Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Alll back to the start line or Whatever happened to Ma'am?

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): clangs the bars " You awake in there?"

Gera Heliosense opens her eyes slowly

Gera Heliosense: hm?

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): " Looks like you got yourself in a lot of trouble"

Gera Heliosense narrows her eyes at him

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): leaning closer he whispers " If you are going to do something like overthrow a government then you should make sure you have everything covered"

Gera Heliosense sighs" I did not intend to overthrow tha government. Vb said that to get her revenge.

Gera Heliosense: its a lie

Gera Heliosense: we are all the same shit heads

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): nods as he looks around to make sure nobody is around " I owe you one right? Well I may be in a position to get you out since I have been appointed judge by presidente"

Gera Heliosense: you...have been appointed judge?

Gera Heliosense: she gets up and her hands clamp around the bars

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): nods at her and smiles slyly " That's right, I'm a judge now and that gives me some sway with your situation but it's going to be a two way street. I'll be expecting your cooperation in the future"

Gera Heliosense tilts her head and looks suspiious" cooperation, I see...what kind of deal do you have in mind?

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): "Right now I don't have a specific plan but tell me many people do you have influence with?"

Gera Heliosense thinks about that:"Well...I thought I had influence over you" she looks at him and gives him a lopsided grin:"And see how quickly the tables turned there....I guess I have some I know some of the people in high positions....sometimes thats to my advantage...but its an egg dance.

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) is startled when she sees Gera in jail, "hey why are you in there?"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): nods at her " I'm not forgetting.....sees Sweetie enter and turns to face her

Gera Heliosense: why are you all out?

Gera Heliosense: i just woke up and was on my own here

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) shrugs her shoulders, "Ma'am said something about me being a bigger asset in the bar......guess she didn't feel the same about you" She adds smirking

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): " I was just interrogating the prisoner. I have determined that she may be more valuable to the government as a free woman that is willing to use her knowledge to help"

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) rolls her eyes, "Can you declare that without a trial?"

Gera Heliosense looks at Judge Cam

Gera Heliosense: of course he can

Gera Heliosense: he is the judge

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): looks at her and smiles " I plan on going to La Presidente and discussing it with her"

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) nods, "That is what I thought"

Gera Heliosense: his position is right under Ma'am and Jarethe

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) rolls her eyes smirking, "Ah yes a bottom then I guess?"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): " under Maam...behind maam...whatever works at the time" smirks

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) adds, "I didn't realize you had a thing for guys "

Gera Heliosense: no not a bottom, he has the highest position ...he can do practically anythoing

Gera Heliosense: he can run for Presidente even

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): narrows his eyes " Watch it Sweetie. I can have you put back in jail for insolence and talking treason"

Gera Heliosense: exactly

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) crosses her arms, "Really? You think you are going to be president now?"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): laughs " I never said that and never would"

Gera Heliosense: NOOO

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) raising her eyebrows, "I am sure Ma'am would love to hear all about that"

Gera Heliosense: you bitch, don't ry to twist words again

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) says the woman behind bars

Gera Heliosense clenches her fists

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): looks at the two " I think I need an audience with La Presidente"

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) sticks her tongue out

Gera Heliosense: If you tell Ma'am your lies, I have your ass sweetie

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) walks out of the jail, "I think Ma'am will love to hear about this"

Gera Heliosense: shit damn!!!

Gera Heliosense bangs her fists to the wall until bones crack

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): turns to Gera and waves his hand " Don't worry. I'm going to go talk to the Doc about having Sweetie declared incompetant"

Gera Heliosense: you better hurry because you could lose your position any moment

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): " When I return go along with whatever I say to presidente. Pretend you are broken and will do anything for your beloved presidente"

Gera Heliosense: and can you pardon me before you go?

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): " I want official permission first"

Gera Heliosense sighs and drops back on the matress"ok"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): smiles as he heads out and says "Trust me"

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) walks in to toy with Gera some more

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428): "i'm back"

Gera Heliosense: yeah great

Gera Heliosense: have you licked yourself up the ladder?

