Montag, 7. Januar 2013

Dr. Janna saves Legion's life and Gera's future with the PawMe and surprises everybody

Prolog: A while ago, Ma'am had given me a task. She told me to find out about the new doctor we have in Glint. The capricious Janna. The girl with the drinking problem. The very same doctor who had introduced the "Jiggling"- therapy which consists of jiggling the boobs or moops (man boobs) until the patient feels better. This had led to the nasty incident with Winter on whom she performed her therapy after he had complained of a pain in his pants (of course he was simply horny and became only more excited and when Janna subtly told him "No" with her knee rammed into his balls, he got angry and almost humiliated her...but you can read his account in our local newspaper)...Anyway, the point was, that Ma'am told me if i could bring her real proof of Jannas competence as a doctor, preferable with a certificate, she will consider my training to become a PawMe!! I had my own ideas about Janna already. And apart from guessing that she might be a fraud, an alcoholic who bluffed her way through medical school, I also had feeling that I had known her for a long time. She reminded me of redhead Tara our irish gynecologist in Glint a few years back when I was a midwife. And I missed her a lot when she disappeared. Now to the event today...

[13:19] Janna (janna.karillion) smiles as she approaches 'Hello, there Gera, been jiggled any, lately?'
[13:23] Legion Farslider rushes up in haste "doc, i believe i've been bitten or stung by something in the jungle. can you help me?"
[13:24] Gera Heliosense smiles when Legion approaches, she steps back so the doc can tend to Legion. Secretly i believed that he was faking as all men fake illnesses and accidents when Janna is around.
[13:24] Janna (janna.karillion) looks over her shoulder 'Bitten or stung? Make up your mind, Legion, I have different jiggling techniques for each' she jests and winks at Gera
[13:25] Gera Heliosense smirks at Janna
[13:26] Legion Farslider winces "i'm not sure doc i never saw whatever it was. justsuddenly two sharp pains in my lower left leg"
[13:28] Legion Farslider leans on gera heroically trying to bear the pain
[13:28] Janna (janna.karillion): Sharp pain and holes eh? can I see?
[13:28] Gera Heliosense supports Legion as good as she can, looking concerned
[13:28] Legion Farslider moans just a little as i pull my pants leg up
[13:29] Legion Farslider: 'right there doc. if you look you can see the swelling"
[13:30] Janna (janna.karillion) squats down and squints at the wound 'Looks nasty' she remarks poking the swollen red flesh around it 'I think we're dealing with a snake bite, Legion, but no need to panic, if it was too serious, you'd be long dead by now' she explains and looks up 'You didn't happen to see the animal, no?'
[13:30] Gera Heliosense points to the hospital entrance"should we bring him inside doctor?
[13:30] Legion Farslider runs my hand up and down gera's back without being noticed
[13:31] Janna (janna.karillion) nods 'I think so Gera. We need to get whatever it is drained and dressed'
[13:31] Legion Farslider shakes my head "no doc it was completely unexpected and i never saw anything"
[13:32] Gera Heliosense nods, wraps her arm tightly around the tall broad man and tries to guide him to the entrance
[13:32] Janna (janna.karillion) hoists him up from the other side 'Off we go then'
[13:32] Legion Farslider limpsinto the clinic liking the warm contact in spite ot my pain
[13:33] Janna (janna.karillion): I'm sorry, Legion, but so far I only have a gynae chair. It'll give me a good view of the wound though so if you can hop up there for me, we'll begin
[13:34] Gera Heliosense nods to Legion as if to say"do it"
[13:36] Legion Farslider sighs nods and hobbles up the stairs
[13:36] Janna (janna.karillion): No here! 

