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The philosophy of Jarethe - Again

At the bar, Jarethe and Kahla are talking when Gera walks in:
[00:49] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles. "It means, you are employed here, and as such are a Glintian citizen, as long as you manage your job." He reaches a hand out to place it on the top of your head. "as for me, after all the presidente herself said so, you are my responsibility."
[00:50] Gera Heliosense stops at the entrance and tilts her head smiling:" Good day. Jarethe and Miss...Kahla? May i come in?
[00:52] Kahla Varriale nibbles her bottom lip. "Thinking about that...and the whipping I might have taken...I really have to stop drinking..." She takes another drink and looks to the girl at the entry and smiles warmly
[00:53] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Come have a seat.. gera." He smiles and points to a pillow nearby
[00:53] Kahla Varriale: ummm...might be time for me to go be alone for a while to umm...ya know...
[00:54] Gera Heliosense nods, answers the warm smile of the girl and and sits next to them.
[00:54] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods at kahla and pulls his hand from her head. "go relax then, and, leave the bottle here for now." He grins. "moderation of most things."
[00:55] Kahla Varriale nibbles her lip. "It's not about relaxation..." She muttered.
[00:55] Gera Heliosense taps her lip and watches both thoughtful.
[00:57] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) laughs. "maybe not during, but usually afterwards, the body is quite relaxed."
[00:57] Kahla Varriale looks to Gera. "Need a drink before I go?"
[00:58] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) leans in to kahla. "I wonder, if you ask a female if they like a drink or blowjob, how they would respond. you might should try it sometime, just to.. catch them offguard."
[00:59] Gera Heliosense points at herself"Me? oh no , thank you..."she smiles at Jarethe's comment" I would just say" Oh darned, i would love to but i left my penis at home today"
[01:00] Kahla Varriale grins and rises onto wobbily legs. "In my other pants."

[01:01] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) reaches his hand over and slaps gera on her left ass-cheek. "By the way, congratulations on becoming the museum curator. I may have some old pieces yo ucan add, but I'm having to search crates and boxes fro them." He pauses a moment. "and I'm pretty certain, the pres should have several additional pieces form the first two years.but she is quite the busy beaver.. or, maybe I shuold say her beaver has been quite busy."
[01:05] Gera Heliosense smiles at Kahla as she is leaving, then smirks at Jarethe, blushing a bit with pride when he congratulates her and nods eagerly:" Oh yes sir i would appreciate it if you could roam through your must have some good and rare footage...and Ma'am..even though her beaver keeps her busy, she is wonderful and already gave me a bunch of pictures and i already set them up
[01:07] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "I recognized a lot of the pieces as hers, which is why I said I knew she had more. as for me, I don't have a lot, but I might have a few."
[01:08] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "In anycase, it's good to see you here gera... and, not so overburdened in clothing, like you used to be."

[01:10] Gera Heliosense: Again she nods:" Maybe...if you could find something"she hesitates a bit " if you happen to own some pictures of your...special lessons you used to give to new arivals" she then looks down on her bare breasts:" thank you, it feels different this time, more natural...i used to feel i needed the clothes as protection, in those uncertain times that lay behind us now."
[01:13] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "I might have a few, photos of those encounters." he glances at you and his eyes also travel to look at your breasts. "Though not a lot, and prolly even less from earlier, truth be told, I didn't have a photographer willing to follow me a round much." He reaches over once again, this time, his hand slides under your left breast as he lifts up on it a bit, jiggling it on his finger tips. "Yeah, females shouldn't wear clothing at any time."
[01:17] Gera Heliosense: She breathes a little quicker when he touches her, stroking back a strand of hair:" Yes, and males...shouldn't either...its quite frustrating to see a handsome man with his shirt buttoned up to his neck...when a hairy bare chest can be so stimulating and simply a feast to the eye.
[01:20] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) hand curls under the mound, then he pauses his playful jiggling. "Handsome or not, makes no difference." He smirks as he leans over towards you. "The reason females are to be nude, is the same reason, chairs or ovens don't wear clothing... "
[01:24] Gera Heliosense: She leans into him when he comes closer but then frowns upon his words:" hm...for a minute i thought you found your charming side...but i understand. Women are just dead things to you, like furniture that you use...and of course furniture can't sit on furniture...ha how ridiculous" she has narrowed her eyes and takes a few deep breath to calm herself, her tits moving in and out with her breathing.
[01:27] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) chuckles and continues to hold your breast in his palm, his thumb now sliding up to rub at the underside of your nipple. "What charm I have, seems to find the individual that believes the same. Others I know need to better understand it." He shrugs a bit "dead things, no, possessions, more then anything though."
[01:32] Gera Heliosense stares at him, her dark eyes sparkle as they search in his scary looking screens, barely hidden behind his dark glasses:" That is of course just and fair then, to give your charms to the individuals who believe in your theory...quite alright. I feel like that myself, birds of a feather stay together" she manages to smile at him again:" and yes, possession is a grand thing, i agree"
[01:37] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods a bit more, the curl of his lip rising again to increase the size of his grin. His thumb runs under your left nipple, rolling it from one side to the other. "Yes, I tend to believe in possessions also, though my view of what is and isn't a possession, has been modified a bit over the recent years." He pauses both his speech and his thumb motions a moment. "what kind of possessions do you... believe in?"
[01:43] Gera Heliosense: She is rather heated up by anger caused by the topic of their discussion, she feels his touch, his thumb playing with her stiff nipple but it does not reach her inside her belly yet. But his question calms her and she becomes softer under his touch:" I believe in the possession of the body, the sudden onslaught of urges, possession that turns into obsession, ...I believe in passion and sweat " she smiles and her hand moves forward very careful, touching his shoulder with respect.