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) nods, "Ma'am was a little busy right now... I am sure she will be in to see you soon though"

Gera Heliosense: yeah, I have no doubt she will

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) shrugs her shoulders, "I don't think so... probably a few more to go"

Gera Heliosense: /meglares at sweetie

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) smiles sweetly at Gera, "Kind of nice to be on this side of the bars from you for once"

Gera Heliosense: yeah , count your blessings, this could change faster then you can say"oooh Dickman, fuck me"

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) shrugs her shoulders wrapping her finger in a loose tendril of hair, "Oh speak of husbands I saw your soon to be husband outside, Should I go get him for you?"

Gera Heliosense suspects a trap and just stares

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) looks at Gera with a smirk, "Would you like me to go get your better half to keep you company?"

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428): "you look so lonely afterall"

Gera Heliosense: you are bluffing

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) shakes her head, "Why would I bluff at something so humerous?"

Gera Heliosense: because you are bored

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) replies, "Ok just a minute I will go get him"

Gera Heliosense shrugs

An hour later:

Legion Farslider looks at gera sleeping and smiles

Gera Heliosense stirs and opens her eyes

Gera Heliosense: Legion?

Legion Farslider: good morning sleepy head

Legion Farslider: how are you feeling?

Gera Heliosense gets up and walks to the bars, watching him depressed

Legion Farslider: what's wrong gera?

Gera Heliosense: I am in here, thats what wrong

Legion Farslider: may i ask why you're still in there?

Gera Heliosense: Cam , who is judge now said he will try to get me pardoned

Legion Farslider sighs

Gera Heliosense: and may I ask why you all got released?

Gera Heliosense: released?

Legion Farslider: ?me smiles "if you remember the security was typical for this island. they locked up two armed males and had all of the doors open except for the one to the outside. you may remember that mat hurt himself and when he left he didn't know if he had all of his arms and legs, let alone his weapons . . . he didn't. then tom who was sniffing after doc all day hooked up with sweetie and while he was thus occupied i could have given him a rectal examine . . . i didn't but i did empty all of his pockets and take all of his weapons and also jimmyed all of the locks in here so they don't work. i hid weapons all over in case we ever need them and then this morning i just walked out on my own.

Legion Farslider smiles "would you like for me to let you out?"

Gera Heliosense looks suspicious and immidiatly checks or for security cameras or hidden mics. She gestures for him to come closer

Legion Farslider steps closer to gera

Gera Heliosense whispers to him"be careful, what you say out loud. You know what they do to you if they find out you hid weapons all over the place? I want to be out but I am scared i get you into trouble

Legion Farslider sighs "i'm already in trouble gera its you i'm worried about"

Gera Heliosense: can you go and talk to Judge Cam? and urge him to release me?

Gera Heliosense looks sad

Legion Farslider looks into gera's trouble eyes "you do remember that Ma'am said there wouldn't be a trial since she came up with that mock marriage crap don't you?"

Gera Heliosense: yes?

Legion Farslider "so what's there to pardon gera?"

Gera Heliosense: you mean...I won't get into trouble if I just walk out?

Legion Farslider loooks at gera "we are in trouble, what's new?"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): smirks " Well hello love birds. I have good news"

Gera Heliosense sses cam and looks at him full of hope

Gera Heliosense: yes?

Legion Farslider turns and looks at cam

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): " I have the doctors backing to get you released for medical reasons as well as my own reasons for your release. I will tell Madame Presidente that you have broken and are no longer a threat and that you may be a more valuable asset as a free woman. I am also having Sweetie declared incompetant so that her stories will not have any effect on how we conduct our affairs"

Gera Heliosense cups her mouth and tears of relief and joy run down her cheeks

Legion Farslider smiles and takes gera's hands through the bars

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): smiles at the two and then leans closer whispering " If a time comes when I need your help I will expect you to cooperate. Do we have a deal?"

Legion Farslider nods to cam "that goes without saying if you ever need anything just let me know"

Gera Heliosense nods wholeheartedly , smiling with teary eyes

Legion Farslider: 'we are both in your debt cam and i can't tell you how much this means"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): nods and looks over his shoulder before turning back to them " The doctor mentioned some news that you should tell La Presidente? She said you would know what she meant"

Legion Farslider looks at gera

Gera Heliosense: some news?

