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Different views

The scene:
Right outside the side entrance of the bar

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Hmm.. that panther ... tends to be noisier then I'd think it to be for a hunting cat."

Y.T. (yt.recreant) waves at Gera "Hello

Gera Heliosense: Ma'am!
Gera Heliosense: she smiles
Gera Heliosense: Do you have a moment?

Y.T. (yt.recreant): sure I do. here?

Gera Heliosense: yes that will be fine

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "Ok

The two start talking for a while quietly.

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) gives a slight, bow, to the prez. "I was just, finding curiousity over the strung up vb.. and, a bit confused as to the articale in the paper over it."

Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins at Jarethe "Gera wrote a fine article, I have heard

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) glances towards the street. "I didn't know ubars were real, I thought they were, myth, like atlantisians"

Y.T. (yt.recreant): oh I met once an ubar.. well, until I stripped her naked.. then she was no ubar anymore

Gera Heliosense hears Jarethe's voice, turns and waves to him"Good day, Sir Jarethe"

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "If she was an ubar, then... did you maybe find evidence as to where the city of Ubar is located? "

Y.T. (yt.recreant) shrugs "she kept talking about someplace called gor. but then I gagged her, so, I did not learn more
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) begins walking towards the entrence, his hand reaching over to tweak a vb nipple as he passes, guaging to see if she was still passed out. "Hello, gera."

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) brows furrow... "Gor, not Ubar?"

Gera Heliosense: An urbar is a person, I thought ..not a place

Y.T. (yt.recreant) shrugs "yah, she said, something like gor and she was an ubar there.. but that is all I know
Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) sighs... "Too bad, if she talked about gor and not Ubar. " He looks to gera. "Ubar is a place, an ancient lost city, like Atlantis, it's said to hold riches comparible to the sunken city, but these are riches of the Gods. things beyond human comprehension."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "she said the place was gor and her job an ubar.. .. and hello Mister Legion

Legion Farslider "Ma'am"

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles. "it's one of the holy cities, even mentioned in the Quar'an."

Gera Heliosense smiles"Hi Legion" she tiptoes and kisses him

Legion Farslider smiles and bends to take a kiss

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) shrugs. "Well, that is a shame then, it would have been nice, to have found such a link, to.. untold wealth, and , dietrich power.. Might have, given Glint quite the world boost in , trade and bargaining with the UN."

Y.T. (yt.recreant) shrugs "who needs the UN anyways

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) grins. "not need... but use."

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "that is of course.. a difference yes

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks over his shoulder. "would make getting supplies, in larger quantities, easier, instead of having to do under the radar drops and barracade blasts."

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles and nods "yah, I saw the crates, what is in them?

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "your officer of trade, had made a few orders. So far, the only ones that slipped past the patrols, was the chocolate, and a few cases of wine." He frowns and glances over the bay again. "medicine was intercepted."

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks at the prez. "She mentioned, that the seal of glint was lost, and being remade. I refused to , try to acquire fabrics until I got an official acquisition form for them." He grins and winks. "I wouldn't want to be, responsible, if any fabric I brought in, was suddenly found sewn into , contraband like , panties."

Y.T. (yt.recreant) tongues my cheek "ah well, our doctor is capable to .. handle shortages of supplies there, as she has shown to Mister Legion lately.

Legion Farslider nods

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks to legion. "I read about that, a snake bite.. or something, did they find the snake?"
Legion Farslider shakes head "no, to be honest i never sawy whatever is was that struck me. i have learned to avoid walking through tall grass though."

Y.T. (yt.recreant): I bet it was a scoprion.. we have some of them here.. snakes are rare.. at the moment.. we had a party with snake soup.. sooo

Legion Farslider "if so Ma'am a large one. the marks were above my boots."

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "That is.. quite interesting, From what I read, to be able to make a effective anti-venom, you need the venom of the snake that bit ya, otherwise, you could be inadvertently poisoned if the wrong antivenom was used. Of course, if it wasn't venomous , that is a whole other story..." He raises his finger to his chin in a look of contemplation and then smirks. "Unless of course.. the doc, just wanted an excuse... to..."

Gera Heliosense: to what?

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) grins a bit more.. " an excuse to place her lips on Legion here."

Legion Farslider snorts

Gera Heliosense smiles
Gera Heliosense: yes, possible

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) shrugs. "call it flirting, in a medicinal practitioner way"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) listens relaxed

Gera Heliosense smirks and looks at Legion

Legion Farslider shrugs "i'm but a simple sailor. all i know is that what she did seemed to help"

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) jerks his thumb over his shoulder towards vb. "By the way... the vote casters on her, they can be of.. anything?"

