Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Reunion with sweet butterfly and oh what a week that was!

I met butterfly again. She is a Pawme of course, despite Ma'ams comment to her that she is too soft. I suppose thats why butterfly captured my legion on his first days of arrival in Glint. She had to prove that she can be tough and Legion was her first try at that. Hence his first impression of my sweet, gentle friend. They have since become  good buddies, teasing  each other and have good laughs. This pleases me of course.
When butterfly met me at the Community Nursery and saw that i have my son back, she told me sadly how she misses her own son, who had been taken away from her like all our children. He is about Andy's age too.
I have promised her that we will get her child back. We will get all our children back. And raise them together.

butterfly and I  reunited

There has been a lot of upheaval over the past week. After the announcement of the new laws, the males were challenged by Ma'am to justify their positions. Winter and Legion were ordered to bring a virgin by friday or dress as chickens and dance. Judge Cam, she cornered until he had a bow fighting contest with  her, which turned into a "capture the flag" Jarethe had nightmares about a fluffy Glint and was accused by slut that he is getting old, hence his dying manhood and Winter "accidentaly" shot a dozen arrows at slut because...I forgot why.  Ma'am arrested Winter and Jarethe and announced the first male who makes her pregnant will become Mr. Ma'am :) Her Ex , Nalle who is back in Glint already saw himself back in his old, very brief position, he suffers from a lack of memory, the old dear.

Everyone was on their toes

Jarethe behind bars, Winter was to follow soon

But as so often with lovely capricious YT, she changed her mind a day later, released Winter and Jarethe and claimed she won't marry at all. She belongs to her people and any child she might bear will be a child of the people. I like that.


  1. Not Winter and Legion - but Cam and Legion actually... because Cam deflowered the virgin Legion was supposed to guard...

  2. Oh and yet, it was you and Jarethe who ended up behind bars that day. So the whole thing was even more crazy.