Legion Farslider coughs and looks at her belly

Gera Heliosense: oh...yes"she smiles"I know what the doc means

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): looks at Gera and nods " Yes she said it was not her news to tell and that you would know what she was talking about. That is all she told me"

Gera Heliosense: can you open the cell now?

cell door v4: The Cage is now unlocked

Legion Farslider looks at gera a little concerned "i have to wonder how Ma'am will take this?"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): nods at her and step forward with the key " You are released to my custody until I am able to get official approval from the president. Don't do anything to get me put in jail"

Legion Farslider smiles at gera

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): stepping forward he opens the door letting her free

Gera Heliosense: Thank you

Legion Farslider hugs gera

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): nods " Oh and make sure you stop at the doctors office. She says you still need treatment"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): smiles and gives them time alone

Legion Farslider: 'thanks again cam!"

Legion Farslider: "so how is she going to take this gera?"

Gera Heliosense nods, takes Legions hand and walks into the square, a free woman again

Gera Heliosense: she will be pleased

Gera Heliosense: she loves babies

Gera Heliosense: she loves babies

Legion Farslider takes gera's hand and kisses it while sinking into her eyes once again

Legion Farslider: to the doc?"

Gera Heliosense stares up to the roof where Ma'am , Mat And sweetie have fun while Winter watches

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) nods smiling, "She has tortured me since I got here, it is nice to payback the favor

Gera Heliosense: uhm...oh yes...the doc

Gera Heliosense: but then she stops and goes "shhh" to Legion

Mathan Warden wonders if the doc would be as compliant as Dolly

Y.T. (yt.recreant) tries to say somethign but can't as the cock is sealing my throat

Legion Farslider nods

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Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) continues to shove dolly's face down onto Mat's cum coated cock holding her down longer each time

Y.T. (yt.recreant) 's legs kick out on every other thrust down, brathing is harder, cum .. in my nose, on my lips, in my face.. everywhere

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428): "How do you like it Dolly? Do you like being coated in cum? That is how a good barmaid does it"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) 's figners clench in the armrest as I am shoved down harder onto the cock again and can't answer

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) pulls Dolly off of Mat just in time for him to shoot cum all over her face. "I think she is done now

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428): "Time to go work in the bar Dolly!"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) blushes and mumbles "i.. go and take a swim !

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) replies, "Oh no you don't we have customers!"

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) barmaids don't get to take a swim

Y.T. (yt.recreant) rises and points to the bar "if.. we have clients.. then you serve them!

Gera Heliosense frowns

Mathan Warden says "yes time to serve"

Gera Heliosense: what is going on there?

Legion Farslider shrugs

Gera Heliosense: she looks at Legion concerned"You think they are just playing a game? How dare sweetie talk to Ma'am like that?

Y.T. (yt.recreant) tries to see where that voice came from but my eyes are cum smeared so my viosn not far

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) grabs Ma'am's hair and drags her up, "You are going to do what Mr winter told you to do!

Y.T. (yt.recreant) squeals "he.. did not say I can't wash!

Legion Farslider whispers to gera "whatever it is we'd best stay out of it"

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) replies, "He also didn't say you could. He said you were going to work in the bar"

Gera Heliosense looks almost tortured with the pain to hear them treating YT like that

Mathan Warden says "let her wash but no swimming use a hose

Y.T. (yt.recreant): I am a Paw Me!

Legion Farslider pats gera to console her

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) pointing at Dolly's ass, "Doesn't look like ti to me!"

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428): "Where is your Pawme sign?"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) blushes as I turn around, bend, try to find it "Mthan wshed it off with speerm!

Mathan Warden says "you mean the one that rubbed off when i came"

Y.T. (yt.recreant): yes!

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) shrugs looking at Mat, "Guess that means you aren't a real PawMe, what do you think Mat?

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428): "

Y.T. (yt.recreant) stomps "but I am!!!!

Mathan Warden says yeah i believe your right"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) tries to look for my bow "where.. is my weapon!

Gera Heliosense frowns at Mats voice.

