Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Jarethe looses his cool or the ever present paradox of the PRG

What happened in the bar last night can be read in detail here:

My own thoughts...
 "Like I said, every time I'm pleasant, things fail to work as they should,
 and I get pushed back to being... me...
Let it be known, that Males lead glint, not females.
 And Pawme.. are females....females have one purpose, " 

And with that his right hand slid to the front of his groin, unzipping his pants, and he raped slut before our very eyes.

For the first time in four years of living in Glint, Jarethe revealed so much about himself.
I was always scared of him because you fear the unknown.
I could not place him because unlike the other males he never acted sexual or rather never needed sexual oppression to undermine his power.

And despite all the violence and degradation he forced upon slut, i was far more startled by his confession "every time I'm pleasant, things fail to work as they should, and I get pushed back to being... me.." This didn't sound like some cold bastard. It sounded like a vulnerable lost boy! He is hurting. Jarethe is hurting. Inside there is a desire to be loved. Those lost boys are of course the most dangerous ones. Serial killer material. And yet, i could not help to feel with him.

But of course it was his other statement that let all hell loose. Males lead glint, not females. And Pawme.. are females.
And Ma'am is female too....

And  all this...does it not show perfectly the paradox of our oh so wonderful women degrading Matriarchat RPG ?

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