirts and funny that this law comes now, when I found out for myself that i like to walk naked.

And this amazing woman...she gives the women of Glint their dignity back, and to make sure that the borders stay clear she demands more masculinity from the males. At last!
Because how easy was it for any wimpy jerk to feel manly when he was surrounded by vulnerable naked females all the time. Now that will change!

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