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) grabs Ma'am by the arm and starts to pull her down the stairs, "Your new job is barmaid! I suggest you get down there now!"

Gera Heliosense: jerks

Y.T. (yt.recreant) screams andstumbles along

Legion Farslider puts my hands on gera's shoulders and whispers "do not be too hasty"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) tries to not stumble too much as I can barely see with cum in my eyes "Cam.. is that you?? I am getting framed!!!

Legion Farslider feeds fidel some tofu and pets him

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) drags Dolly to the bar hastily, "This is where you work now! Start working"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) screams again "Nooooi am a PAw ME!.. .Heelp!

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): Clears his throat " Yes Presidente it is me and I have a few things to discuss with you when you have a chance"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at cam, as good as my conditoin allows "then.. free meeeeee!

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) you are not a Pawme, you have no sign

Y.T. (yt.recreant) blushes and kicks on the floor "mathan washed it off with cum!

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) looks at Ma'am sternly, "You will do your job or I will have to report to Mr Winter"

Legion Farslider watches gera with concern in my eyes

Gera Heliosense: jumps on Sweetie and slaps her hard.

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) shrugs of Gera, "I wouldn't do that if I were you

Y.T. (yt.recreant) glares back, wipingh of some sticky goo from one eye "he.. is not the boss here!

Legion Farslider gera "remember!"

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) rolls her eyes, ok we will see

Gera Heliosense yells out and jumps on sweetie again

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles/me jumps aside as a bow hits me.. I can't see who or what it was and I seek balance at the abr "I wwnaant I . .iwant to shower!

Gera Heliosense: dragging Sweetie down to the floor

Gera Heliosense: you fucking bitch

Legion Farslider sighs and hopes i did the right thing

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): looks on as Sweetie is beaten down " Ok well I was thinking hold her arm but that works too"

Legion Farslider: "well i had this table leg from the jail so..."

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428) lays on the floor bleeding

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): " We should get her to the infirmary..perhaps both of them. Sweetie for the bleeding and YT so her eyes can be flushed"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): " Madame President! Don't worry" He motions to Legion " Restrain the red head please"Legion Farslider: "of course" grabs sweeties leg and drags her towards the clinic

Sweetie (sweetcheeks8428): human pin cushion

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): nods towards Gera " Let's get madame presidente cleaned up and tell her what has happened"

Gera Heliosense nods, she goes to Yt, hugs her tightly

Y.T. (yt.recreant) listens to the voices and is just embarassed

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): walks over and pours water over YT face letting the cum flow out of her eyes

Gera Heliosense: She wipes the spunk from YT's face gently, hugging her not caring that the spunk goes all over

Y.T. (yt.recreant) gasps at the water and uses it hastily to clean my face, and then then sinks into geras arms with a deep sigh of relief

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Gera Heliosense holds her tight and is weeping"ohMa'am...I am sorry,,,for causing you trouble...and now all this happened...oh sweet Ma'am"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): Looking at YT he begins to speak up " La Presidente, after consulting with the doctor I have come top the conclusion that Gera should be released from prison. She is much more valuable to us as a free woman cooperating with the government"

Gera Heliosense sobs and caresses YT's face and tries to get the sticky spunk from her hair

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): Continuing " " The doctor also signed off on papers that make it official...Sweetie is incompetant and delusional. You should not listen to what she says and only use her for bar slut work and such"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles at gera, still somewhat embarrassed about what I got myself into and looks at cam "you.. think?

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): " There is one more thing....I believe Gera has news for you"

winterthyme strolls in to the bar

Gera Heliosense: But Gera is already fuming again , holding her fists up at Winter

Y.T. (yt.recreant) listens, sees winter, glares for a split second, then looks at gera again "yes?

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): watches them not knowing why they are mad at Winter

Gera Heliosense: you come closer and i hit you ..Mister shithead!!

Gera Heliosense glares at Winter

winterthyme smiles sweetly "Something wrong, sweetie?"

Gera Heliosense yells out and lashes out at him, scratching his face and leaving a scar, that seeps blood a little

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): steps back slightly " What is going on here?"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) picks up cum from my back and inspects it on my figner before cleaning the finger

winterthyme's eyes go cold "You touch me again and you will regret it. What the *fuck* is your problem?"