Y.T. (yt.recreant): sure they can

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "like, a small furry lab rat , that might have somehow gotten into a bottle of viagra.. could possibly find it's way, to register a vote?"

Y.T. (yt.recreant): yes yes.. any male life form

Gera Heliosense pulls a face

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smile widens. "I'm sure she will be quite overwhelmed to learn, that little bit of info."
Legion Farslider looks at Ma'am "is the voting box open Ma'am?"

Gera Heliosense: you..want to stuff a rat up her pussy?

Y.T. (yt.recreant) laughs "the box is open, yes

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) twists his lip. "I tried to check on her a moment ago, she seems passed out, not sure what from, no marks or anything, maybe just exhaustion, or lack of food and water?"

Gera Heliosense: oh water, she needs water poor thing

Legion Farslider nods "then i should do my civic duty. it won't take long. i'll skip the foreplay." looks sadly at gera.

Gera Heliosense rushes inside.

Y.T. (yt.recreant) laughs and watches.

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks at gera. "I'm quite certain, I have no idea what yo are referring to, I'd never had done such a thing, to a verified Glintian. I'm just... addressing someething that , could possibly happen, and if it does would the vote count"

Legion Farslider wanders in to vb and slaps her face a few time.

Y.T. (yt.recreant): vb sleeps anyway a lot.. I would not wait on her to wake up

Gera Heliosense: The looks at Lefion and frowns, then softly reaches up and strokes vb's tits:"vb...sweetie? can you hear us?"

Legion Farslider spits into my hand and then roughly rubs it into her cunt forcing my fingers inside of her.

Gera Heliosense daps vb's lips with a soaking wet cloth.

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Hmm... you know, if she ends up, with a 5 vote to be an ubar.. then, she will need to be checked regularly, to be certain she isn't violating another... law she is to maintain." He smirks a bit as his hand rises to grab a lock of his hair. "Right?"

Legion Farslider pulls my cock out of my pants and steps closer lifting her legs and then suddenly ramming my cock into her dry tender tissues

Gera Heliosense shrugs "she is sleeping "
Gera Heliosense: steps back and gasps at the sight of Legion fucking the unconcious vb.
Gera Heliosense: wow

Legion Farslider holding her legs open i dispassionately pound myself into her.

Gera Heliosense watches fascinated.

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles. "well, voting polls don't require responsive reaction to cast votes anyway."

Legion Farslider looks at gera somewhat sadly

Gera Heliosense: there is a certain beauty in necrophile sex.

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) shakes his head. "not necrophilia, vb is still breathing."

Gera Heliosense: but she looks dead

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) shakes his head. "sexsomnia I think it is called."

Legion Farslider half smiles "ive had worse"

Gera Heliosense: Legion is visually fucking a dead girl

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiels and just looks "i.. bet.. she wil think twice in the future to to tease the museum curator

Gera Heliosense nods

Legion Farslider continues ramming myself in and out of her unresponsive cunt

Gera Heliosense: sexomania is fucking a sleeping person , yes?

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) eyes spark as he looks at gera. "My, interesting... you have, developed into quite the .. tormentor."

Y.T. (yt.recreant): she.. has certain abilities that surfaced only the past days

Gera Heliosense shakes her head"no not at all, just doing my job

Legion Farslider quickly reaches climax delivering my vote of warm seed inside vb
Legion Farslider pulls out and sheepishly steps back letting her legs fall

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) grins and slowly nods his head. "who knew, that shoving a set of panties up a lawbreakers snatch, and packing them in with the butted end of a dildo.. would bring out such a side in you."

Legion Farslider puts my dick away and checks to make sure all is in order

Gera Heliosense eagerly gets out her notepad and signs a dash"so first vote...inside her...means yes for ubar"
then turns and looks at Jarethe"wrong that was not enjoyable at all"

Legion Farslider walks back and looks at gera with a sad smile

Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins as I listen to the banter between the two

Gera Heliosense caresses Legions cheek, still glaring at Jarethe.

Legion Farslider looks back guiltily at vb hanging on the post and then pats gera's rear.

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) turns slightly and gestures towards vb. "and yet, vb finds herself the strung up target, of something directed from you.. lets see, if the vote for ubar passes, ..." He grins. "she will be tortured by having to wear clothing all the time.. Ooo.. you are becoming quite the practicing sadist , gera."

