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A few truths - Smile and learn

[11:30] Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) looks at Bruno and Erikk blushing at what she is required to ask, "Can I get either of you a drink? Or perhaps a good blowjob?"
[11:31] Erikk Xeltentat I am fine, but thanks
[11:32] Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) just noticing the Woman, "Hi there, I'm Sweetie"
[11:32] Erikk Xeltentat cuts his eyes, good to see your Gera
[11:33] Gera Heliosense: hey Eric, long time no see..and thanks Sweetie but i am fine
[11:33] Bruno Caffarelli blinks at Sweetie's request and stammers in response "uh, no thanks, not right now anyway" and not hearing a response from Erikk guesses the answer and sighs .
[11:34] Erikk Xeltentat yes it has been, I hope the world has been treating you well, eyes scanning her still sleek body
[11:34] Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) nods and sets to cleaning the bar with an old rag
[11:37] Bruno Caffarelli looks back at Gera and says "I guess it is true, there is no way to get off this island. I suppose I am stuck here with nothing but these rags wrapped around my waist"
[11:38] Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) says under her breath, "Be glad you get those atleast. Half the time I don't have any"
[11:38] Gera Heliosense stands shy behind Bruno and nods slowly, trying to give him a cheerful smile:" Its...not so bad...once you get used to must know, Bruno...we all had to get used to it.
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[11:40] Bruno Caffarelli blinks at her "there has to be some way off the island? you would all starve to death if no one was bringing in food and other supplies!"
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[11:41] Gera Heliosense sighs:" We got enough food and water, the island provides all that...and as for the rest...uhm " she lowers her voice" the government provides for us...with certain connections"
[11:42] Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) nods at Gera's comment raising an eyebrow. "Yes they know how to get certain shipments through"
[11:43] Bruno Caffarelli blinks at Gera "OK, so the government must be getting supplies to the island somehow. So what do I have to do to get passage on a boat when it is leaving? I can find payment when I get back to civilization somewhere. who do I need to talk to?"
[11:44] Gera Heliosense waves her hand in front of Bruno's face"shhhh"
[11:45] Bruno Caffarelli looks at Gera confused "what is the matter?"
[11:45] Erikk Xeltentat there are certain way to procure food, candy, and other items, if one know the right people whol can evade the UN cutters.
[11:45] Bruno Caffarelli looks back at Erikk and asks "oh that is a start - who are those people?"
[11:46] Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) listens to the conversation intently
[11:46] Gera Heliosense: She looks around concerned , then she fakes a bright smile and coes:"Uhm ...Bruno..why don't you and I go somewhere ...more private?"
[11:46] Erikk Xeltentat "Kinda shrugs, I heard it though the rumor mill.", "I personally am not sure."
[11:47] Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) shrugs her shoulders, "Don't look at me...I would never go against La Presidente"
[11:47] Bruno Caffarelli looks at Gera and nods "OK, I'm game for that" since he is not getting anything useful out of Erikk or Sweetie.
[11:47] Bruno Caffarelli smiles at Gera "lead the way, Sweetheart!"
[11:48] Gera Heliosense turns around, waves good bye to Errik and Sweetie and leaves the bar with swaying hips
[11:48] Bruno Caffarelli waves goodbye to Erikk and Sweetie "so long, nice meeting you both"
[11:50] Gera Heliosense stops finally at the second floor of the museum
[11:50] Gera Heliosense: okay, we are pretty private far anyway
[11:51] Bruno Caffarelli nods "okay"
[11:51] Gera Heliosense: come
[11:51] Bruno Caffarelli lies down on the fur next to the girl
[11:51] Gera Heliosense: we better pretend that we are doing some lovey dovey
[11:52] Bruno Caffarelli smiles "I don't need to pretend, do you?"
[11:52] Gera Heliosense: Bruno? you must never openly ask questions about the government or la presidente
[11:53] Gera Heliosense smiles at his flirtations but then looks at him serious again
[11:54] Bruno Caffarelli strokes her hair gently and asks "why not?"