Gera Heliosense: fucking shitty damn dirty bastard!

winterthyme smirks "I think you are being too hard on yourself. You have always seemed very pleasant... Who has been calling you these names?"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): grabs Geras arm to hold her back " Easy Gera, slow down here. What's going on?"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) keeps picking up cum and licks it off my figners

Legion Farslider: "you ok gera?"

Gera Heliosense struggles in Cam's grip, glaring at Winter

Y.T. (yt.recreant) goes and pets fidel and mumbbles "who fed this cat tofu. its going to become fat!

Legion Farslider sighs

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): " No she seems to have an issue with Winter. Perhaps you should calm her Legion"

Gera Heliosense: you better watch your ass Winter! One day I will be a pawme and shoot your damn dick off

winterthyme shrugs "I have no idea what her problem is. Drink, maybe? Talking of which - is anyone serving at the bar?"

GM RLV 4.4 shouts: sweetcheeks8428 Resident might be flooding its own meter channels

Legion Farslider looks at gera and stares hard into her eyes "gera winter is a good guy what issue could you have with him/"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) shrugs and turns my back to the kity's face and lets fidel lick off the goo

Legion Farslider takes her wrist and leads her to the side

Gera Heliosense: calming down in Cam's arms , Gera suddenly realizes that Ma'am seems quite cool about Winter

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winterthyme mutters "The service in this place has gone downhill something terrible"

Gera Heliosense: She goes soft in Cam's arms and blushes

Legion Farslider whispers to gere "you'd best find out what's what before you get in too deep"

Gera Heliosense: then she is led to the side by Legion

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): releases Gera to Legion and walks over to YT to talk to her

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Legion Farslider: 'you ok gera?"

Gera Heliosense: mm..yes...yes

Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins as the cats tongue tickle "ah, Mister Cam

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): looks at YT " I hope you are in agreement about releasaing the prisoner La Presidente"

winterthyme reaches over the bar and grabs a bottle of gin, taking a long slug of it

Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods nods "yes.. you said, she will be a good asset.. and I trust you in your judgement there

Gera Heliosense scratches her head embaressed and nods to Legion"ok...we better go to our appointment now

winterthyme rubs the mark on my cheek "You can apologise to me later Gera."

Legion Farslider: "doc mentioned she had another appointment when i was there, might be a wasted trip gera"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): smiles " And the other matter...Sweetie? Do we agree that her stories are all just fantasy and not to be believed?"

Legion Farslider: 'you hit winter gera?"

Gera Heliosense looks at Winter sheepish

Gera Heliosense: uhm...just a bit

winterthyme: I will expect you to be very contrite. Very.

Legion Farslider: "i'll explain it to him gera"

Gera Heliosense looks at Winter with big eyes

Legion Farslider: "after you tell Ma'am"

Gera Heliosense: contrite?

winterthyme nods "Mhm"

Legion Farslider: 'sit down and relax now gera, you still look pale"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks around and tries to catch up "can.. someone fill me in?

winterthyme grins "Anytime, doll - anytime.."

Gera Heliosense nods"yes..yes I am sorry Mr. Winter...misunderstanding..

Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at winter and blushe "what do you mean now again?

Gera Heliosense hidse her face in Legions chest

winterthyme smiles to Gera "No problem. If it happens again, you will be very sorry indeed."

Legion Farslider holds her tight and strokes her hair

winterthyme nods to La Pres "Yes. Now. Again. Here."

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Y.T. (yt.recreant) 's eyes dart at Cam and I mouth "Winter..."

winterthyme stands by the furs, unzipping my jeans "Unless you fancy a go first Cam..?"

Legion Farslider feels her heart racing "sit gera"

Gera Heliosense bites her lip and whispers" let get some air

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): looks at YT slightly puzzled then hears Winter. He begins to wonder if YT is under a spell and then shakes his head " No, I do enjoy a good session with La Presidente but I don't have enough time to really do her justice"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) shakes my head and mouthes "s o s"

Legion Farslider wishes i could read

winterthyme nods "Yes - I agree it worth taking time with her" I gesture to the rug "After you, Ma'am....."