[13:37] Legion Farslider almost passes out and drags myself to the nearest chair instead.
[13:38] Gera Heliosense watches concerned, hardly concealing that she has a crush on Legion
[13:38] Janna (janna.karillion) gets a little closer and pulls up the leg of his pants again 'Did you feel pain when it happened, Legion of did it come on you gradually?' she asks poking the tender flesh a little more and watching the tiny holes ooze
[13:39] Legion Farslider "a very sharp pain right as it happened doc' trying to act tough in front of gera
[13:40] Gera Heliosense bites her lip and walks around the chair to where Legions head is, whispering to him I asked him if he was faking!
[13:41] Janna (janna.karillion): snake bite then, Sir. I'll drain it before the venom spreads. In the lack of decent medical equiptment I'll have to use what god gave me, I'm afraid' she says bringing her mouth down on to the wound and creating a vacuum with her lip around it
[13:41] Legion Farslider reaches out and holds her hand looking deep into her sensuous eyes
[13:42] Gera Heliosense holds his hand, getting her hanky out and dapping his forhead
[13:42] Legion Farslider nods to doc "i hope your injections are up to date" as she places her mouth on the would
[13:42] Janna (janna.karillion) begins to suck hard on the wounds, tasting venom almost instantly as it fills her mouth and she spits it out on the ground 'Feck, that's vile' she mutters 'Apologies in advance for any bruising, Sir' she says and repeats the process all over again
[13:44] Legion Farslider watches doc do her thing "you seem to know what you're doing doc. where did you study medicine?"

[13:44] Gera Heliosense looks suddenly much more concerned than before, she even shivers a bit, because now I knew he was NOT faking, this was real! watching Janna sucking on his wound"is there a lot poisin in him, doctor?
[13:45] Legion Farslider cringes and then looks fondly at gera "i could have much more backed up gera but luckily a large amount was drained earlier"
[13:46] Janna (janna.karillion) smiles up at him 'I'm immune to most nasty tropical creepy crawlies by now, Legion' she chuckles and spits another mouthful of venom onto the ground beside her 'And snake venom is a hell of a lot more potent injected into the blood stream than ingested, so I'd say I'll be ok for now' she adds and turns to Gera 'He'll be fine,Gera, but I'll need some milk to clean the wound and wash my mouth out with. Could you find me some?' she asks and begins sucking at his leg again

[13:47] Gera Heliosense: Milk? Milk!!! okay..yes..milk!" Gera stammers and starts off in one direction, then another..."the milking machine!" she whispers and runs off
[13:47] Legion Farslider becomes a little disoriented slurring as i talk "it's a good thing two angels from heaven were close by to aid me in my moment of need"
[13:50] Janna (janna.karillion) leaves another mouthful on the ground and pats his thigh 'Hold tight there for a sec' she says and goes to the corner of the sparse room, lifts up a large flagstone and removes a modest box of supplies 'Hush now, Legion' she instructs 'It's a just a little venom and shock combined. We're nearly done and you'll be as right as rain soon, I promise'
[13:51] Gera Heliosense rushes back in , breathless , in her hand a glass with milk, it only fills half the glass:"thats all i could find"
[13:51] Legion Farslider nods and feels strangely comforted in doc's care "i am lucky to have found someone who knows what they're doing doc."
[13:52] Glass of Milk whispers: Ahhh,, got milk!!
[13:53] Legion Farslider looks at gera perk breasts and understands the sacrifice she made for me "gera, i am forever in your debt"
[13:53] Gera Heliosense bites her lip and blushes
[13:53] Legion Farslider looks to doc "what do we do with the milk?" noticing its warmth and frothy textures
[13:54] Gera Heliosense: actually, its not my milk...i did try but...nothing
[13:54] Gera Heliosense: I guess it only works with mothers orand women who training
[13:54] Legion Farslider sighs and mutter "if only"
[13:55] Janna (janna.karillion) takes the glass with a smile and lays it on the ground beneath the chair 'I've drained all I can she whispers to Gera but he's getting a little too edgy for my liking. I'll have to use some of my precious anti venom. It's highly diluted due to necessity but I think it's enough' she goes on and fills a syringe with the solution 'The milk will be for cleaning the wound, I'm going to mix a little of it with honey for you and use it as a mouth wash for me. Try not to talk now' she tells him and injects the antivenom into his system
[13:55] Legion Farslider nods to doc and lays my head back turning it to look at gera
[13:56] Gera Heliosense's eyes widen when Janna prepares the syringe
[13:57] Gera Heliosense: did you...did you have to do this often...with many patients, doctor?
[13:57] Legion Farslider whispers to gera "nothing to me worried about my darling, doc seems to know what she's going"
[13:58] Janna (janna.karillion) empties the syringe into Legion and smiles 'That should do it' she says, taking note to try and order more or make her own if Ma'am will allow her to use Alfonsa Fallujah as her laboratory 'Several times out here, Gera, it's the climate and the beasts that live here. It's just that it's sooo expenisve and hard to get' she nods to the empty syringe 'It's often difficult to do right by everyone with what little I have'
[13:58] Gera Heliosense: She nods bravely but looks very nervous
[13:59] Legion Farslider closes my eyes and relaxes
[14:00] Janna (janna.karillion) picks up a little vial of honey and pours in a few drops of cooling milk. 'In saying that, you'll find everyday things like this milk and honey useful too. Milk has always been used to treat poisons and honey is antibacterial so I find them handy for dressings and such like'
[14:01] Legion Farslider listens to the women talk as though through a fog
[14:02] Gera Heliosense nods" you really know your stuff Dr. Janna."
[14:02] Janna (janna.karillion) smears a little honey and milk on the wound and dips into the little box again taking out a few dried leaves and laying them on the sticky salve, before taking a few clean linen rags and bandaging the leg 'I wouldn't try walking on that for a bit, Legion' she says 'Not until you feel less shaky but in no time you'll be sucking diesel... so to speak anyway'
[14:03] Gera Heliosense looks a little guilty while she watches Janna being so competent
[14:03] Legion Farslider nods dreamily "thannxxxx doc"
[14:04] Legion Farslider snores lightly
[14:05] Janna (janna.karillion) beams 'Glad to do what I can' she says and packs up the little box again, hiding it again under the flagstone floor 'Leave that on for three da... oooh, he's sleeping' she laughs 'Thank for the help, Gera. I couldn't really have brought him in here alone'

