Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Madness, fire, war and peace

It all started with a concerned Legion sending me a message to hurry over to the police station where he and Winter stood in the front of a cell, inside was Ma'am, sleeping obviously exhausted. Others like Erikk and vb were at the entrance and it was a chaos of voices and Fidel's growls . Winter and Legion told me that Ma'am had locked herself inside the cell to protect herself from Winter who, she claimed had tried to kill her. She then woke up and I tried to console her and get behind it all, and sooth her. So Legion and Winter sent everybody out and left me alone with Ma'am. She said that Winter had become jealous of Jarethe. And seeing them together had prompted his attempt to kill her. Legion and Winter though told a different story. They said Winter had no choice  but to chase her as she had been running rampant. Shooting at everybody  in sight and acting  like a mad and hurt animal. As soon as i was alone with her, she opened the cell, not to let me inside but to run past me, smiling suddenly and whispering:"Thanks that you got Winter away from the cell"

 So i had helped her to escape and  only now realised that she had gone mad indeed. A wild chase followed and ended at the run down spooky hotel where a fire had broken out and we had seen Ma'am running inside it. We found in a large room under a room , at the (secret?) headquarter of the Agency. While the crackling fire grew and ate the old wooden beams away fast, Ma'am stood there with her bow screaming at  her people to get away from her and the arrows flew.

In all the chaos Winter was burned badly after he had caught Ma'am and Legion  tied her up. I was devastated. We all could  not grasp what had happened to her.

We brought her to the bar and tried to calm her  but she stayed hysterical and screamed whenever Winter came close.
Then Chy entered the scene. Chy who is back in Glint finally and has since then done  nothing  but acting aloof and and arrogant and I admit I didn't like my former friend anymore since his return. And it seemed my sentiments were proved correct. He took Ma'ams side instead of helping us to calm her and speak sense to her. He agreed with her that Winter was after her, that we all would harm her and he was the only loyal friend left. She let him come close, he moved fast and a syringe with a yellow fluid suddenly shone bright in his raised hand. Winter, Erikk and Legion opened the fire on Chy, he fled and while the men went after him, Ma'am got free and ran also. From then on it was just terrible chaos. War had broken loose. Arrows flying everywhere , no place to hide. I ran between them and tended to the injured. A girl called Lisa, turned out to be the bravest, helping the men, getting them back to their feet.

When I saw  Winter laying at on the  ground and Chy approaching, ready to shoot him, I stepped between him. Chy told me to move out of the way and to think of my unborn child but  I knew Chy would not harm me. As much as I was disappointed  of him, I knew he would not harm me in my condition. Anything but not that. And he didn't. His hesitance bought enough time for Lisa to tend to Winter and all of us escaping in a surprise moment. And on it went. Slut appeared and thinking it was us who wanted to harm Ma'am fought on Chy's side and against us. Finally Chy broke the confusion when he told me that he could  get Ma'am and  sedate her midly if we would trust  him and stay out of his way. I tolf the others we had no other choice  but to believe my former friend. And alas, when he came  back from the jungle he carried a drowsy, giggly Presidente  in his arms. And then he told us that he was with the Agency since his return to Glint.

We brought her to the Agency Office and laid her down gently. She  seemed utterly exhausted. The men were all sent outside so that we women could tend to her.
Ma'am recovered quickly and then....but...we ..should not talk about was...oh ..just silly girly  talk, no I must  not talk about it....And Ma'am took her PawMe and went to the jungle to celebrate and told Martha and me to return to the men and tell them...all was good now...

The end of this day ended in the bar. How quiet it was after all the turmoil. And we spoke quietly and agreed to stay peaceful just like Ma'am and the PawMe somewhere in the jungle.

Once though, I look up into the evening sky and I spotted Chy. He lay on the roof of the Agency office building. Seemingly resting. And I wondered how long he had been laying there and what he might have heard from the conversation that Ma'Am had with us Glint women behind closed doors...

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