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): looks from YT to Winter curiously as he reads her lips

Y.T. (yt.recreant): /m eturns to winter again and clears my throat "you.. can not simply.. ask a paw me to fuck you!

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): senses the tension and watches carefully

Legion Farslider remembers upstairs in the clinic ...then banishes the thought from my head

winterthyme steps towards you, spinning you round "A Paw Me? I thought the Paw Me were all marked... I see no mark. Get on the rug"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) growls "you removed it!

winterthyme laughs lightly "Me? I don't think so. You might want to discuss that with Mathan though..Dolly"

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): looks over at Winter " She did have a mark. I've seen it"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods nods at the judge "see?!

winterthyme nods "Yes. She used to, I agree. But there's no mark now. And until I see one I treat her just as I treat the other bar girls."

Legion Farslider watches the conversation while trying to block gera's view

Y.T. (yt.recreant): that is not fair!

Y.T. (yt.recreant): everyone knows who I am!

winterthyme just waits as you whine

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): loks over at Winter and shakes his head " As a judge I would have to disagree about how she is treated until the facts about how the mark was removed are brought to my attention. I am able to provide witness to the fact she bore the paw me mark and that unless she states that she has left the paw me then she is still a member of the tribe and enjoys her rights as such"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins wider "ha! see! I am a paw me!" and beams at the Judge "that.. is better than chocolate even!

Gera Heliosense looks pale and drops to the floor like a wet sack

Gera Heliosense: ~*~ FAINTS ~*~

Legion Farslider "baby!" and kneels beside her

winterthyme shrugs "So - Judge - anyone can wander in here and claim to be a Paw Me now, right? Any naked girl, free of the tribe mark can say "Oh but I am a Paw Me"? If she was Paw Me - she would bear the mark and carry a weapon. She has neither. "

Y.T. (yt.recreant) watches gera stumble and I scrunch my nose "I bet.. she is knocked up!" then looks at winter "sush you!

Legion Farslider sighs

Paige Donovan (paigedonovan) peeks in the bar, blue eyes scanning the room. A soft gasp slips from her lips as she sees the woman faint.

Legion Farslider gets up and walks by Ma'am passing her my bow

Cam Donovan (camerondonovan): chuckles " No not any girl, it just so happens that I, the judge, have seen her mark and happen to know who she is. In this case I am judge and sayeth the law of the land"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) grabs the bow and beams wider "see!!!!!

Legion Farslider "are you ok gera?'" pats her hand

winterthyme grins "With the greatest respect - you don't know who she is. You know who she looks like. Not the same thing. She may be a doppelganger"

Gera Heliosense: [13:23] Legion Farslider picks gera up and carries her towards the clinic

winterthyme takes the bow from Dolly's back "And until she proves by showing her mark she is a Paw Me she is forbidden weapons, by the words of Our Leader"

Legion Farslider lays gera down on the table

Legion Farslider strokes her head

Gera Heliosense looks at him gently

Legion Farslider smiles and bends over and kisses her

Gera Heliosense: forgive me...i should listen to you more and not...act like a moron

Legion Farslider: you did what you thought was right - but there forces at play there that we don't know

Legion Farslider holds her hand

Gera Heliosense nods

Gera Heliosense: we better watch and find out

Later, deep into night while I lay awake, Legion next to me breathing calm in regular in his sleep, his big warm protecting hand on my belly, I suddenly entangled the webs around this nagging feeling that had been in the back of my mind all afternoon, after this incident with Ma'am, her humiliation by these idiots who were not good enough to walk in her shadow and to whom Ma'am still obeyed, and even seemed to shrug off if they had put her under a spell, that made her forget who she is...who she is....? She had yelled at them"I am a PawMe!" But why hadn't she said "I am La Presidente". And Winter uttered a word "Doppelgaenger"
And I sat up straight and stared into the darkness.
Beast!!! Ma'am twin sister! Nobody had seen her since the earthquakes two years ago...maybe now she was back?!!!!!

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