[14:07] Gera Heliosense: She nods, wringingher hands. She raises to her toes and kisses Legions pale sleeping face, then looks at Janna:" you are...HER...aren't you? are...Tara?"
[14:08] Gera Heliosense: you remind me of her...anyway...
[14:08] Janna (janna.karillion) looks down at her feet 'Doc, will be fine, Gera. No one needs to drag up all those old memories... but yes, it is Tara' she smiles 'I'm surprised you can see through the nose job, I suppose the Cork accent is a dead giveaway though'
[14:09] Gera Heliosense nods:" it was your irsih was the way you cared for him, so quickly and you always were
[14:09] Gera Heliosense suddenly rushes to Janna and embraces her tightly
[14:10] Gera Heliosense: I am so glad you are here
[14:10] Janna (janna.karillion) hugs her back just as tightly 'Your words mean a lot' she whispers, Thank you'
[14:11] Gera Heliosense: I am sorry..that i did not support you better that other day at the bar...when winter tried know...I feel ashamed that i didn't
[14:13] Janna (janna.karillion) laughs 'Oh poppycock!' she exclaims 'I've dealt with bigger than him and no doubt I will again. It was nothing at all'
[14:14] Gera Heliosense nods, still looking a little guilty. Then she brightens up:" I feel kinda relieved...its so comforting to see you here and you are just as efficent as ever...the drinking didn't seem to interfere with your skills at all
[14:16] Janna (janna.karillion): it's good to be here, Gera. And so good to see such friendly faces here too. Most people know who I am by now but some, I'll have to keep it from. As for the drink.... I've given it up.Since the morning of the.... erm... the incident. It's been hard but worth it
[14:17] Gera Heliosense: She nods" I don't know about this incident in detail but i believe you when you say you stopped the drink." she looks at the sleeping legion"will he be ok on that chair?"
[14:19] Janna (janna.karillion) grins at Legion 'Unless one of those minotaurs I've heard roam the island, fancies a bit of his arse, I suppose' she says and winks 'I'll stay with him for a bit though, just to make sure he's doing ok with that antivenom'
[14:21] Gera Heliosense smiles in a sad comical way" Minotaurs...oh damn..." she sighs"umm...I must go for a moment, but I hurry back."

And I ran to quickly write down the evidence and to put it into a depeche for Ma'am. So that she sees the proof that Janna really is a doctor and the best doctor anyone can imagine because she saved a man's life today and he is the LIVING PROOF that this woman knows her profession! And then of course, I will become a PawMe in training!!!