[01:50] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) grins as he feels your hand on his shoulder. "The idea of possession always begins somewhere." He raises his hand fully and covers your breast entirely with it, squeezing a slight bit to affirm his hold. "Sometimes, it starts within the person, sometimes it starts with an object, sometimes it starts with another person or an animal. But what people tend to fail to see." He scoots a bit closer, to be able to hold and squeeze your breast more comfortably. "is that the soul of something" his fingers close a bit at the word soul. "Everything has a soul, every person, animal, and object, so if you can possess one thing, there is nothing that separates them from another thing."
[02:00] Gera Heliosense: She gasps a little when your touch gets firmer, when you squeeze her breast and when your grip tightens at the word "soul". Looking up into your face, there is now surprise in her eyes, she catches her breath softly:" Yes...everything has a soul...that is the essence of strange...i thought we are worlds apart in our opinions...but in this part i agree with you fully Jarethe" her dainty hand curls around your shoulder more determined now, her fingertips dig into the material of your shirt:" I have known you for so many years now, sir... how beautiful to see that there is always improvement and further understanding possible"
[02:04] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) tilts his head a slight bit, his hand on your breast looses, and starts to lower, the back on his fingertips, running over your skin, down over your ribs and across to your belly. "Everything , and every one changes, sometimes the change, is different, sometimes, it's more of the same. I am still who I have always been, only now, I discovered I didn't need to conceal a lot of my ideology." He shrugs a slight bit as his fingertips continue to draw lines on your skin lower. "And, gera, who believes that all things have souls, and that things can be possessed....who possesses you?"
[02:15] Gera Heliosense: She becomes very soft and pliable under your touch now. For a moment she watches fascinated how your fingertips move over her skin, running down on her until they reach her belly. The touch burns her skin in a wonderful way that makes her shiver a little. Finally she looks back at you. The grey video screens that present your eyes don't seem quite so scary anymore. "What possesses me is the the power that can open me, when someone or something can reach my soul, my essence and when i can see and touch the soul of my opponent. What posesses me is the drowning and melting into each other. When someone can make me feel beautiful and desireable...thats the greatest power of all...thats when i open my boundries and break free...and then everything can even be a fight, but a fight that comes from desire, not from cold control or hate...Thats why i agree with you, that its the soul that has to be captured. I want to posess the soul and find myself captured at the same time." She lays both her hands on his chest now, feeling for his heart beat, not even sure if he has a heart.

[02:20] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) takes a deep breath, the thud inside his chest, calm, mellow as if slumbering. "There is no separation, between objects then. and the possession of one, can equal the possession of another." Hebrings his hand up to grab yours when it is on his chest, and then forces yours lower on his body, as he whispers "it almost sounds rebellious your idea of possession, but you didn't answer, who possesses you"
[02:26] Gera Heliosense blinks, but she does not look away, she holds his glance bravely. For the first time ever since she knows him, they are in such an intensive situation. For her this is a big thing indeed. Because not only had she always respected him, she even feared him and she has to braze herself to stand this through:" Nobody possesses me at this time. There were moments when some persons came very close...but it was never continued ...i think most creatures fear the total possession like hell."
[02:29] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles and slowly rises to his feet. "every female should be possesed by someone, it gives a sense to them, that even childbirth can't replicate." His fingers pull away from your skin and he smiles. "Don't wory , gera, the sun will rise again, and see you, possessed, though for now, I need to attend to other matters, promarily the sandman."
[02:31] Gera Heliosense: She smiles and although a bit surprised at the sudden break, she is almost relived because the tension almost killed her and she was not prepared for it. Next time she can braze herself beforehand. She smiles at him exhausted and nods:" Yes, be well and rest well...I think i need a rest myself now. And she watches his tall slim dark figure as he departs.

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