[11:57] Gera Heliosense swallows, looks around before smiling at him mellow, she touches his hair too, and plays with his dark curls:" Because although this here is a banana republic...and we all are simple and cheerful...we live in a dictatorship....La presidente, she is very charismatic....she is like a cross between...Hitler , Idi Amin and ..uhm...Tinkerbell
[11:59] Bruno Caffarelli snickers at the characterization of la presidente and asks "well, if people aren't really happy, then somethign needs to change! it's not right to hold people somewhere against their will. "
[12:03] Gera Heliosense: But Bruno..."she frowns:" she is not holding us...its the sea and the mysterious things ..that make people dissapear, you are safe here on the island, but don't try to get away on a boat, you won't survive. Stay here for a while, get used to the life, watch and learn..and smile Bruno, smile as good as you can, your life might depend on it. You might have a chance...but not now , first you must learn
[12:04] Bruno Caffarelli furrows his brow "what do you mean 'the sea and the mysterious things'?"
[12:07] Gera Heliosense: nobody knows , for many centuries no one ever solved the mystery of the bermuda triangle...but believe me Bruno, some things that happen are man-made...its just very hard to see through the...lies...and you never know who is bad or good...take La presidente, yes she is mad and she is cruel...but i believe she does not have her hands in the dark going ons ...thats others
[12:08] Bruno Caffarelli looks confused "I really don't understand what you are saying. If there are people who know how to get in and out to bring in supplies, then there is hope to try to convince them to let someone out on a trip to trade. I am going to find out how to do this."
[12:12] Gera Heliosense sighs and drops her hand , freeing his silky curls:" just promise me to be careful and not to rush won't find out who to ask or to trust unless you are one of them...and right now its imposiible , the old government has just been thrown over, now Ma'am and her tribe reign again. Who knows who will get the power and stay on her good side...
[12:14] Bruno Caffarelli smiles at the girl "ok I will be careful, it sounds like I need to try get on this 'ma'am's' good side. Where would I find her?"
[12:16] Gera Heliosense smiles and caresses his neck:" Good will find her in the jungle but thats dangerous because her tribe will catch you...better wait for her here in town. She visits the town everyday...she might even return to live here now that she is presidente again
[12:17] Bruno Caffarelli blinks at the mention of the tribe catching him "what do you mean her tribe will catch me?"
[12:18] Gera Heliosense: The Pawme, fierce tribe women, they can't read or write but hell, they are good with their bows.
[12:19] Bruno Caffarelli raises an eyebrow with a smile "sounds like amazons"
[12:21] Gera Heliosense: yes they are bit like that, only they don't cut a tit off " she smirks a little at that:" They protect Ma'am with her life.....I might join them soon...if you are not a PawMe , they make you a slave here
[12:22] Bruno Caffarelli blinks at the mention of being made a slave "so you mean everyone in town is a slave? Erikk did not seem to be a slave. What about ... Moose? and you?"
[12:25] Gera Heliosense: oh the men are ok, but us girls are easily made slaves. Moose and I were slaves before, we just managed to survive and got ourselves out of it. But it can happen again...a man is rather safe from slavery...unless La Presidente sets her eyes on you
[12:25] Bruno Caffarelli nods, listening, then frowns "so that will be tricky to get on her good side without her setting her eyes on me."
[12:28] Gera Heliosense: it will be impossible even..."she smiles and adds"and also, you are quite a beautiful man...we don't get a lot of them here...she might...want you for breeding...Then again, she might take a fancy with you and let you have priviledges, one never knows. Stay alert, smile and learn
[12:29] Bruno Caffarelli blinks at her mention of breeding "breeding?" then whistles "what is she running a baby factory or something?"
[12:32] Gera Heliosense smiles apologetic:" We are a small nation, we need to multiply...."she bites her lip:" Anyway, Bruno...keep in mind what i told you...i must go now, but promise me you will not rush things"
[12:34] Bruno Caffarelli strokes her head "ok I promise"
[12:35] Gera Heliosense nods and sits up, kissing his lips briefly:" Oh and Bruno...whatever you need to do, promise me you will never hurt her, ...because...I love her with all my heart"
[12:36] Bruno Caffarelli sits up and looks at Gera "who? ma'am?"
[12:37] Gera Heliosense: yes, ...Ma'am
[12:37] Gera Heliosense: its a long story to explain, i will tell you more next time, for now...take care, beautiful Adonis
[12:38] Bruno Caffarelli looks puzzled "well ok, but I am not sure how I could hurt her, when i have no weapons and dressed in a tiny loincloth. " he says with a grin.
[12:39] Gera Heliosense smiles:" you are a are strong..that counts more than weapons" she shrugs and quickly walks away, swaying her hips maybe a tad too much
[12:39] Bruno Caffarelli watches her saunter off .

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