Y.T. (yt.recreant) waves "Hello Captain Cam

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): nods over to YT and listens to the conversation as he helps himself to a drink

Gera Heliosense pushes her titties out to look bigger:" I am not a sadist..if anything I admire the beauty in things
Gera Heliosense: and beauty can be the strangest darkest things
Gera Heliosense: Hello Captain

Legion Farslider listens to gera

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) grins and shrugs. "Just saying, gera, not even I, would have thought up a punishment, that resulted in the person, being forced to break the basic law for females here in Glint, concerning clothing."

Gera Heliosense looks at YT" was ma'am who thought that up"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): lifts his glass to Gera and nods as he takes a sip

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks over towards the prez. "but I'm sure, it had to do with something gera mentioned, yes? she is quite good at innocent influence."

Gera Heliosense beams at the captain"please give your vote Captain
Gera Heliosense looks back at Jarethe, then Yt

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "oh, well.. actually it was my decision, because, vb is quite fond of strange things, like.. pubes... and arm pit hair..
Y.T. (yt.recreant): so, why not clothes?

Gera Heliosense laughs gently" true"

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) sighs. "ah... here I thought, for certain, that gera was starting to show a more... violent side, under all that innocence."

Legion Farslider stands deep i thought

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "gera? she is like.. the saint

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): Gives VB a swat on the ass and walks closer to the group.

Gera Heliosense: so you see, it was Ma'ams idea..."she shrugs" nono , you are the sadisr Jarethe, not are the one that stuffs...dead or living things into pussies

Legion Farslider nods to the captain

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) reaches into his pouch and pulls out a piece of torn red fabric. "Guess all there is to the evidence of her... sadist side, is this pice of cloth, fro mthe one time she was caught being, cruel in public."

village bike (brianna.aldridge): snorts and passes back out

Y.T. (yt.recreant): you mean the panty revolution that she tried?

Gera Heliosense blows her cheeks out"you forced me to do that, !

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "yes, during that time." He grins. "I might even still have the tears of the girl, that was crying begging gera to not do it, to not violate her in that way."

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) raises the cloth up towards the sunlight, looking for any tear stains.

Gera Heliosense narroes her eyes and taps her foot

Legion Farslider moves closer to gera

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) casts his glance back towards gera.. "and now you set your eye on vb.. vicious."

Gera Heliosense: if i was to collect tear soaked rugs from YOUR victims Jarethe, i could fill a swimming pool

Y.T. (yt.recreant) laughs "you are just teasing gera because you have a crush on her since.. ah well I forgot since how long

Legion Farslider looks up "isn't it more likely that vb is her own victim? the saying be careful what you wish for comes to mind in her case"

Gera Heliosense: ha rubbish...he hates me...we never got on

Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins wider

Gera Heliosense looks at Legion, her eyes brighten up

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) raises his other hand in a sign of mock surrender. "Hey, hey, this isn't about me.. my victims all know, what to expect when they are caught by me." he grins and laughs a bit at what the prez says. "But the victims of gera... are lured by honey, into the spiders parlor."

Gera Heliosense: yes! see? vb brought it up herself

Legion Farslider makes a slight nod to gera

Gera Heliosense purses her lip

Y.T. (yt.recreant): weeeeeell.. gera has my trust.. I think.. that settles the issue .. and if she faisl the paw me test.. then .. she loses that part of my protection too of course and vb.. can take revenge

village bike (brianna.aldridge) moans painfully "I did not." then passes back out

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) places the red fabric back into his pouch. "a keepsake, of course, to remind me, that most times innocence, is a facade."

Gera Heliosense swallows, the straightens up:"But I won't fail the test because i want to be a PawMe with all my soul
Gera Heliosense: She looks at Jarethe as he stuffs his rug back into his pouch

Y.T. (yt.recreant): well, then there is nothing to fear, once you are a Paw Me.. all what has lead to the current situation - is past

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) grins a bit wider. "interesting... a test eh." he glances over towards the innocent gera. "maybe that had something to do, with you trying to lure me to being your next victim of false innocence the other night."

village bike (brianna.aldridge) comes too for a moment and immediately hears the word revenge and mumbles "you bet cha" then passes back out

Gera Heliosense makes big eyes"What?"
Gera Heliosense: I didn't lure you into anything

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) shrugs and closes his eyes a bit in a big sincere smile. "you have always steered a large circle around me, and yet a night or two ago, you were all chummy and trying to seduce me."

Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins at Legion "don't listen too much to what Jarethe says.. they are.. making out secretly since years.. and deny it in the open"

Legion Farslider shrugs

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) eyes open and stare at gera.. "wait.. you were trying to set me up for something, weren't you?"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) laughs "oopsie

Gera Heliosense: Jarethe, you know very well that you scare the shit out of me, so...when i get unexpected too close to you....I try to keep up with you...out of...fear

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) eyes then turn to look at Legion. "ah.. I think I got it.. very interesting, I'll have to start calling you snake, gera." he nods towards Legion. "what kind of mean, evil stories has she told to you?"

Gera Heliosense holds on to Legion

Y.T. (yt.recreant) facepalms "she is not a snake.. she is as harmless as a butterfly

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) me lip curls into a slight smirk. "the distressed damsel."

Legion Farslider looks towards him "only that she loves and is completely devoted to Ma'am. I'm pretty sure that doesn't qualify as mean though."
Legion Farslider looks at Ma'am

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "yes yes.. she said that and I believe her
Y.T. (yt.recreant): even when she encouraged tom an hour ago to fuck me silly

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks over towards the prez. "I'm starting to think, I was mistaken so long ago, in thinking that cookie was the , mastermind behind the panty protest..." He looks at gera again, "it seems, she is quite a bit more.. sneaky then I thought."

village bike (brianna.aldridge) becomes fully conscious and hear continues chattering from behind her. But only listens for the moment

village bike (brianna.aldridge): continues to hear*

Gera Heliosense avoids Jarethe's glance when he mentions the damn panty project

Y.T. (yt.recreant): at the panty protest I was not in power anymore.. gera would not have run that against me

Gera Heliosense nods
Gera Heliosense: exactly

village bike (brianna.aldridge) blurts out "Dont trust that slut, Ma'am"

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) slaps his open palm agasint the side of the building. "Damn, yo know what that means, it means I've been tormenting cookie, for the wrong things.. Now I have to find a new reason."

Y.T. (yt.recreant): why should I not trust slut? she is now really trustworthy

Legion Farslider smiles at hearing Ma'am

Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins and then I rub my temple "the really bad thing is.. our bartenders are having their days off it seems" and sighs, walking into the bar

Gera Heliosense smiles to Ma'am and looks over to vb haughty: "vb you are not feeling well"

village bike (brianna.aldridge) wiggles painfully "She is a back stabber, Presidente. She will do it to you just like she did it to me"

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) glances over his shoulder towards the prez. "well, I hope yo uconsider me, trustworthy, if not for the governemnt directly, atleast, for the people of Glint, and Glint itself." He grins. "and maybe a particular governemnt official."

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "yah, I trust you all, and I love you all, emotionally, and at tiems physically... any drinks anyone?

Legion Farslider shakes head "no thank you Ma'am"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): turns hearing her mention drinks and holds up his glass as he walks back inside

village bike (brianna.aldridge)'s arms feel like they are going to fall off

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) laughs, and casts a gaze at gera again. "well, I'll keep my eyes on you, trickster."

Y.T. (yt.recreant) eyes the glass 2what would you like, for a drink, Captain?

Gera Heliosense sighs"not for me, i must go and rest"she glares at Jarethe"hope i don't dream of rats being pushd into pussies

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) steps over towards vb. "Hey, good news. the prez stated, that furry small rats can vote too."

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): slides his glass across the bar " A bourbon on the rocks" he turns to look at VB as she hangs in the chains

Y.T. (yt.recreant) walks to the board with glasses "bourbon is brown,.. yes"?

Gera Heliosense looks at Legion and sighs"I need sleep, Legion

village bike (brianna.aldridge) gasps "No way.. She would never say a thing like that

Legion Farslider nods to gera "of course you do"

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles even wider. "in fact, I think she said all life forms can vote.. so, that snake that bit legion, could even participate."

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): chuckles "Yes brown and in a bottle with red wax on the top"

Gera Heliosense waves"have a nice afternoon

village bike (brianna.aldridge): dont let him touch me, Sir, he is related that that slut gera. She is the reason I am hanging here

Legion Farslider waves goodbye "later all"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods and looks at all the bottles, then picks the one with the most colorful label and pours freshly brewed sugared lemon icetea into the glass and returns with a wide smile "one bourbon"

Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) leans intowards vb and loudly whispers. "I heard, that a snake continues to wiggle when it crawls inside a tight opening, someone said, kinda like a living pumpvibrator."

village bike (brianna.aldridge): tries to wave but only twitches her nose...

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